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The Wonder Bible is a small device, not much bigger than a cell phone, that you can use to listen to recorded versions of both the Old and New Testaments. Once you turn this device on with the press of a button, a pleasant voice will begin reading you the Bible, and you'll be able to quickly find certain verses, chapters and phrases, too. The Wonder Bible also comes with a carrying case, a charging cable and a pair of headphones.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Wonder Bible is $49.99 and the shipping is FREE! Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: wonderbible.com

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Turn on

    After making sure that your device is charged, simply turn it on by pushing the button in the bottom right-hand corner. If the device happens not to be charged, plug the small end of the included charging cable into the device and the larger end of the cable into an electrical outlet.

  2. Move Between Chapters

    After your device starts playing the recorded Bible, you can move between chapters and verses by pressing the arrow buttons next to the power button. You'll see that there are other buttons on the panel, too, so you'll need to consult your instruction manual in order to learn how to use those.

  3. Shut Off When Done

    Be sure to turn your device off by using the power button when you're done listening for the time being. If you don't, your current charge could run out before you've gotten a lot of listening time.


  • Portable

    As this device isn't much bigger than a smartphone, you can take it with you almost everywhere you go. You may even want to place it on your dashboard or between your vehicle's seats in order to listen to the Bible while driving. A lanyard is attached to one side, so you'll be able to loop that around your wrist while walking if you like.

  • Burgundy and Yellow

    Each Wonder Bible is burgundy with yellow script on all the buttons. Since most cell phones are black, the burgundy shade will likely help you differentiate your phone from this device when they're both in a crowded purse or bag. The yellow script on the buttons will reduce any difficulty you may have with reading the small numbers and symbols.

  • Pleasant Voice

    Some audio recordings feature people with annoying voices that you may get sick of listening to, but most people will likely agree that the voice on this device's recording is pleasant and soothing. The male whose voice is being used sounds much like some ministers do when giving their sermons.

Positive Points

  • Promotes Family Bonding

    If you place this device on a central table while the whole family's home and turn it on, the spiritual recording may generate positive feelings and cause the family to feel close each other. Moreover, it'll likely be relaxing for everyone to just stop and listen for a few minutes or more after a long, tiring day.

  • Can be Fun for Kids

    Kids often find the Bible too complex and boring to read, but listening to the Wonder BIble instead will enable them to learn about God without struggling with difficult words or getting too bored. Even if your kids aren't interested at first, if you turn it on while they're doing something quiet like making a craft, they may begin paying attention to the words. The next thing you know, they may want to listen to the Bible all the time!

  • Good for Visually Impaired

    Even large print Bibles can be difficult for some visually impaired people to read, and not everyone has someone to read to them, so this audio version makes a good alternative.

  • Option to Listen Privately

    When you want to listen to the Bible but don't want to disturb others around you, just plug the included earphones into your device and listen as usual. A private listening period, especially in a relaxing place, may inspire you to contemplate the meaning of the verses or even your own life—something that might not be done often enough these days.

Negative Points

  • Another Device to Carry Around

    If you already carry a cell phone, you may not want to carry another device around with you, and the Wonder Bible may end up being just that. You'll also have yet another charging cable to keep track of. To make things more convenient for some users, it's unfortunate that the recording on each audio device can't be transferred to a smartphone somehow.


  • Print Bible

    Some people like to read the Bible instead of listening to it, but even if your vision's good, you may find that listening is more relaxing, aside from not being hard on the eyes.

  • Going to Church

    It's always nice to hear a spiritual leader speak in person at a church or another place of worship. However, if you live a far distance from any church or aren't physically mobile enough to get there on a regular basis, the Wonder Bible can act as a good stand-in for a minister.

  • Bible App for Smartphone

    While a Bible application that you can download on your smartphone may suit avid smartphone users, other people who don't want to be bothered with apps, such as seniors, may prefer the Wonder Bible. If you're a parent and don't let your children use apps, the Wonder Bible is a good option for you, too.

  • Religious Radio, Television

    Many people choose to watch religious television programs or listen to religious radio, but with these programs, you have no control over the content, while you can control what you read on the Wonder Bible.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Electronic Bible online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Electronic Bible online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Tammy Darnell - (Winchester, VA)
Posted: 26 Sep 2017
I Regret Buying it!

