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Watch Dog is a compact security device that will turn the lights on and off at random times in your empty house so potential intruders think that someone's in there. You'll also be able to turn on each device's audio feature, which will make it sound as if a big dog is barking inside the house if someone approaches. You can use as many Watch Dogs as you'd like in your home, as each one is meant to be connected to an individual lamp.

Watch Dog Watch Dog or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Watch Dog is $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Watch Dog at the discounted price of only $5.99 for a total price of $31.97.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Watch Dog being discontinued. Watch Dog may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Watch Dog being discontinued. Watch Dog may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Plug Into Electrical Outlet

    To install your first Watch Dog, plug it into an available electrical outlet. There's no wiring or complex programming required, nor will you have to make a call to a company or go online in order to activate your device.

  2. Plug Lamp Into Device

    Next, choose a lamp that you'd like to connect to your Watch Dog. This will enable the security device to control the lamp when you'd like it to. The outlet that will accommodate the lamp's extension cord is located on the bottom of each device.

  3. Choose Setting

    Once your lamp is plugged into your security device, use the button on the front of the device to choose a setting, which can always be quickly changed later. You can choose between operating your lamp as normal (no random turn-ons), having your lamp randomly turn on and off, and adding the barking dog feature to the previous option. The first setting is ideal when you feel safe at home and don't need any extra security features. Alternatively, the ability to add the barking dog will come in handy if you think you need extra security on certain days.

How It Works

After you've got one or more Watch Dogs installed in your home, you can set them to randomly turn on the lamps plugged into them at different times during the daytime and nighttime. If potential intruders are staking out your house, they'll see at least one light turn on and off at unpredictable times, and will probably conclude that breaking in's not worth the risk. If you've got one device's additional audio feature turned on, and someone does approach your home, it'll sound as if a big dog is barking inside, which will likely scare the trespasser away. As a result of these two functions performed by the Watch Dog, the likelihood that your home will remain safe at all hours, even when you're not there, will dramatically increase.


  • Compact and Portable

    Each of these devices is about the same size as a standard electrical outlet and isn't super-heavy, so you'll be able to move each one from outlet to outlet in your home when you desire. You'll also be able to transport one or more Watch Dogs to an alternative location, such as your cottage or workplace, when necessary.

  • Compatible With Most Lamps

    The Watch Dog is compatible with virtually all modern-day lamps. As long as your lamp has a standard electrical cord attached to it, you'll be able to plug it into one of these devices and allow the device to operate it when you choose. If you decide that you want to switch the lamp that's plugged into any of these security devices, you'll be able to do that in about two seconds.

  • Quick Reaction Time

    Some home security alarms don't come on until intruders have already entered the home, which gives the intruders time to do some damage before the police arrive. Fortunately, the barking dog feature provided by this particular security device will activate by the time the intruders get near your front door, and when they hear it, they may just run away.

  • Noise Optional

    If you live in an area that doesn't experience many break-ins, and you really don't want to disturb your neighbors, you can choose to turn off the barking dog feature on your device. You'll still be able to have one or more lights randomly going on and off, which may be enough to deter all but the bravest (or perhaps the most stupid) trespassers. Turning off the audio feature is also a good idea if you want to keep operating your security device while you're sleeping, but don't want any noise to wake you up.

Positive Points

  • Can Use In Any Building

    The Watch Dog is has been designed with private homes in mind, but these devices can actually be used in any building. If you've got a small business that doesn't have a fancy security system, you may want to use one or more of these in the building to help prevent people from breaking in at night. The only requirement is that the building in which you want to use this type of device has functioning electricity.

  • Ideal For Teens, Seniors

    A security device like this will help keep anyone's home safe, but it's an especially good one for teens or seniors to use while they're at home alone. Seniors may not have the physical mobility needed to defend themselves against intruders, while teens may panic and forget what to do if someone suspicious does approach the house. Therefore, a teen or senior may want to keep one of these devices on, with or without the audio feature, even while they're sitting inside an almost-empty house.

  • No False Alarms

    Sometimes, in-home security systems can go off when an unwanted person hasn't actually entered the home, making a long-lasting racket and alerting the police for no reason. This won't happen with the Watch Dog, though, as it won't actually alert the police, and if the barking dog feature is turned on, the false dog will only bark for a few moments.

Negative Points

  • May Excite Real Dogs, Cats

    The barking dog feature that each Watch Dog has to offer may excite real dogs in your home and in nearby homes, causing them to bark for much longer than the audio recording does. It could even excite cats in and around the home and cause them to start meowing. If you have a dog or cat in your home, or there's a dog or cat next door, you'll have to keep this in mind and perhaps choose not to use your device's audio feature.

  • Relies Only On Fear Factor

    The success of this security device is reliant on the idea that potential intruders will be squeamish when they see illumination and hear intimidating noises coming from your home. If that's not the case with a particular intruder or group of intruders, this device won't do much for you, as it can't be programmed to contact the police or any other authority.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Watch Dog online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Watch Dog online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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