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X Shot Regenerator X Shot Regenerator or Alternatives
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The X Shot Regenerator is a toy gun for kids that will allow you to shoot foam darts at homemade targets, and even your friends who are over eight years old without hurting them. In each Regenerator kit, you'll get the body of the gun, plus two sets of darts and nine optional attachments. Each kit contains 48 darts in total, so you'll be able to shoot for a long time without having to go and retrieve darts that you've already used.

X Shot Regenerator X Shot Regenerator or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of X Shot Regenerator is $39.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Build Blaster

    The first thing you'll need to do is build your toy gun since it will come in pieces. You can follow the instructions in your manual to build a standard blaster, an RNG-100 blaster or a Gen-R8, or put the pieces within your set together in your own customizable way.

  2. Set Up Targets

    Next, set up some targets that you can aim to hit with your foam darts (unless you're just going to chase your friends). You could use pop cans, paper cups, cardboard boxes or other small objects you have lying around your home—as long as it's OK that these objects could end up dented or scratched.

  3. Insert Darts and Shoot

    Once you've set up your targets, insert up to 10 darts into one of your dart clips and load them into your blaster, by inserting them in the appropriate rectangular-shaped hole in one side. Then you can pick up your gun and shoot your first target, or if your blaster's design includes the tripod attachment, you may be able to rest it on a flat surface as you shoot.


  • More Than 1000 Designs

    Once you learn to work with your X Shot Regenerator, you can configure the 12 pieces in each set in more than 1000 different ways. That means you probably won't ever get bored with this toy, as you can make it seem like a new one almost every day. The pieces in each set have been designed to fit together well, so even if you're not talented at building things, you'll probably be able to make a nice-looking blaster that works.

  • Darts Travel Far

    The foam darts that you'll load into your blaster toy will travel up to 60 feet in one shot, so you can challenge yourself to hit targets that you've placed far away from you. You may also be able to surprise a friend who's on the other side of the lawn with a shot of foam. Regardless of who you're aiming for, though, make sure you never aim at their eyes, neck, or head.

  • Use Indoors and Outdoors

    The X Shot Regenerator is safe to use both indoors and outdoors, since the darts are soft enough that they won't cause damage to most objects, such as couches and chairs. However, if you want to use your toy indoors, you should get parental permission and should not play with it around delicate objects, such as those made of glass or porcelain.

  • Lightweight

    Due to the fact that each one is made of plastic, this blaster toy is much more lightweight than a gun made out of steel or metal would be. Therefore, most kids and adults who are over eight years of age will be able to lift and carry it around a room or yard without difficulty. This toy is also portable since you'll be able to take it apart and put all the separated pieces in a backpack or suitcase.

Positive Points

  • Encourages Creativity

    The option to configure this toy in one's own way will encourage creativity. By working with one of these toys and coming up with different design combinations, a child may even be inspired to go into a career that utilizes similar skills, such as architecture or engineering. Learning to build a blaster may be especially beneficial for a female child since many girls still aren't encouraged to build things as often as their male counterparts are.

  • Helps Develop Precision

    The X Shot Regenerator will also help kids develop physical precision, which may end up being a valuable skill later when it comes to their job or athletic pursuits. Having to set up a target and position their blaster at the right height and angle in order to hit it will enhance hand-eye coordination, along with giving kids confidence in their physical skills. Once a child does hit their desired target, that confidence level will only increase.

  • Can Shoot in All Directions

    Once you develop some skill with this toy, you'll be able to shoot foam darts in various directions, including to the left, to the right, in front of you, and even vertically above your head. You might even want to turn the gun backward over your shoulder and shoot. If you do choose to shoot a foam dart above your head, just make sure you duck out of the way after, in order to avoid hitting yourself in the eye.

Negative Points

  • May Interest Kids In Guns

    Some children, if they play with this blaster toy frequently, may decide that they want to move on to real guns at some point. This new interest could be harmful to both that child and the people around them. After giving a child an X Shot Regenerator, parents must stress that this is a fun toy, but real guns aren't meant to be used for fun, as they can cause serious harm.

  • Darts Could Get Lost

    Being able to shoot a dart up to 60 feet with this toy will likely be fun, but with darts that can fly that far, you may find yourself searching for missing ones later. You will get 48 darts with each blaster set, but if you lose a large portion of those, playing with the set won't be nearly as entertaining. If you lose them all, you might need to get a whole new set, as it doesn't appear that replacement darts can be obtained on their own without the toy guns.

  • Not For Small Children

    The X Shot Regenerator is safe for kids who are eight years old and older, but it isn't a safe toy for kids who are younger than that to play with or be around. Due to their small body size, one of them could get hurt if they were hit by a foam dart, while one of these wouldn't hurt an older child or adult with a larger body. Most small children also won't have the hand-eye coordination needed to begin using one of these toys, and if they were to try, they'd probably become frustrated.


  • Keep Away From Pets

    Just as you should keep these blaster toys away from children under the age of eight, you should also keep them away from household pets such as cats and dogs. Since their bodies are normally smaller than those of humans, a foam dart could hurt one of them in the same way that it could hurt a small child. If an animal were to see one coming, they might not realize they should get out of the way, either. To prevent animals from potentially being hurt, you should always play with your X Shot Regenerator in an area that's pet-free.

Wise Advice

Do not buy X Shot Regenerator online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy X Shot Regenerator online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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