Wonderbible RIPOFF

Ordered this in June and still no bible. Everytime I call I get another month as a delivery date. They are still advertising online to order with a 2-3 week delivery time. Run do not order! Complaints filed for false advertising with ag, consumer affairs, usps.

Do not try and buy this product the company is a joke.

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Ollie Cain - (Alva, OK)
Posted: 16 Oct 2017
I have something to say!

It seems like someone can't decide what the price is, and it seems like others are having issues in other areas as well. You lost my business.

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Anita Baysa - (Fairfield, IA)
Posted: 07 Aug 2017
I have something to say!

Your Price Shows $29. Actually It's $49 !

Why is your TV stuff reviews site showing that it's only $29 and then you give the site to go to and purchase -and it's actually $49!

5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

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TVStuffReviews Admin
Posted: 09 Aug 2017

Thank you for your comment! When the product was first being sold the price was $29. You are correct it appears that the price has changed to $49 now. We have updated the price.

Posted: 24 Aug 2017

That's a pretty steep increase in price--- : O (.

Donna Baker
Posted: 01 Sep 2017

I got an email saying this will be shipped on the 22 of August. I waited didn't get an email and called the lady basically called me a liar said I couldn't have gotten such an email. Then she told me I wouldn't get until Sept. I ordered two of them in July. When am I getting this. They are gifts for someone and it's getting ridiculous on the waiting. You should send something out to let people know what's going on! This is a Bible we are talking about so I assumed everyone would be nice.

Donna Raybon
Posted: 01 Sep 2017

I called to enquirer about my order was told there's no way I got an email saying shipping was Aug 22. See below the email. Also the email to send complaints to does not work!

Thank you for your patience regarding the merchandise listed below. As part of
Our service, we always try to ensure that proper delivery of all merchandise
Orders is made within a reasonable period of time.

Ordinarily, we succeed in achieving that goal. In this case, due to overwhelming
Response to this offer, we are temporarily out of stock and additional
Quantities will be available Aug 22, 2017. Per our customer care policy, this means your
Pending order will remain active unless you Click here to cancel it.

Should you Decide to keep your order active, we will contact you as soon as new
Inventory arrives, and you will be one of the first customers to receive it.
Please be assured you will not be charged until your order ships.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this delay may have caused. As a
Special thank you, we would like to offer you a 20% discount on other great
'As Seen on tv' items. You can redeem the discount by going to www.TVitems.com
And entering promotion code 'save20' during checkout.


Wonder Bible Customer Service.

Posted: 08 Aug 2017

It was only $30 when it first came out. Now that it's selling they want to almost double the price. And that's exactly why I will not be buying.

Posted: 23 Sep 2017

They just advertised it on TV this moment for $39.99.

Cheryl - (Joshua, TX)
Posted: 20 Aug 2017
I have a Question

Help with my Decision

I have another question. Since I ordered the Wonder Bible on June 9th, for $29.99, it has been out of stock. I've called three times and was given three different dates on when I'd receive it. Also received two letters about it being on back order, if I wanted to cancel.
Is it possible since the price has doubled, they want me to cancel so if I reordered it I'd be paying the new price? I feel this is not fair.
Should I cancel, and just forget about it?

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Posted: 24 Aug 2017

If you cancel only to order again-- you will probably pay the higher price plus it's still on back order-- so what's the point? Unless you plan to order from a different place ( Amazon? To get it sooner, I would wait.

Donna Baker
Posted: 01 Sep 2017

Same thing has happened to me. Now they say it will be shipped mid September my email said Aug 22 I called them and they said it's impossible that I got an email like that because none of them has been shipped it's a brand new product. I got two of them ordered and it's costing me about $79 so I don't think the price thing has anything to do with it.

Posted: 23 Sep 2017

Cancel your order and re-order it through Amazon.

Cheryl B - (Neptune City, NJ)
Posted: 19 Aug 2017
I have a Question

Keep Telling me It's out of Stock

I ordered my Wonder Bible on June 9th. Still no Wonder Bible. When I call, they tell me it's out of stock. Also so far they gave me three different dates that I'd receive it. Has anyone received one? Also when I ordered it, it was $29.99, now I see it's $49.99. I'm not sure if I should go ahead and cancel my order. Any thoughts?

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

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Casey - (Kenmore, NY)
Posted: 08 Aug 2017
I have a Question

Why advertise so elaborately without telling which translation?

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

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