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The Rocket Book Wave is a revolutionary way to take notes. Rather than using tons of paper, all the time, use this special notebook and corresponding pens. Special ink in the pens disappears when exposed to heat which means you can take your notes, scan them, save them to a cloud, then heat up the paper and watch the ink disappear. Then, start you note taking process all over again on freshly cleaned note book paper.


  • New Way to Take Notes

    Rocket book is designed to change the way you take notes. The rocket book ways gives you the freedom that you would normally have with a traditional pen and paper notebook. While at the same time though it instantly blasts your notes into the cloud by way of your smartphone. When you use the pilots friction pens alongside the wave notebook you are able to erase your notes using your microwave oven, then reuse the same notebook.

  • First Erasable Notebook

    This is literally the world's first microwave erasable notebook. Cloud connected, you get instant processing. You do not have to worry about perfectly aligning the shot when you take a picture with your smartphone. Instead the application itself will crop and enhance each page so that the digital notes are incredibly crisp and vibrant, looking even brighter by comparison than the real notes. Cloud synchronization allows you to send your notes to specific locations within the cloud services you were already using for example, you can send your notes directly to a Google documents or Evernote.

  • Different Sizes

    There are different sizes of notebooks available. You can get the MacBook or android app.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Your ability to take notes, save them, then erase and start over means never again having to buy more paper for your note taking. Enjoy being more environmentally responsible.


  • Sizes

    There are different sizes available for this notebook. However one of the biggest problems that users have is simply the ability to remove the ink from the pages. Using it in the microwave is not a complicated process however, the book itself needs to be able to spin completely inside of your microwave. Standard 8 x 10 notebooks can't do this in most microwaves.

  • Jpeg Files

    Initially the file format will save to the cloud as a JPEG. Remember that the rocket book application will correct, crop, and restore the color balance in each picture you take. For email the number of pages you select will be collated and sent as a PDF.

  • Handwriting Indexing

    Your notes will be indexed by handwriting recognition once you save them to something like Evernote. Currently the company is investigating a future feature which will use handwriting recognition to automatically capture the written titles on each page so as to create the title of the document.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Set up Destinations

    With the rocket book you can send your notes, ideas, or diagrams to different cloud services. Before you do so, you need to set up your connections. This is the destinations section on the application and connect to any of the symbols that you want to use. For example, if you want to use Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, or Google Drive, select those icons so that your rocket book app can connect properly.

  2. Bundle

    You can bundle PDFs during a scanning session if you are scanning adjacent pages which have the same symbol marked on them. Again, you want to visit the destination section of the applications and utilize the configure symbol so that you can send a bundle of notes as a single PDF.

  3. Scan

    When scanning, the application uses machine vision to search for the page so you don't have to press a button. To capture the best image, scanning a place for there is good lighting and the position of the camera is approximately 1 foot away. 1 foot away will allow the page to fit inside the screen perfectly. To minimize any camera shaking, simply relax and take a breath. If you want a faster or seamless experience you can have the application scan automatically and then all you have to do is confirm before the files are sent automatically.

  4. Erase

    When done, erase the pages in the microwave and start over.

How to Erase Page

  1. Use the Right Pens

    When you use this notebook you must always use the pilot friction pens. These pens contain a special heat sensitive ink which becomes transparent once exposed to heat. Your microwave needs to contain a rotating glass turntable. Ensure that the notebook you are using can safely spin without hitting the walls of the microwave.

  2. Fill Coffee Mug

    Fill a coffee mug three quarters of the way forward water. Place the wave notebook into the microwave with the front facing up. Then place the mug inside the blue circles on the notebook near the center of the book.

  3. Microwave

    Microwave the wave notebook and the mug until the logo on the front of the notebook turns from dark to light. You'll need to look through the window and open the door every 30 seconds to check. As soon as you see the change in color, stop the process entirely.

  4. Flip Over

    Flip the Wave book over and repeat the water in microwaving steps with the back part facing up. Use caution when doing so because the waves and the mug might be hot to the touch. Allow your wave notebook to cool for three minutes before you touch it. People might be hot to the touch. Wait for the logo to return to a darker color.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Always Have Water

    Never microwave the rocket book without the mug of water. The water absorbs some of the microwaves so that the book itself is warmed in a controlled manner. Without the water the book in the microwave might become damaged.

  2. Rotation

    To avoid burning the book must rotate on a rotating platter. Rotating objects in the microwave allow the microwaves to be evenly applied to each object.

  3. Let it Cool

    Always let the notebook cool for a few minutes after you have erased the content in the microwave. Not only will it be too hot to handle when you first touch it but the friction pens require time to turn clear and the paper will need to settle. Touch it after the logo has returned to the blue-collar and you'll be able to use the pens all over again.

  4. Scan Immediately

    The friction pen ink will turn clear at approximately 140°F and regain color at 40°F. You want to scan your notes with the application before you leave the notebook somewhere extremely hot or extremely cold. If, for example if you take notes but forget to scan them, and leave your notebook in a car, hot weather can cause them to disappear.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Rocket Book online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Rocket Book online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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