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Bell & Howell Weighted Blanket Bell & Howell Weighted Blanket or Alternatives
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The Bell & Howell Weighted Blanket is a navy blue blanket that's been created to help people of various ages sleep steadily and comfortably without using sleeping pills or other drugs. Each one has been filled with weighted beads that have been arranged in a way that promotes the production of serotonin and melatonin, which can lead to a state of increased relaxation. Aside from being navy blue on the outside, each of these blankets is gray on the underside when you flip it over.

Bell & Howell Weighted Blanket Bell & Howell Weighted Blanket or Alternatives
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How It Works

Like many quilts, each one of these blankets has been divided up into squares, and each square contains a portion of BPA-free weighted beads. BPA is a chemical compound found in some plastic products, even though it's potentially toxic to humans, but when you use one of these blankets, you won't have to worry about exposure to that toxicity. The weighted beads inside the squares of each blanket are heavy enough to put a slight amount of pressure on the body, but not heavy enough to make a person feel uncomfortable. Once your body feels the impact of this pressure, it will likely begin producing more serotonin and melatonin, which will lead to a feeling of calmness and stillness. In turn, this feeling will likely make you fall asleep more quickly than you otherwise would, and stay asleep for longer once you've entered that state.


  • For Kids and Adults

    Although it's probably too large for toddlers and babies, this type of blanket is suitable for school-aged children and adults of any gender. One of these may be especially helpful if you've got a child who has difficulty sleeping due to anxiety, sickness, or a fear of the dark. Furthermore, since it'll only put a slight amount of pressure on the body, there's little chance that a child who's using one will wake up feeling trapped. Instead, the low level of pressure will more closely resemble that which might come from a loved one's comforting hug.

  • Fairly Thick

    The thickness of each Bell & Howell Weighted Blanket is closer to that of a duvet than it is to the thickness of a cotton or polyester sheet. Therefore, unless you live in a super-cold climate, you may not need any other blanket besides this one on your bed. Should you be chilly, though, you can use this blanket along with others, although it's best to keep this one closest to your body so you can benefit from its weight as much as possible.

  • Reversible

    As mentioned, this blanket is navy blue on one side and gray on the other. If you don't like the navy blue look, you can certainly flip the blanket over so its gray side is facing up, and you'll still be able to feel its weight while it's flipped.

  • Eye Mask Included

    With the aim of further enhancing your sleep experience, each of these weighted blankets comes with a soft gray sleep mask that you can put over your eyes. Those people who often have difficulty sleeping may find that their sleep is improved after putting this mask on, as it'll block out virtually every bit of light that might be present in the bedroom.

Positive Points

  • Helps Relieve Anxiety

    A common reason for insomnia or restless sleep is anxiety, but if you're stressed out due to work or life in general, this blanket will help mitigate the effects. If you simply place it on yourself, it'll relax you and make you hold fairly still, which can be helpful for those who suffer from restless legs syndrome, too. Similarly, wrapping yourself in the blanket will make you feel like you're in a comforting cocoon, which will aid with stress relief. Either way, a feeling of calmness will be generated, which will make anxiety start to dissipate and sleep come sooner.

  • Can be Used by Two People

    This weighted blanket is large enough to cover an entire double bed, which means that two people who sleep together will both be able to use it at the same time. However, if you want to use the weighted blanket but your sleeping partner doesn't, or vice versa, one person can wrap themselves in it while letting the other person go without. You may find that whoever decides to use the blanket will become less likely to move around during sleep, so they'll be less likely to disturb the other person in the bed.

  • Reduces Need for Drugs

    If you have trouble sleeping, you may find yourself popping a sleeping pill each night in order to get some shut-eye. You might even find yourself taking anti-depressants that help stimulate serotonin production, so you can refrain from lying awake due to troubling thoughts. Fortunately, you may be able to stop taking any sort of drug once you start using a weighted blanket, though, as one of these will stimulate serotonin and melatonin production naturally. If you've been prescribed something, you should consult a doctor before stopping, but you may be able to quit an over-the-counter drug almost immediately.

Negative Points

  • No King or Queen Size

    This type of blanket is large enough to stretch across a double bed, but it may not cover an entire queen-sized, king-sized or California king-sized bed. If you've got a bed in one of these larger sizes, you'll probably have to make a choice between putting up with it not covering the entire thing, or seeking out a larger blanket. It would be helpful if a bigger size of this blanket could be created to help meet the needs of those people who choose to sleep in larger beds.

  • May Not be Machine Washable

    It's not specified that this sort of weighted blanket is machine washable, which brings up the concern that washing it in a certain way might cause the weighted beads to fall out or get damaged. To be on the safe side, you'll need to check your blanket's fabric care instructions, and if it's not washing-machine safe, you'll have to wash it by hand or take it to the dry cleaner's.

Save Money

If you take a sleeping pill or even drink some sort of tea that promotes restful sleep each day, you may end up obtaining dozens of packages of your chosen remedy in a year. On the other hand, if you opt to use a Bell & Howell Weighted Blanket instead, you'll only have to obtain it once, and it may last you for an entire decade. It may be so effective at helping you sleep that you won't have to pick up even one more package of sleeping pills or herbal tea.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bell & Howell Weighted Blanket online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Bell & Howell Weighted Blanket online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Bell & Howell Weighted Blanket Infomercial
Bell & Howell Weighted Blanket Infomercial

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