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ZingTastic ZingTastic or Alternatives
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ZingTastic is a substance that's been designed to restore the shine of pieces of jewelry that are aging or simply getting dull. It's claimed that you'll be able to use the brushed-on substance on a wide variety of pieces, from stylish bracelets to heirlooms made from precious jewels. The substance appears to be clear, so it's unlikely to be even a bit visible after you've treated a particular piece of jewelry. It's stated that in each tube, you'll have enough to treat up to 500 individual pieces.

ZingTastic ZingTastic or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of ZingTastic is $14.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Brush on Substance

    To get started with ZingTastic, choose a piece of jewelry that you want to treat first. You can treat it while you're wearing it or while you're not. To treat it, you'll need to open up the tube and lightly brush the clear substance within onto the jewelry, as if you're painting a nail.

  2. Wipe Off Excess

    Once you're done working with a piece of jewelry, you can use the included cloth to wipe off any excess amount of ZingTastic that you may have added. If your piece of jewelry looks a bit gooey, you may have added too much. You may also need to wipe some of the substance off your skin, too. After you've done this, leave the piece of jewelry to sit for a few minutes.

  3. Wear Jewelry

    Finally, once your jewelry has sat for a few minutes, the ZingTastic substance will have taken effect, and you'll be able to wear the jewelry as you normally would. You may want to repeat the entire process with other pieces of jewelry if you notice that they're not as shiny as you'd like them to be.

How It Works

The ZingTastic formula contains a specific light-refracting compound that can make jewelry appear more sparkly and shiny. If there are any transparent parts within a piece of jewelry, this compound is also likely to make them appear clearer. However, keep in mind that this compound can only work with what you're subjecting it to. If a particular piece of jewelry was incredibly dull to start with, it may not be able to give it a whole lot of shine. On the other hand, though, if a piece of jewelry was shiny when it was new and has dulled with age, the compound will likely be able to bring it closer to its original appearance.


  • Can Treat Many Pieces

    Although one tube of this jewelry-enhancing substance is only about the same size as a tube of lipstick, each one will be able to treat up to 500 jewelry pieces. To make your tube go as far as possible before you need a replacement, it's best to apply only a light coating to each piece of jewelry you treat. If you apply too much and end up wiping it off your jewels and skin, each bit you've wiped off will likely go to waste.

  • Comes in Sets of One or Two

    If you feel that one tube of ZingTastic that can treat about 500 pieces of jewelry isn't enough for you, getting a set of two tubes is an option. Logically, you can expect to treat up to 1000 individual pieces of jewelry with two tubes of the clear substance.

  • Clear Shade

    ZingTastic is clear when it's painted on with the tube's built-in brush, and clear when it dries. Therefore, it's unlikely that anyone will be able to tell that you've treated a piece of shiny, sparkly jewelry that you're wearing with this substance. They may wonder why your jewelry looks so great, but they'll be unlikely to guess why, unless you tell them.

  • Made in the U.S.

    ZingTastic is made in the United States, so you'll be able to use it with the knowledge that certain safety and labor standards have been followed throughout the manufacturing process. You can also assume that no ingredients that have been deemed unsafe in the United States have been added to the formula. In fact, the formula is non-toxic, so if you ever accidentally ingest a bit, you won't incur serious harm.

  • Carrying Case Included

    Each tube of this substance comes with a small black drawstring carrying case that you can use to store your tube safely when you're not using it. This case will come in handy if you want to carry your tube in your purse or vehicle for touch-up treatments when you're away from home.

Positive Points

  • Works on Various Materials

    ZingTastic hasn't been designed for use on just high-quality jewelry materials such as gold and silver, although it's safe to use on these materials. It's been designed to work just as effectively on jewelry made of cheaper materials like pewter or even plastic. As a result, if you have expensive jewelry and cheaper jewelry, you won't have to use a different treatment method to enhance the appearance of either type. Along the same lines, if you wear precious jewels but have a child who wears only inexpensive costume jewelry, you can use your ZingTastic to treat their jewels, too.

Save Money

Without a substance like ZingTastic around, you might be tempted to replace your jewelry when it starts to look duller, especially if cleaning it regularly doesn't restore its original appearance. You may not feel the need to replace your jewelry as often once you start using this restoration treatment, though, since it'll make your jewelry look nearly as shiny as a brand-new piece. After treating your older jewelry with this substance, you may get years more use out of it than you would by leaving it alone and letting it look aged.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ZingTastic online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ZingTastic online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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