UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag

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UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag or Alternatives
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The UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag looks like a small clutch purse, but it's actually been engineered to sanitize common household items such as keys, cell phones, and eyeglasses. It's stated that once you place items inside, four UVC lights will sanitize each object that's zipped into the bag from all four sides. The bag contains a platform for larger objects like cell phones to rest on, and it comes with three clips to hold credit cards and similarly shaped objects in place.

UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag is $59.99 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag at the discounted price of only $29.99 for a total price of $96.97.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Unzip Bag and Add Items

    To get started with this sanitizing bag, you'll first need to unzip it, and then start adding items. It's best to add larger, less delicate items first and then add smaller, more delicate objects on top while making use of the built-in platform and the three included clips. Don't add more than several things to the bag at once, though, as it should never be bursting at the seams.

  2. Zip Bag Closed

    Next, zip your bag closed so the sanitization process can start. Leave your bag closed for at least several minutes, and the UVC lights inside will get to work at sanitizing the items in the bag. If you haven't overloaded your bag, UVC light should hit each object on all four sides and kill as much as 99.9 percent of the germs and bacterial matter on its surface.

  3. Unzip and Remove Items

    Once you need to use one of the items that are in your bag, you'll need to unzip the bag and remove it. This will call a halt to the sanitization process, although you'll be able to quickly start it up again by re-zipping the bag. It's best to re-zip the bag after you've pulled out any single object that's inside, so no more germs and bacteria can enter it from the external world.


  • Gray and White Design

    Each UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag comes in a color combination of white and gray, so each one will appear fairly attractive while you're carrying it around. The bag will look much like an ordinary purse, as opposed to a sanitization device.

  • Compact

    This sanitizing bag is about the same size as an ordinary purse that a woman would carry, too, which means it won't take up a lot of space in your home, office, or vehicle. Similarly, you probably won't find it heavy to carry around, unless you've added too many objects to its body.

  • Sturdy Platform

    Each of these bags comes with one sturdy platform that'll rest securely in the bottom of the bag. If you place a larger object (such as a cell phone or digital watch) on the platform, the platform will help hold it steady so it won't tip this way and that or jiggle around.

  • Three Clips Included

    When your platform's at the bottom of your bag, you'll be able to add up to three included clips to its rungs in order to help you keep more objects organized and in place. Although you may find these clips most useful for the purpose of hanging onto credit or identification cards, they can also hang onto other objects, like a pair of glasses or sunglasses. These clips can be quickly moved or removed whenever you feel this is necessary.

  • Rechargeable

    The UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag is rechargeable, so you won't have to plug the bag into electricity in order to enable it to do its work. Instead, you'll be able to charge it with the lengthy USB cord that's included with each one, and then use it for up to a few hours before you need to charge it again. Keep in mind that when it's not charged, this bag will still hold items, but the sanitization process won't work.

Positive Points

  • Helps You Reuse Face Masks

    During the Coronavirus pandemic, most people are wearing face masks, and it's recommended that you switch masks on a daily basis in order to prevent a lot of germ buildup. You can get around this requirement by using your UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag, though. If you run your face mask through a full sanitization cycle within this bag, especially if it's the only item in there, it'll be virtually as good as new when you pull it out again. As a result, you won't have to have as many unused masks on hand as you would otherwise.

  • Will Sanitize Beauty Products

    You might want to lend your hairbrush, your lipstick, or some other beauty-related product to a friend to borrow, but if you're worried about passing germs around, this sanitizing bag will help you out. Before you pass a beauty product to a friend, you can sanitize it in this bag, and you can do the same thing after they use it. That way, it'll be unlikely that either of you will pick up unwanted bacteria or viral matter that could make you sick.

  • Won't Damage Digital Devices

    If you put a digital device in this sanitizing bag, such as a cell phone or a small tablet, you won't have to be concerned that the UV lights inside will damage the device. The same goes if you place a card that's equipped with RFID technology inside this bag for sanitization purposes. After you take these objects out, you'll be able to use them as you normally would, as the sanitization process won't interfere with their inner workings.

Negative Points

  • Not Extremely Roomy

    Some users may find it nice that this type of bag is compact since it won't be cumbersome to carry, but that also means that it won't hold more than several things at once. If you've got tons of items around your home or office that need to be sanitized, you'll need to sanitize them in shifts. When you consider that each shift will take at least several minutes, this could be time-consuming for you. Furthermore, if you've got a fairly large object (like an average-sized laptop) that you want to sanitize, this bag won't accommodate it at all.

  • Need USB Port for Charging

    To charge your UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag, you'll need a USB port, such as those that are found on the outside of a computer, to plug the included USB charging cable into. If your bag's battery runs out, and you lack access to one of these ports, you won't be able to charge the bag back up again. Therefore, it'll become just a carrier of objects for a while, instead of a sanitizing bag.

Save Time

During the global pandemic, you might find yourself hand-washing objects from the outside world, such as your keys, glasses, and jewelry, with soap and water. However, once you've got one of these sanitizing bags, you can just toss small objects inside it and do something else as it does the work—no scrubbing required on your part!

Wise Advice

Do not buy UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag Infomercial
UV Zone Portable Sanitizing Bag Infomercial

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