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Zero Germ Masks Zero Germ Masks or Alternatives
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Zero Germ Protective Face Masks are medical-grade, triple-layer masks created in a sterile environment. When used correctly and alongside other CDC guidelines, these masks will help keep yourself and your family safe while on the job, grocery shopping, or exercising outdoors. The soft, hypoallergenic design protects against airborne viruses and hazards while still allowing easy, comfortable breathing. These masks offer a level of protection during the Coronavirus pandemic that other cloth masks and face coverings do not.

Zero Germ Masks Zero Germ Masks or Alternatives
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The cost of Zero Germ Masks is $50.00 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • FDA Compliant

    Zero Germ Masks comply with FDA standards and are comparable to those used by doctors and nurses.

  • Three-Layer Construction

    These masks are made with three layers of material and provide protection from dust, pollen, and viruses. These layers of non-woven materials and filtration systems each provide additional safety and comfort

  • Sets of 50

    They are currently available in sets of 50 individual masks. This offer can provide you or your family members with protection for up to 50 different outings into public places.

  • Efficient Design

    The pleated, dual-fit chin design contours to your face, providing a secure fit for nearly all sizes. An adaptable nose bar reduces any gaps between the mask and your skin. This comfortable, efficient design maximizes protection from dust, pollen, viruses, and other airborne hazards.

  • Filter

    Zero Germ Face Masks feature a 95% Bacteria Filtration Efficiency. This air absorbent, high particle filtration capacity blocks airborne particles from entering your nose and mouth. A simple water test indicates that no water is capable of penetrating these masks and that they act as an effective barrier against these sorts of large particles. After a few minutes, the mask had also dried completely, illustrating the high absorbency of the material.

  • Blue Design

    These masks feature the traditional light-blue material and white straps. This familiar, medical design will indicate to others that they are being worn for health reasons.

  • Sterile Environment

    Zero Germ Masks are held to exact, high-quality standards and are manufactured in a sterile factory environment. This ensures that the product is safe and clean when you first receive it.

Positive Points

  • Comfortable

    The soft cloth material used to make these masks does not contain fiberglass and is itch-free. While they do block most airborne particles, they contain a microscopically porous membrane, which allows normal respiration. This breathable design makes wearing Zero Germ Protective Face Masks comfortable, cool, and easy-to-use.

  • Hypoallergenic

    These protective masks are created with soft, odorless, hypoallergenic materials, and are created in a sterile environment. They can be worn by anyone without irritating any pre-existing allergies or sensitivities. Additionally, since they block pollen and dust from entering your mouth and nose, these masks also protect from common allergens. This will reduce coughing and sneezing, furthering your contribution to good public health.

  • Social Distancing

    The CDC currently recommends wearing a protective mask or face-covering in any public places where you may come into contact with others. Zero Germ Masks can be used to help maintain social distancing and promote public health and safety. Wearing these medical-grade masks can help keep you and those around you safe, allowing you to do your part for society during these trying times.

Easy to Use

  1. Place Mask Over Mouth and Nose

    Place the white side of the mask over your nose and mouth, with the light-blue side facing out. This way, the soft, hypoallergenic layer comes into contact with your face, while the air-absorbent, filtration system faces outward. Ensure that the mask is completely covering both your nose and mouth by pulling the bottom of the mask down so it covers your chin.

  2. Secure With Ear Straps

    Pull the white ear straps up and loop them around both of your ears to secure the mask in place.

  3. Nose Bar

    The adaptable nose bar is flexible and will contour comfortably to your unique face shape. Press the nosepiece onto your skin to adjust the fit of the mask and prevent any gaps that would allow air into your nose or mouth. It should fit well enough that the mask with not slip off your nose, but not so tightly that is restricting airflow.

  4. Dispose of Mask After Use

    These are single-use masks that should be disposed of after one use. After you have worn a mask into the outside world, you should dispose of it safely. Avoid touching too much of the mask and hold it by the straps as you throw it away. Afterward, wash your hands thoroughly to ensure they are clean of any germs, bacteria, or viral matter that may have been on the mask.

Negative Points

  • Single-Use

    These masks can only be worn once. While this is effective in limiting the spread of germs, these masks are not as eco-friendly as some reusable alternatives.

How it's Different from Competitors

Most similar masks currently being advertised include a disclaimer that they cannot protect against viruses. Zero Germ Masks make the exact opposite promise by clearly stating that the three-layer construction does act as a barrier against viral particles. Being FDA compliant, you can be certain these masks actually do protect against such particles (to a certain degree) and offer a level of protection that most other available masks do not.


  • CDC Guidelines

    These masks are most effective when used alongside other health guidelines. In addition to wearing these masks in public spaces, wash your hands often, avoid close contact, cover coughs and sneezes, and regularly clean commonly used areas.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Zero Germ Masks online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Zero Germ Masks online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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