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Veggetti Pro is a hand-operated kitchen device that will turn vegetables such as squash and zucchini into pasta. It will also slice other vegetables, like carrots, cabbage, and potatoes, so you can use them in a variety of dishes. The device has two interchangeable blades that you can choose between based on the thickness of vegetables that you desire. Its thick spiral blade is ideal for linguini, while its thin spiral blade will create a mass of fine angel hair pasta for you. To help you out, each Veggetti Pro comes with a gourmet recipe book that contains more than 30 vegetable-based recipes.

The Claim

By using your Veggetti Pro to create various types of veggie-based pasta, instead of preparing standard pasta noodles, you'll cut down on the amount of carbs, calories and fat in your pasta dishes. Plus, pasta made from vegetables is gluten-free, while standard pasta noodles are not. The Veggetti Pro isn't hard to use, as the handle will turn smoothly, and it's suitable for slicing virtually any vegetable of almost any size. It doesn't require batteries or electricity to run, and all of its parts are dishwasher safe. Once you're done with it for the day and have taken it apart, it will fit in almost any drawer or cabinet for storage.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Veggetti Pro is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $2.99 for a total price of $30.97. Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Insert Blade

    Choose which of the two interchangeable blades you wish to use, and insert the one you've chosen in the appropriate slot within your Veggetti Pro.

  2. Add Vegetable

    Insert the vegetable you'd like to slice in the device, with one end of the veggie touching the side with the handle, and the other resting against the blade.

  3. Turn Handle

    Once your vegetable has been securely inserted, turn the handle of the device with your dominant hand while holding onto it with your other hand. There is another green handle, located at the bottom of the device, that you should be holding with the latter hand.


  1. Healthy Linguini

    With your Veggetti Pro, you'll be able to turn squash and zucchini into low-calorie, low-carb linguini that is also gluten-free. Once you've done so, you can coat it with pesto, tomato sauce or any of the other ingredients you normally enjoy as pasta toppings.

  2. Sweet Potato Fries

    The Veggetti Pro is also able to slice up a sweet potato, turning it into a bunch of thin sweet potato fries that'll be easier on your waistline than the ones served at most restaurants.

  3. Salads and Coleslaw

    The Veggetti Pro will help you prepare a variety of sliced vegetables to be included in coleslaw or a salad, including carrots, cabbage, or beets.

  4. Onion Rings

    When you use the Veggetti Pro to slice onion rings to eat alone or to add to burgers or sandwiches, you'll reduce the chance that you'll tear up while doing so. Without being interrupted by tears, you'll likely be able to ready all the rings you need more quickly than you would be able to otherwise.

  5. Baked Squash

    Besides being used to make linguini, a large butternut squash can also be baked in your oven after being sliced up by the Veggetti Pro.

Positive Points

  • Has Non-slip Base

    Each Veggetti Pro has a non-slip base that will suction itself to your countertop, making the device unlikely to slide around as you use it. Its lack of movement will enable it to do its job efficiently, and will reduce the risk of injury to the person who is operating it.

  • Promotes Healthy Eating

    Many people sometimes find vegetables boring to eat on their own. However, once you've used them to make delicious pasta with your favorite sauces and toppings, they'll seem more interesting and tasty to eat.

  • Hand-powered

    The Veggetti Pro is hand-powered, so you won't need to use electricity to run it, nor will you need to worry about having charged batteries on hand to do so.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Each piece of your Veggetti Pro is safe to put in the dishwasher, so if you have one, you won't have to wash the device by hand.

  • Simple to Store

    Once it's been broken down into pieces, the Veggetti Pro is compact enough to be stored in most kitchen cabinets or drawers.

  • Comes With Recipe Book

    Your Veggetti Pro will come with a gourmet recipe book containing more than 30 recipes, including one for veggie stir-fry and another for butternut squash pasta.

Critical Advice

The Veggetti Pro's stainless steel blades are very sharp, so do not let children use the device without close supervision.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Veggetti Pro online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Veggetti Pro online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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