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Vibra Groomer Vibra Groomer or Alternatives
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Vibra Groomer is a hand-held grooming tool for dog and cat owners with an oscillating head that's been designed to massage each pet while grooming their fur. Aside from dogs and cats who have fur of various lengths, this tool may also be suitable for use on the coats of other furry creatures, like Angora rabbits and guinea pigs. It's claimed that the massaging action of the tool will help calm each furry pet while they're being groomed, resulting in a better experience for both the pet and the owner.

Vibra Groomer Vibra Groomer or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Vibra Groomer is $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping, for a total price of $24.98.

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How It Works

Many compact combs and brushes have straight, fairly sharp blades that will dig into a pet's skin, potentially making them uncomfortable as they're being groomed. Plus, if your pet's hair is extremely thick, these brushes and combs may not even be able to get through all the knots within the pet's coat. However, instead of having straight blades, each Vibra Groomer has curved blades that will rotate at a speed of 8, 000 revolutions per minute. Due to their shape and this rapid rotation, these blades will be able to tackle all tangles within all types of fur without coming in contact with your pet's skin. Meanwhile, they'll also perform a vibrating, massaging action that's supposed to be comfortable for any fur-covered pet.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Bring Pet to Comfortable Place

    Before you groom your pet with your Vibra Groomer, call them (or carry them) to a comfortable place in your home where they tend to enjoy spending at least a bit of time. Whether they're sitting or lying down is irrelevant, as you'll be able to groom them either way. You may want to show them the grooming tool and let them sniff it before you power it up.

  2. Turn on Tool

    Once your pet's fairly comfortable, use the white power button on the outside of your grooming tool in order to power up the oscillating head. Following that, you'll be able to run it through your pet's entire coat, including their tail, their paws and the area directly behind their ears. As you do so, your Vibra Groomer will work to eliminate any tangles and separate any clumps of matted fur, all the while giving your pet a soothing massage.

  3. Turn Off and Clean

    When you're done grooming your pet (or need a break), use the power button to turn off the tool and then clean any fur out of the blades. For an extensive grooming job, you may need to turn off the tool, clean it and start grooming again a few different times. Just remember that you should never clean hair out of the tool while it's on and the blades are moving! Any fur that's removed from the blades should be tossed in a trash bin or flushed down the toilet.


  • Compact and Ergonomic

    Each Vibra Groomer is fairly compact—about the same size as a paddle hairbrush a human would use—so if you need to travel with your pet, you'll be able to bring yours with you. If you enter your pet in competitive shows that often take place in different cities, this may end up being a serious advantage. Aside from being compact, each tool has a fairly lengthy yet slim handle that seems as if it's been designed for the human hand to comfortably hold. Therefore, you'll be unlikely to ever lose your grip.

  • Built-In Led Lights

    Every one of these tools contains built-in LED lights that are ultra-bright. These will help you see exactly what you're doing as you move your tool through your pet's fur, especially at night. As a result, you'll be unlikely to make a grooming error, such as letting the tool stray too close to your pet's nose. The LED lights may also double as emergency lights if the power's out in your home or the overhead light is burnt out in your car.

Positive Points

  • For Various Pets

    Some grooming tools are designed for just cats, while others are designed for just dogs, but dogs, cats and other furry animals of all shapes and sizes can be groomed with this one. As long as your pet has a furry coat, a Vibra Groomer will likely be suitable for them. If you've got multiple pets, you may want to use the same tool on all of their coats, although it's a good idea to wash the tool between uses. A pet may not enjoy the presence of another pet's scent on their grooming brush!

  • Not Scary for Pet

    If your pet's been groomed with an uncomfortable brush before, such as one that pokes their skin or pulls harshly on their hair, they may have been conditioned to fear a grooming session. Once they find out how peaceful being groomed with a Vibra Groomer is, though, they'll likely get over their fear, and they may even come willingly for their next session with the tool. In that case, since you won't have to literally chase them around the house in order to groom them, the grooming will be over and done with much more quickly than usual.

  • Makes Pets Look Attractive

    As it does its job by removing tangles, this grooming tool will gently smooth out your pet's fur at the same time—something that other combs and brushes may not necessarily do. Having a smooth coat will automatically make your pet look prettier or more handsome than they would otherwise, and if they're a senior, it may even make them look younger. They may not care what they look like, but you might enjoy the compliments you get from neighbors and friends.

Negative Points

  • Batteries Required

    This tool doesn't operate via electricity, so it can be assumed that you'll need at least one battery in order to keep the oscillating head going. Batteries are not included with each tool, which means you'll need to obtain them on your own and make sure you have extras on hand in case they burn out. This grooming tool would be pretty useless without the oscillating head, since if it's not rotating, the blades may get stuck in an animal's fur.

  • Lights Could Burn Out

    Along the same lines, the LED lights that are built into each tool could eventually burn out, especially after frequent use. This wouldn't make the tool useless, but it might make it less effective. If you were to try and replace the lights, you might find that this is difficult or impossible, due to the grooming device's design.


  • Not for Human Hair

    If your pet looks super-comfortable while you're using your Vibra Groomer to smooth out their coat, you may be tempted to try the tool on your own hair. This tool is not suitable for human hair, though, since hair has a different consistency than a pet's coat. If you were to use it to try and brush or detangle the hair on a person's head, it could end up damaging their tresses.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Vibra Groomer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Vibra Groomer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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