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Zoom Glasses Zoom Glasses or Alternatives
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Zoom Glasses are a pair of glasses that can be used hands-free and allow you to see at the distance of regular binoculars. These glasses magnify your vision to approximately 3 times your normal view. They are easily portable and very lightweight which makes them convenient for all types of occasions. You can even adjust them to your preference and comfortability. View sports events, bird sightings, the moon and stars, wildlife, and more. Keep the glasses close to you with a strap cord that allows them to hang securely around your neck without heaviness or pain!

Zoom Glasses Zoom Glasses or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on


  • Hand-Free

    Zoom Glasses are unique because they combine a normal set of binoculars with a hands-free design. This allows you to multitask when viewing what you want. With this tool, you can do crafts, write notes on birds, and more.

  • Lightweight

    The glasses product is very lightweight to account for the fact that they are placed right over your eyes. Never worry about them weighing you down like typical binoculars, these fit comfortably on your face for longer use.

  • 3X Magnification

    Magnification levels for this product go up to 3 whole times more than your normal vision. With this magnification level, you will be able to see players in a sports game, the rarest birds, the craters in the moon, or even small details on crafts you are working on.

  • Adjustable

    The Zoom Glasses are not only comfortable and lightweight for your face, but they are also adjustable. Just use the twist knob on the side of the glasses to adjust the view and make things more clear. You will be able to zoom in and out.


  • Less Bulky

    The Zoom Glasses are a lot less bulky than your regular pair of binoculars. Since these fit right on your face, the design is made so that you are comfortable and takes away the heaviness that you may feel when holding binoculars or wearing them around your neck.

  • Use Indoors

    Not only can you use these glasses outdoors, but you can also use them indoors. You can use them if you need to see the TV screen a little closer. If you are working on a painting project where you would benefit from seeing the intricate details, these work. This product will allow you to comfortably see these items.

  • Strap Cord

    There are many differences that the Zoom Glasses have with binoculars, however, these do have a strap cord attached to them. This makes for easy portability while using your product. You won't lose your glasses while you have this cord on, because if they do fall, they are stopped. This also allows for easy access to them when you need to take them off for a quick second.


  • Individual Focus

    With this product, each eyepiece cannot be focused individually. It is connected and set into one position when you adjust them. There is also better focus with using one eye in most cases.

  • Cannot Wear With Glasses

    These binocular glasses are not created to wear with normal glasses. In regular binoculars, you may be able to get away with it. Zoom Glasses are made to fit exactly like glasses, so there is not a way you can wear them both at the same time.

  • View Not Same for Everybody

    Since everybody is different and has different eyesight, these glasses may not view the exact same. What you see in the binocular glasses, may not be what another person sees in theirs because every individual person has unique eyesight.

Easy to Use

  1. Put Them on

    The first step in using the Zoom Glasses is simply placing them over your eyes like glasses. There's nothing more to it!

  2. Adjust the View

    The next step is using the turn knob to adjust to the magnification setting that you want. After doing that, you can see your desired distance.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Zoom Glasses have many differences from your normal pair of binoculars- their biggest competitor. These differences include the huge fact that they do not need to be held in your hands for usage. This takes away the hassle and discomfort from having to hold your arms up constantly and allows you to just wear them on your face. They are extremely lighter than a normal pair of binoculars, which ties back into the comfortability. This product also allows you to multitask, unlike binoculars, because they are right there on your eyes so that your hands are free from holding them.

Save Money

The Zoom Glasses are selling for a very special offer. Instead of getting one pair for the price listed, you are able to get one free with the purchase of one. Don't miss out on this opportunity to have two pairs of glasses for your convenience. This way, you can have one pair for outdoor activities, and one pair for indoor activities.


  • Safety

    These glasses are not made to be used as regular reading glasses. This means that you should not use them for walking around, driving, or any other activity that uses your vision primarily. Doing that can cause you to get into serious accidents.

  • Glass Lenses

    Since the lenses are made out of glass, it is advisable to be careful for them to break and fall onto the floor. If they do break, watch out for small children, pets, or adults to ensure nobody is cut by the glass. Another thing to watch out for is leaving them unattended on the ground. This can cause an accidental breakage and accident.

  • Glass and Sunlight

    Whenever glass is exposed to sunlight, there is a potential for more UV exposure. Do not use these binocular glasses to look directly at the sun to prevent exposing your eyes to more UV rays. This can cause serious damage to the pupils and overall eye. It is best to use these only for short periods of time when working on or looking at an activity or object.

Does It Really Work?

Zoom Glasses are proven to really work because of their technology that supports exactly what binoculars were made to do. These glasses have clear objective lenses that light will go directly through. The lenses turn the image that is being viewed upside down. Light then passes through the prisms and those prisms turn the image right side up. This then reflects the image into the eyepieces. An adjustable knob on the glasses allows you to adjust the view to see images closer or further away. The strap cord attached to the glasses is perfect for keeping them at a close distance when you are working on a project or just need to see an object for a short minute. All together this device combines what is needed to assist you in getting the best view possible.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Zoom Glasses online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Zoom Glasses online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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