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Whoopee Butts Whoopee Butts or Alternatives
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Whoopee Butts are stuffed animals that have been designed to make noises as if they're passing gas and release a pleasant smell from their bottoms when squeezed. They've been created with kids in mind, but people of all ages may be able to have fun with them. When obtaining one, you'll be able to choose from six different characters that come in different colors and represent different animals. Each one appears to be about the same size as a traditional stuffed animal.

Whoopee Butts Whoopee Butts or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Whoopee Butts is $19.99 plus $4.95 shipping, for a total price of $24.94.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Pump Left Foot

    In order to make your stuffed animal pass gas and release a scent, you'll need to pump its left foot two or three times.

  2. Squeeze Middle

    Next, once you're done with the foot-pumping, squeeze your stuffed animal's midsection and it'll make a fluffing noise while releasing the smell of a dessert such as bananas or cupcakes.

  3. Repeat Process (optional)

    You can make your stuffed animal "fluff one" as many times as you'd like—simply squeeze the left foot a couple of times again to reset its ability to take this action.


  • Six Characters

    If you decide that you want a Whoopee Butts stuffed toy, you'll be able to get a dog, unicorn, tiger, monkey, elephant or bear. You might also decide to get more than one or even one of each. Each character comes in a different color, such as brilliant blue or hot pink, and none of them come with names, so you'll be able to name each of yours yourself. You'll be able to assign each one a certain gender and an age, too, if you'd like.

  • Various Smells Available

    It appears that the smell associated with the character (or characters) you choose will be a surprise that's up to chance, but that all the characters will give off pleasant-smelling fluffs. All of the smells available will be those commonly associated with desserts, such as cookies, bananas, and cupcakes.

  • Soft and Cuddly

    Although they have an extra capability that most stuffed animals don't have, Whoopee Butts are soft and cuddly like standard stuffed animals are. Therefore, those users who are interested will be able to cuddle them in bed, on the couch or virtually anywhere else where toys are permitted.

  • Compact

    On a slightly related note, Whoopee Butts are fairly compact, given that they're about the same size as most stuffed animals and may even be smaller than the largest ones out there. As a result, if you want to bring one along on a trip with you, or for a vehicle ride, you'll likely be able to without taking up space you might need for other things.

Positive Points

  • Can be Educational

    If you want to teach any children under your care about passing gas and why it's nothing to be ashamed about, you can use one or more of these stuffed toys to do so. You'll also be able to teach children to say "excuse me" after passing gas by making each of the toys express that sentiment after fluffing one.

  • Good for Playing Pretend

    Whoopee Butts are ideal toys to play pretend with, especially if you've got more than one character in your possession. If you don't have more than one, you may be able to find a friend with one or round up enough friends to play with the whole set. Provided that there's someone else around who doesn't know what the toys can do, you may actually be able to convince them that you've passed gas with a fantastically pleasant smell.

  • Make a Nice Gift

    While teenagers may consider themselves too old and sophisticated for these toys, they'll make a great gift for nearly any child who's under the age of twelve. They don't appear to have tiny parts that could fall off and choke a toddler, so even members of this age group may enjoy playing with one or more of them (with some adult supervision).

  • No Batteries Required

    You won't need to add any batteries to one of these stuffed toys in order to get it to make noise and release its scent. All you'll need to do is pump your toy's left foot two or three times, and that'll be all the power it needs. That means you won't have to worry about keeping a supply of appropriate batteries around or limiting the number of times you squeeze your toy to conserve its power.

Negative Points

  • Smell Could Become Irritating

    If you squeeze this type of toy frequently, you might start to get tired of the smell it emits, and so could other people around you, especially in the same household. In the event that others get annoyed, you may have to move away from them in order to play with your stuffed toy, which could leave you rather lonely. Unfortunately, there's no way of getting any of these toys to make noise without releasing the corresponding smell, and the noise alone could also irritate people.

  • May Not be Loved by Teachers

    Teachers may get peeved off if any children under your care bring their Whoopee Butts into the classroom, especially if they're squeezing them and turning them into creators of noise and odor all day. If you want to get a child one of these stuffed animals, you may have to warn them that they shouldn't bring it to school, or it might end up getting confiscated by their teacher. For similar reasons, a child may also have to keep it out of a select few public places they visit, such as a doctor's office or church.

  • Might Not be Machine Washable

    You'll have to consult your stuffed toy's fabric care instructions to see if it is in fact machine washable, as this isn't clearly specified. If these toys are not machine washable, you'll have to wipe each one down with a cloth when it gets dirty, as opposed to running it through your machine.

Save Money

Kids tend to love stuffed toys, toys that make noise, and toys that have pleasant scents. Instead of having to get a child three or more different toys to satisfy these preferences, getting them one Whoopee Butts stuffed animal will satisfy all three. If you get them one of these, they may be so entertained by its three functions that they won't ask for another new toy for months. What's more, each one may double as a small head pillow in the car, which means you won't have to get one of those if your child likes to nap during long drives.

Critical Advice

Do not cut the fabric of any Whoopee Butts stuffed toy at any point. These stuffed toys are able to make the noise that they do by collecting air in a certain manner, and cutting one's fabric anywhere might interfere with that function.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Whoopee Butts online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Whoopee Butts online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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