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Wonder Clipper Wonder Clipper or Alternatives
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Wonder Clipper is a unique nail clipper with a swiveling head design that allows users to quickly, easily, and safely cut nails. The swivel design makes it easier to reach nails from any angle, alleviating the normal struggle of trying to get the edges of the nails on fingers or toes. It is a design which is supported and recommended by a podiatrist, and as such, is one to be trusted on all nail types for all ages.

Wonder Clipper Wonder Clipper or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Wonder Clipper is $14.99 plus $4.99 shipping, for a total price of $19.98.

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  • Stainless Steel

    The blades used for clipping are sharp, stainless steel designs. This means that even thick toe nails can be cut through with ease.

  • File

    This design has a built in nail file too so that when you are done clipping, you can file.

  • Swivel

    With its swivel design you can rely on it whether you are a left handed or right handed person. Swiveling one hundred and fifty degrees, it also trims nails faster and safer than other nail clippers. What’s more, this swivel action can help users clips nails from any angle or position.

  • Led Light

    There is a bright LED light which lets you illuminate what you are clipping, reducing the risk of cuts or improperly clipped nails.

Positive Points

  • Doctor Recommended

    It is recommended by a podiatrist by the name of Dr. Peter M. Mason. This individual appears to be a legitimate podiatrist with a clinical practice located in the state of Florida, not an actor paid to be a doctor. Having such a medical recommendation bodes well for the reliability of the design, the safety of its use on all ages. In addition, it bodes well for its long lasting ability to clip through all nails thick and thin.

  • Ergonomically Friendly

    This design gives an extended handle which alleviates the need to continually bend over. Such design components are better for the back, which means anyone who often strains themselves bending over the clip toe nails won’t have to worry anymore. .

  • Safe for Kids

    The product is great for children because of its increased safety.

  • High Quality

    High quality nail clippers never need to be replaced, especially if they have stainless steel blades. This particular option does have the stainless steel which means, theoretically, you only need to purchase one set for the rest of your life.

Negative Points

  • Led Might Burn Out

    While it uses an LED, and the LED bulbs have longer lifespans, there is no information on the website about how to get a replacement bulb should the light stop working. In such a case it might be fiscally better to simply buy a new set of clippers.


  • Normal Clippers

    Regular nail clippers are the closest alternative. They are designed without the LED light and without the swivel but many of them do have a nail file built into the clippers. There are different sizes and strengths so bigger, thicker nails and even smaller child nails can be cut. However, this is more expensive because users have to buy multiple pairs for every nail size in their family. What’s more, they are traditionally unsafe for use on small children.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open and Swivel

    Open the swivel to the degree you need for best access to your nails.

  2. Position Led Lights

    Use the LED light to look where the blades are positioned and make sure you are getting all of the nail you want removed. .

  3. Press and Clip

    Press down and clip the same as traditional clippers.

  4. File

    File down any sharp edges with the built in nail file.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Wonder Clipper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Wonder Clipper online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 08 Sep 2020 amender - (Philadelphia, PA)

Beware of Clipper Blades Being Out of Alignment

I bought a Wonder Clipper, discounted to $4.95, I did not like the way it was designed, here is Why:
(1) Clipper Blades, we're out of alignment, and could not make a clean cut. It half-cut, hacked, and ripped the toenail; sometimes leaving it hanging. All 12-125 were defective in some way.
To fix this, I held the two blades together, then sharpened them together as one unit creating a pair of matched incisors.
(2) The swivel feature looked like a good idea in theory, but the traditional clipper always has the blade in the same orientation (at a right-angles to what is being cut). This becomes so intuitive, one can clip one's nails blindfolded.
You have to be able to see everything to use the Swivel feature. The swivel may help in an unusual situation, but it more than likely creates more problems than it solves. Imagine a Fly Swatter, Tennis Racket, or Golf Club with the head you can turn any direction before swinging. Too much adjustability means you never know how it is set up for Clipping. This means one must visually check which way the blades are turned, every timer one cuts. Solution: Defeat the Swivel feature, glue it straight, so it won't move.

(3) LED Light shines in your eyes and illuminates the nail and knuckle while casting a shadow over the place where the nail is being cut. To alleviate the light blinding you, you can glue something on the top-side of the LED, to block the light to your eyes. The easiest way to see the exact place where the clipper will clip, is by turning the clipper upside down, which makes your finger or toe glow so you can see how much of the front edge of the nail you are clipping off.

* I suggest Wonder Clipper be re-engineered and made in the United States.

Hope this helped.
amender, 2020-09-08.

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Posted: 30 Jun 2018 Kay R Wood - (Binghamton, NY)


Junk i wasted $10. 39 purchasing this product. Light shines above where you're trying to place the clipper so you can't even see the nail, the angle thing is not all that helpful, and the clipping action is not sharp and crisp. It's another set of clippers like all the rest that does not clip when you use it. You have to press hard and then it doesn't snap thru your nail.

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Wonder Clipper Infomercial
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