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Vortex Vault is an aboveground storm shelter bed that protects people from severe weather while sleeping. This is a renowned product manufactured right here in the US. The storm shelter bed can be used both above ground and in-ground. In addition, you can quickly move it from one room to another or even to a new home when you relocate. This product is ideal for all kinds of people including men, women, children and people with disabilities that limit their mobility. It is extremely easy to access the shelter without having to use steps.

Vortex Vault Vortex Vault or Alternatives
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The cost of Vortex Vault is $2.00 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $11.95.

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  • Versatile

    While Vortex Vault is designed for use in a storm shelter, it also acts as a standard bed when there is no storm. The bed’s shelter remains wholly hidden in its down position, which means that it does not take up additional space in your home.

  • Excellent Construction

    You can easily access the bed in its down position by merely opening up its doors. This is an essential feature especially during a storm when you and your family require quick access to the storm shelter. In addition, a sturdy lift mechanism allows you to raise the bed to a height of up to 57 inches so that you can have the shelter right in your room.

    The storm bed is wheelchair accessible and is designed for people with limited mobility. With this storm bed, you do not need to leave the house or go underground during a storm. Also, this storm bed features sturdy, heavy-duty locks that lock from inside to allow easy and quick access in and out of the shelter.

  • Spacious

    Vortex Vault can accommodate several people depending on their height and weight. You and your entire family could take shelter in the storm bed during a storm. In addition, the bed features benches to enhance comfort while seeking shelter.

  • Impact Resistant

    Vortex Vault can withstand a significant impact on the side and top. In addition, you can quickly deploy the storm shelter bed from above ground to protect you from flying objects and violent winds.

Types of Storm Shelters

  1. Underground Storm Shelters

    This is one of the most common types of storm shelters. Underground storm shelters can accommodate multiple people depending on size. Many homeowners install underground storm shelters into the ground. This type of storm shelter is often made of concrete, steel or fiberglass.

    Some of the features of underground storm shelters include weather sealed doors, multiple point lock systems, and non-skid steps. Quality storm shelters are impact tested to determine the level of protection they can offer.

  2. Above Ground Storm Shelter

    Like underground storm shelters, above ground storm shelters provide excellent protection from the wind and debris. This type of storm shelter can accommodate 14 people or more. A notable feature of this storm shelter is multiple emergency exits. Above ground storm shelters are often installed on solid concrete slabs such as inside a closet or garage.

  3. Bed Shelters

    Bed shelters are popular in many homes because they are often much cheaper than any other type of storm shelter. This type of storm shelters meets FEMA requirements and provides easy access to the shelter during a storm. They are often used indoors, which eliminates the need to run outdoors during a storm.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Stock Items You Use Often

    The most important thing you should never forget to store in your storm shelter is food. Food can be a lifesaver in case you have to stay inside your storm shelter for multiple days. Stock your storm shelter with the food items that you often use. In other words, your storm shelter should be some form of a pantry. Be sure to rotate the food items regularly to ensure they remain fresh for a prolonged period.

  2. Non-Perishables

    Consider stocking more canned foods and non-perishables than fresh food items. Canned foods may last from a few days to months providing enough food for prolonged periods. It is essential to stock a wide variety of non-perishables and canned foods including fruits, meat and vegetables. In addition, stock lots of items that do not require refrigeration such as biscuits, dried fruits, cookies and cereals.

  3. Go Big on Water

    Water is a must-have in a storm shelter. Consider storing enough water for at least three days. While you may stock adequate food for days, it would not be very useful if you lack water.

  4. Store Camping Gear

    Other items to store in your storm shelter include camping gear such as portable lights, cooking equipment, heaters, and sleeping beds. Be sure to stock blankets for everyone who is likely to use the storm shelter.

Storm Preparation

  • Safe Hiding

    If you live in a mobile home, please get out and find a safe place to hide before the storm. On the other hand, if you are driving, get home as soon as you can. If you cannot get home early enough, find the nearest sturdy building and seek shelter in there.

  • Move Away From the Windows

    Regardless of where you decide to take shelter during a storm, it should be as far away from the windows as possible. Strong winds can shatter windows that could hurt you if you are nearby. Make every attempt to get to a storm shelter. If you cannot find an underground shelter, go to the lowest floor of the building or house. Be sure to be between as many walls as possible.

    If a tornado occurs while you are on the road, try to find the nearest building for shelter. If you cannot see a steady building, never hide under an overpass. Instead, find a ditch, lie inside the trench and cover your head. Go as far away from your vehicle as possible so that it is not blown onto you.

  • Wear Your Shoes and Helmet

    If a storm is on its path towards your home area, prepare for the worst. Wear sturdy shoes and helmet to protect you from broken glasses, nails, and flying debris. A good helmet could save you from head trauma in case the storm hits your house.


Vortex Vault is an innovative storm shelter bed that can protect you and your family from severe weather. It is impact resistant and can accommodate multiple people. In addition, the storm shelter bed can be used as a standard bed when there is no storm. The bed is wheelchair accessible and features benches to enhance comfort while sheltering from a storm. Also, you can easily move the storm shelter bed from one room to another. This storm shelter bed can be used above ground and in-ground depending on your preference.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Vortex Vault online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Vortex Vault online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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