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XHose DAC-5 XHose DAC-5 or Alternatives
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The XHose DAC-5 is a black garden hose with an outer layer made from high-quality Dacron-5 polyester and an expandable inner layer made from thick latex. This hose is purported to be more resistant to wear and tear than standard garden hoses, due to the way its outer layer is woven, along with being resistant to kinking. When obtaining one of these hoses, you'll be able to choose one in a 25, 50, 75, or 100-foot length.

XHose DAC-5 XHose DAC-5 or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of XHose DAC-5 is $19.95 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

How It Works

When you get out this particular hose, it'll be compact in size, weighing less than two pounds and taking up only a foot or two of space. However, once you turn on your water supply, it'll expand to up to three times its original size. As it expands, it won't become significantly heavier, but the amount of pressure within it will increase, which will cause a strong and fast, yet steady stream of water to flow out of it. While you move it around your yard to complete various chores, its durable materials, including its crush-resistant brass fittings, will help ensure that it stays damage-free and works efficiently. Once you're done with it for a while, you can turn off your water supply and watch it retract back to its small original size.


  • Black

    Every XHose DAC-5 comes in a shade of solid black, which will help you differentiate this hose from an old green garden hose you might have lying around. Moreover, if your hose happens to pick up any stains from the dirt in your yard or other outdoor substances, they probably won't be as visible as they would be on a light green hose.

  • Lightweight

    Since each of these hoses weighs less than two pounds, even people who aren't super-strong, physically, will likely be able to lift it and move it around their yard. Therefore, it's a good choice for kids who are just learning to do yard work or adults who are experiencing any sort of mobility issue. Even if you're strong and 100 percent healthy, you may find that you're less tired after using one of these hoses than you would be if you were to use a standard garden hose.

  • Kink-Free

    Some hoses will kink as you move them around corners or across hard objects such as stones or tree trunks, which can stop the water flow, but this one's been designed not to kink. Due to this design, the water will continue to flow out the appropriate end, regardless of what the hose travels across or around. If a knot happens to develop, this probably won't even cause a disruption to the flow.

  • Brass Fittings

    Plastic fittings on a hose can break quickly if you accidentally drop something on top of one of them, but all the fittings on the X-Hose DAC-5 are made with super-strong brass instead. If you accidentally run over one of them with a tire or whack one with a hammer, it's unlikely that the fitting in question will incur any damage at all. As a result, you likely won't need to try and replace any of the fittings during your hose's lifetime.

  • Four Lengths Available

    This garden hose comes in lengths of 25, 50, 75 and 100 feet so you can choose the length that best suits the size of your yard and your watering needs.

Positive Points

  • Won't Take Up Lots of Space

    Once you're not using your hose, and it has retracted to a compact size, it won't take up a lot of space in your shed, garage or yard. You won't have to reel it in, which means that you won't need to make space for a plastic reel, either. If you don't want to leave your hose in the grass or on your shed or garage's floor, you might choose to hang it from a nail or metal hook you've mounted on a wall.

  • For Professional or Casual Use

    If part of your occupation involves taking care of other people's yards, this hose is sturdy and powerful enough that you'll be able to use it to complete virtually any task. It's not complicated to use, though, so it's also suitable for homeowners who might only do a bit of watering a few times each summer. Professional users might choose to go with a longer version of this hose, such as one that measures 75 or 100 feet, while more casual users may be fine with the shortest, 25-foot version.

  • Glides Along Smoothly

    No matter where you use it, this hose will glide along smoothly since its outer layer's material is drag-resistant. Unlike some standard green garden hoses, it won't constantly get caught on certain objects in the yard, requiring you to stop and give it a pull to get it going again. Along the same lines, its glide won't automatically slow down if you have to move it through a patch of gooey mud or sand while it's raining.

  • Can Be Transported

    It can be a strenuous task to wrestle an old green garden hose into even the largest of vehicles, and if your vehicle's small, that potentially dirty hose might block your back window. Luckily, if you need to take your XHose DAC-5 somewhere away from your home, you'll simply be able to pick it up and place it in any car, and it won't obstruct your view.

Negative Points

  • May Not Create a Mist

    The steady stream of water that comes out of this high-pressure hose will be acceptable for most tasks, but some tasks, like watering tiny, delicate flowers, will require a fine mist of water. You may not be able to make your XHose DAC-5 create a mist like this, which means you might have to use another hose or a watering can to do this kind of watering. It's unclear whether additional hose attachments, besides the one included with each of these hoses, will be able to attach to your hose and give you additional water flow options.

Save Time

This hose works so efficiently that if it normally takes you five hours to do all your watering chores, you might be able to get them done in as little as half the time. That's assuming that you normally use a standard green hose—if you swap a watering can for your XHose, your increase in speed will be even more significant. You also won't have to spend up to a quarter of an hour reeling your hose in when you're finished, as it'll retract to a smaller size within seconds after you've turned off your water.

Wise Advice

Do not buy XHose DAC-5 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy XHose DAC-5 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 04 Feb 2021 john mapel - (Coraopolis, PA)

Ordered Nine Months and Still no Hose

Phone numbers don't work (scam)?

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Posted: 16 May 2019 EILEEN MADRID - (Okatie, SC)


XHose DAC-5: Do you get 2 (25-ft) hoses for USD$19.95, free shipping? How much is 50-ft hose? Do you get 2 (50-ft) hoses for the price of 1hose?

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XHose DAC-5 Infomercial
XHose DAC-5 Infomercial

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