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Woof Glider

Woof Glider is a dome-shaped toy for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes that's been designed to glide smoothly across a wide variety of indoor surfaces, such as wood, tile, carpet and laminate floors. This toy has rubber bumpers, so if it hits your furniture or walls, it'll be unlikely to cause any damage. Plus, its soft, flat base is meant to prevent it from ever becoming airborne. Each toy comes in a shade of bright yellow with a brilliant blue spiral design.

Woof Glider Video Review

Woof Glider Video Review

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Woof Glider is $14.99 plus $4.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Woof Glider at the discounted price of only $4.99 for a total price of $24.97.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: woofglidertoy.com

Woof Glider Commercial

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Toy on Floor

    The first time you introduce this toy to your dog, you'll need to place it on a flat indoor surface for them, such as your kitchen or living room floor. This toy's bright colors may immediately attract your dog, but with some dogs, you might have to call the dog over and show them the toy.

  2. Push Toy Along

    In some cases, your dog might immediately understand the purpose of this toy and start pushing it along the floor with their nose. If they don't, though, you'll need to demonstrate this motion for them by giving the toy a push with your own hand. As they watch it glide smoothly along, they'll likely become interested and start pushing it with their nose or paws (or even pouncing on it) themselves and chasing it along the floor. If they don't seem to understand what they're supposed to do, continue demonstrating the desired actions for them until they get it.

  3. Put Toy Away

    When your dog is done playing for a while, the best thing to do is store the toy away in a safe place until you want to get it out again. Since each one is quite compact, each will only take up about a foot of space under a piece of furniture, in a cupboard or wherever you choose to store it. However, if you trust your dog to play with it safely by themselves while you're not watching, you can leave it out on the floor for them—consider your dog's temperament and use your own judgment.


  • Bright-Colored Design

    The yellow shade of this toy and the shade of blue used for the spiral that decorates each one have both been selected due to their brightness. Typically, a dog will become more interested in a toy that's bright and colorful as opposed to one in a darker or more muted shade. Moreover, the bright color of the Woof Glider will enable you to spot it quickly if it happens to be sitting among a group of other toys or household items.

  • Soft

    Each Woof Glider has been made from soft materials, making it a safe toy for indoor use, so your dog will be able to play with theirs no matter what the weather's like outside. The toy's rubber bumpers and flat base will only decrease the likelihood that this toy will ever scratch, gouge or otherwise damage any object within your home, regardless of how aggressively your dog plays.

  • Can Be Picked Up

    Aside from being soft, each toy has been crafted in a way that it won't damage a dog's teeth if the dog puts it in their mouth. Each one contains a rim that your dog can use to carry it around by, and once they've got it between their teeth, they'll be able to enjoy the feeling of capturing prey. Even if they don't pick it up and carry it around, they may enjoy giving their toy a good bite after pouncing on it!

  • Makes Noise

    Dogs tend to be attracted to squeaking noises, and this toy won't disappoint in that regard. Each one has a built-in squeaker that'll make noise as the dog comes in contact with the toy and ends up squeezing it in various ways. Whenever they push down hard on the toy with a paw or their teeth, it'll produce a satisfying squeak.

Positive Points

  • For Solo Dogs or a Group

    Your dog will be able to have fun playing with their Woof Glider solo, with no action from you if you're busy with household tasks. After it's pushed with a nose, paw, or hand, it'll glide for a few seconds at the least across the floor without stopping. If you've got more than one dog in your home, though, and they get along, the pair or group of them will be able to play with the toy together. You might even want to invite a neighbor's dog over so that they can see how fun this particular toy is.

  • Gives Dog Exercise

    Senior dogs could get lazy and lethargic and prefer laying on the couch instead of playing with the same toys they've had for years. Some dogs might eat a bit too much or be genetically disposed to being overweight. Fortunately, the Woof Glider will help you solve both of these problems by enticing your dog (or dogs) to get up off their favorite furniture or get away from the food dish and move around. This toy's movement will encourage them to run, jump, pounce and push it, enabling them to exercise various muscles and their minds, too.

  • Can Be Used Outdoors

    While one benefit of this colorful toy is that it's safe to use indoors, it can also be safely used outdoors. Therefore, when it's nice outside, you can take your dog out to a grassy area and let them enjoy the same game that they enjoy indoors in a different location. Keep in mind that you should avoid using this toy on pavement since the pavement could scrape its base, and you should wipe it off when a cloth when you bring it inside.

  • No Batteries Required

    A lot of interactive toys that are fun for dogs and other pets require batteries in order to operate properly, but this one does not. Your dog will be able to get it to move with just the power of their own body.

Negative Points

  • Might Scare Cats

    Dogs of all sizes will likely have fun playing with one of these toys for hours, but one of these could scare any felines who are around, especially if the cats are small. The cats may be attracted to the squeaking noise but find the size of the toy intimidating as it glides along. As a result, if you've got a dog and a cat, you may need to take the dog to an area away from the cat before you let them play with their Woof Glider.

  • Squeaker's Not Removable

    If you're getting tired of this toy's squeaking noise, but want your dog to be able to continue playing with it, it appears that there's no simple way to remove the squeaker from the middle. That means you may have to put your dog's Woof Glider away at night or put up with being disturbed by the squeaking sound.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Woof Glider online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Woof Glider online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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judy triffitt - (Hawthorn East, VIC)
Posted: 10 Oct 2019

The squeak component of the Woof Glider toy sticks up when pressed firmly and my dog has now swallowed it. Not safe for dogs.

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Karen Henderson - (Gatlinburg, TN)
Posted: 03 Jun 2019

Never got Items Order# 101292000199

Ordered March 5th! Never received. Scam.

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