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Wiggle Ball Wiggle Ball or Alternatives
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Wiggle Ball is a battery-powered blue ball for dogs that is about the same size as a tennis ball. This ball has been designed for dogs of any age, breed, or size to use, and unlike ordinary tennis balls, it's claimed that it'll start to move automatically once a human turns it on. It's specified that you'll be able to choose from three different modes (gentle, normal, or active), depending on how energetic your dog is, and that each mode includes time for both play and rest.

Wiggle Ball Wiggle Ball or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Wiggle Ball is $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Wiggle Ball at the discounted price of only $9.99 for a total price of $36.97.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open up and Turn on

    Before you get your dog started with their Wiggle Ball, you'll need to twist the ball open and turn it on by using the button that you'll find inside. Press it once to activate the gentle level, twice for the normal level, and three times for the active level (the most physically demanding option). Following that, twist the ball closed so that it's perfectly round again.

  2. Place in Front of Dog

    Next, place your toy about a foot or two in front of your dog. Once it's resting on a flat surface, the toy will begin to move and shake in order to get the attention of your pet. If your dog isn't responsive, point at the ball and verbally reiterate the fact that it's there.

  3. Let Dog Play

    Ideally, after your dog notices the ball in front of them, they'll poke it with a paw or their nose. No matter which mode the ball is in, it'll begin to shake more vigorously and even bounce after that. Your dog can then chase it, bat it, or pick it up in their mouth as it moves around the room or outdoor area you're in. If you've got the ball in gentle mode, it'll move more slowly, while it'll move more quickly as you move up the hierarchy of levels.

  4. Adjust or Turn Off

    If you find that you've chosen a mode that's not suitable for your dog, you can always open up your Wiggle Ball and cycle through the levels again. As soon as you open it up, it'll stop running for the time being. Therefore, when you want your dog to stop playing, you should open it up and leave it in two pieces (out of their reach) until it's time for them to play again.

How It Works

Similar to cats, dogs will naturally enter a state of stimulation if they sense a moving object like the Wiggle Ball. This type of ball will inspire them to chase and catch it, and it'll continuously move on its own, so your dog will be able to exercise independently while you're busy. Additionally, each of these balls is bright blue—a shade that dogs can see clearly. As a result, your dog will be more attracted to the ball than they would be if it was green or red (two shades that canines perceive as gray). Working together, the color of this ball and the motion that it engages in may be able to keep your dog entertained for hours, regardless of their age and fitness level.


  • Durable

    It's stated that each Wiggle Ball is made of premium materials, which makes it a durable toy that can withstand frequent chewing without falling to pieces. With some less durable toys, you might have to worry that your dog will accidentally bite a piece off and ingest it, but that's of little concern when it comes to this ball. Plus, if the ball's outer shell ever does wear out, after a number of years, it's replaceable.

  • Waterproof

    This particular ball is also waterproof, so if your dog likes to play in the water, they'll be able to take this toy in with them without damaging it. Even if the outer shell gets very wet, the ball's design will not allow the water to ruin the inner mechanisms.

  • Battery-operated

    The Wiggle Ball is battery-operated, and a single charge of the battery inside will give your dog approximately eight hours of steady play. Furthermore, if the battery is dead, the ball can still be rolled like an ordinary tennis ball, although it won't be able to move on its own.

  • Intelligent

    This type of ball is considered intelligent, as each pre-programmed mode contains built-in cycles for play and rest. These cycles will help ensure that your dog never gets too bored or too fatigued while playing with their ball.

  • Collision Sensor

    Another intelligent aspect of the Wiggle Ball is its collision sensor, which is activated when the ball comes close to a hard surface, such as a wall or a chair leg. Due to this sensor, the ball will bounce quickly off the surface with as little impact as possible, instead of getting stuck in place.

Positive Points

  • Safe Size

    The Wiggle Ball isn't so small that a dog will be able to swallow it, but it also isn't so big that it'll scare a smaller dog or a dog who tends to get anxious. It'll fit comfortably into the mouths of most dogs, so they can chew on it with satisfaction. While some cats (especially smaller ones) may be scared of the ball, some active adult cats might even enjoy playing with it along with their canine friends. Moreover, if you feel like any pet is being too aggressive, the ball can immediately be twisted open and put away.

  • Fun for Kids

    If you've got some bored kids on your hands, you may be able to entertain them for a few hours by having them watch one or more dogs play with this toy. They'll likely have fun offering the ball to the dog or group of dogs in the beginning, and then they can sit back and watch with glee as the dogs interact with the moving ball. They won't have to constantly retrieve it when it rolls away, as it'll eventually make its way back again.

Negative Points

  • Doesn't Make Noise

    While some dog owners who prefer a quieter environment may be happy that this toy doesn't purposely make noise, its noiselessness may be a disappointment to some. Some dogs are highly attracted to certain sounds, such as giggling sounds, so they may prefer to play with noisier toys instead of this type of ball.

Save Time

If all you've got is an ordinary ball that you have to roll or throw to your dog, you may have trouble getting other things done when your dog wants to play for hours. Fortunately, though, once you've got a Wiggle Ball, you won't have to constantly be involved in your dog's play sessions. You can use this ball along with your dog if you'd like to, but if you've got other things to do, you can leave them alone with it after a few minutes of preliminary play.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Wiggle Ball online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Wiggle Ball online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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