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World Class Knife World Class Knife or Alternatives
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Miracle Blade World Class is a set of 13 knives that cover every need in the kitchen, from chopping to dicing and slicing. There's a blade which cuts cheese with perfection, a carving knife, a steak knife, a filet knife, a paring knife, and several other options. These items are made out of high-quality German stainless steel and have absolutely razor-sharp polished edges. You can be sure that these knives can cut through almost anything.

World Class Knife World Class Knife or Alternatives
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The Claim

The World Class Knife is the sharpest, easiest, best-performing knife you’ll ever use. It has a comfort-grip handle that provides a perfect balance, weight and pressure. You can chop an onion so fast you won’t have time to shed a tear. The razor-sharp blade will do the cutting for you. It has a non-stick Granton edge that not even cheese will stick to it; you can slice them smoothly and easily. World Class Knife is flash-forged for sharpness and strength. The blade is made to the highest standard of German stainless steel. There’s no better knife than World Class Knife when it comes to sharpness, performance and ease of use.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of World Class Knife is $39.95 plus $29.90 shipping for a total price of $69.85.

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  • 13-Piece Knife Set

    This is a set of knives made of 13 separate pieces, all of which have their own purpose and usefulness. There are 4 steak knives that allow you to eat meat with ease and enjoyment. There's a knife for cutting cheese, a paring knife, 2 slicers, a carving knife, a filet knife, a chop & scoop, a rock & chef, and a pair of kitchen shears. They cover most situations you would need a knife for in the kitchen.

  • German Stainless Steel

    This set of knives is made from German stainless steel which is flash forged and heated to a temperature of more than 2, 000 degrees. Following this, the knives are placed in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of 427 degrees below zero. This is what leads to incredible sharpness.

  • Razor-Sharp Edges

    The process the stainless steel goes through makes the knives absolutely precision-cut, high-quality knives. According to the manufacturer, they never have to be sharpened. The edges are so razor-sharp that they never dull, even over time, and with many uses.

  • Ergonomic Handles

    The knives include ergonomically shaped handles that have the company's patented 'pinch grip'. It prevents your hands from sliding around on the handle while you're manipulating the knife. This leads to greater precision in cutting and may stop you from injuring yourself. It's a nice safety feature in addition to leading to accuracy in cutting.

  • Low Price and Extra Set

    This set is priced extremely low for what you get. The manufacturer suggests it's worth 10 times the amount when purchased retail, and it certainly should be. This is a special deal, and it also includes a 'buy a set, get a set free' deal. You may not need 2 sets yourself, but this could make an excellent and very cheaply-priced gift.

Positive Points

  • Knife for Every Job

    This set is very complete, in fact, it provides you with a knife for every cooking task you may need to do in the kitchen. For someone who cooks a lot or on a professional level, Miracle Blade World Class is a dream. With one set of knives, you get a tremendous amount of versatility. This product no doubt makes cooking an easier task.

  • Right and Left Handed

    The ergonomically-developed handles are made for either left or right-handed users. This will no doubt be a relief to many left-handed people who are tired of having to use items that are not built for them. Many knives and other tools are made for right-handed users only, so this is a helpful feature.

  • Durable

    These knives are made through a process with leads to great durability. The knives will last, and they will last over time. They won't break or fall apart, and the blade will never get dull. You can count on them having a place in your kitchen for many years.

  • Cuts Through Anything

    These knives will slice through anything you want to cut very quickly. They can cut through a pineapple perfectly in about a second. The blades can slice through meat with ease. You'll actually enjoy carving a turkey since Miracle Blade will make it an easy task. No doubt the knives would even slice through tick plastic if that's something you wanted to try.

  • Never Buy Another Knife

    Can you imagine never having to purchase another knife for the rest of your life? This set pretty much sets you up for the future, as far as knives are concerned. These quality blades will no doubt last for many years and remove your need for new knives.

Negative Points

  • You Need Room to Store Them

    This set includes a lot of knives, and some of them are quite big. You're going to need an extra drawer to keep them in - at least one. You could also buy a big knife rack, but then you'll have to find room on the counter to put it. If you have children, this is something you may not want to do anyways because these sharp knives could be dangerous for curious little hands. A locked drawer is probably best in this case - if you have space.

  • You Could Get Cut

    These knives are incredibly sharp. If you make a wrong move or drop the blade, you could end up very badly injured. You have to be very cautious with knives this sharp. Many a serious kitchen accident has occurred with the wrong slip of a knife. If you buy this set, you have to keep this in mind when you're using the items.

  • Not Suitable for Dishwasher

    The manufacturer recommends that you wash these knives by hand only. This means they aren't suitable for the dishwasher, or perhaps it will deteriorate the quality. Having to wash the knives by hand obviously has to be a very delicate affair, as they're so sharp.

  • Too Many Knives

    Simply put, unless you're a professional chef, this is just too many knives. It's doubtful that anyone would make use of all of them, which means that several of them are going to take up space in your kitchen unnecessarily. Most people tend to use the same 2 or 3 knives for every purpose. They may not even know how to properly use all of these items.

  • Guarantee Not Clear

    In the FAQ section, the manufacturer states clearly that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, on the home page, it indicates that there is a lifetime guarantee where the user may get a refund at any time. This is unclear and seems deceptive. What's more, if you look in the Terms and Conditions section there are no further details about the policy.

Save Money

This product is very affordable for a good set of knives. Purchasing it will save you plenty of money. In addition, if you never have to buy another knife again, this is going to save you cash over time.

Save Time

No doubt these super sharp knives will save you plenty of time in the kitchen. You can chop and dice and slice with ease, without struggling to get the job done. If you love to cook, you will probably enjoy having to spend less time on preparation tasks and get meals made more quickly.

Wise Advice

Do not buy World Class Knife online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy World Class Knife online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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