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VacuPractor VacuPractor or Alternatives
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The VacuPractor is a device that can help straighten the lower back spinal column using pressure to exert an outward pull over the vertebral curvature, rather than stretching the entire spinal column. It not only helps straightening out the spinal column, but also helps relieving the nerves and muscles surrounding the spine by stretching muscles that are tired and over-strained. This is all achieved in the absence of any medication whatsoever, and gives the back an opportunity to relax.

VacuPractor VacuPractor or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of VacuPractor is $89.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $99.90.

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How it's Different from Competitors

Gravitational compression of the vertebrae towards each other can cause back pain and an unusually inward curvature. The situation could be caused by a host of factors from running down a flight of stairs, to jumping over a fence, to shoveling too hard. These activities put extra load upon the spinal column, causing a deeper inward bend of the lumbar vertebrae, resulting in a disorder called hyperlordosis.

A very gradual process over years involving the above long-term stress causes each vertebra to wedge into each other. All this ultimately causes permanent disfigurement of the lumbar vertebrae, causing severe pain and discomfort. Thus, the inward curvature of the spine increases, meaning that the muscles surrounding the lumbar vertebrae do not need to stretch as much as before, resulting in their considerable shortening of length. Periodic back spasms and other medical conditions could occur as a result.

Most remedies involve the straightening of the vertebral column by applying a stretching force along the length of the spine. This does not take into account potential damage caused to areas of the spine perfectly fine and not needing any intervention. Besides, the positive effects produced on the targeted lumbar region are not as effective as with the VacuPractor. What this does is it not only provide the exact pressure to straighten your spine but, simultaneously, helps to pull out the inward curvature of the spine and return it back to normal, completely naturally.

This technique in which two forces are simultaneously applied on the spine makes this device completely different than the ones out there that simply apply a pulling force across the length of the spine. The VacuPractor uses unique groundbreaking technology and expertise to achieve these results without the need for surgery or medical intervention, compared to other options available.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Moistening the Device

    All you need to first do is first moisten the surface of the VacuPractor with the help of a wet cloth or by spraying some water with a spray bottle.

  2. Lie Down Flat

    Once, the device seems sufficiently wet all over, lie down flat over it with your back against its surface, in a supine position with your body in one straight line.
    This procedure is best done without any clothes on, as by doing so one can achieve maximum contact and surface tension with the device.
    Due to the curvature of your spinal column against the moist surface of this device, there will be a sort of an inward vacuum created between the device and your back, pushing against your spine.

  3. Release the Pressure

    What you would now need to do is release that vacuum created, by folding your knees inward towards your chest, thus releasing the air caught between your back and the device.

  4. Create the Vacuum

    Now, in order to create an outward vacuum pulling away from your spine along the lumbar vertebrae, all you need to do is slowly return back to your original supine position you were at initially.
    This will alleviate pressure over the disks of the lumbar vertebrae, and simultaneously, help straighten your spine without actually dangerously pulling at it along its length.


  • Assured Guarantee

    The manufacturers of the VacuPractor realize that it is important to allow one to first try out the product before being certain about keeping it long-term. That’s why, with this device, you also receive the guarantee of getting your money back within 90 days if this product doesn’t work to help with your lower back problem that it is designed for.

  • Better Nerve Function

    With the help of this item, one can experience a relief on the nerves of one’s lower back due to a lesser amount of pressure between the vertebrae of the lumbar region.

  • Healthier Back Muscles

    Due to the use of this device, when the shape of the lower back vertebrae is corrected, this automatically helps better muscle-nerve connection and stronger muscles of the back.

  • Anti-inflammatory Action

    The use of this device results in the prevention of lumbar nerves from being compressed, thus, alleviating associated pain and even preventing the occurrence of potential cascades of inflammation.

  • Live a Normal Life

    With the help of this device, one can return to one’s daily life with a regular routine and do all the things one desires without having to worry about constant back pain and muscle spasms.

  • Delays Spinal Problems

    This device can also be used to prevent the occurrence of lower back problems, by providing the regular support to and maintenance of the lower back curvature.

Positive Aspects

  • No Medication or Surgery

    Usually when one has back problems, an orthopedic might suggest the use of regular medication and even surgical intervention. However, with the use of the VacuPractor, none of that is necessarily required. The device is an all-contained system of therapy that helps correct the curvature of the spine by its simple and regular use.

  • Approved by the Fda

    Products these days are finding it increasingly hard to get approval from the FDA, whose standards of assessment are only going to get progressively more stringent.

  • Naturally Safe

    Due to the fact that there is no involvement of surgical intervention or manipulation of the spine using actual physical force, this system involving the VacuPractor is not only a more natural but safe method.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    The device is built very robustly and will not breakdown over several years at a go, so much so that the manufacturers have also included a limited lifetime warranty with its purchase.


  • Nature of Surface

    In order to ensure that this product works as it has been designed to, one should always use it over a firm and flat surface. It will not work on surfaces like waterbeds or unconventional mattresses that do not have sufficient support to prevent the device from bending while in use.

Save Money

Back pain can become a cause of disability at work, potentially resulting in loss of pay or even redundancy. Moreover, by using this device one can potentially prevent expensive surgical operations and medication.

Wise Advice

Do not buy VacuPractor online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy VacuPractor online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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