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Under The Weather Tents Under The Weather Tents or Alternatives
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Under The Weather Tents are small, one-person tents that will enable you to keep yourself dry, clean and at an ideal temperature while you're a spectator at outdoor events, regardless of the weather. These tents are large enough to fit a lawn chair in, and three sides of each are transparent, so when you're inside, you'll still have a good view of the action going on outside. They come in a variety of attractive colors, such as red, blue, purple and orange.

Under The Weather Tents Under The Weather Tents or Alternatives
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How It Works

Once you've zipped yourself inside, one of these tents will block out potentially irritating weather elements, such as wind, rain, hail, snow and excessive heat. Therefore, you'll be able to enjoy watching any outdoor event without feeling uncomfortable. If it's a chilly day, being zipped into a small space will allow your body heat to warm the area immediately around you up, too.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fold Out Tent

    Each of these tents comes in a round carrying case, so you'll need to pull yours out of the case and unfold it. Once you've done so, set it up so that it's much taller than it is wide, and the base is slightly larger than the ceiling. Choose a spot for yourself and use the included ground stakes to attach the tent securely to the ground.

  2. Zip Self Inside

    Once your tent is attached securely to the ground, simply zip yourself inside with whatever you need, such as a chair, binoculars, water and refreshments. You'll be able to unzip yourself from the inside, so don't worry about getting stuck!

  3. Fold up Tent for Storage

    After you're done using your tent, you'll need to fold it up again for storage in your circular carrying case. To fold the tent into a circle quickly, fold the right corner over and then the left, making the tent flat. Then head to the top of the tent and fold it halfway. Following that, it shouldn't be extremely difficult to twist your tent into a circular shape.


  • Water and Wind Proof

    These tents are so resistant to water that while you're in one, someone could spray water at you and you wouldn't feel a drop. They're also super wind-resistant, so if a big gust of wind travels through the area you're sitting in, it won't knock your tent over.

  • Lightweight and Portable

    Under The Weather Tents are also lightweight, weighing less than seven pounds each, so most people will be able to carry them from place to place on their own. When folded up in their carrying case, which has a handy strap, each will also only take up about a foot of space in a vehicle.

  • Block Out uv Rays

    Each of these tents has a protective coating that'll block out potentially harmful UV rays on sunny days. While you're inside one, it'll be as if you've slathered yourself with SPF 50 sunscreen.

  • Three Clear Sides

    The front and two sides of each tent are clear and transparent, so you'll be able to see whatever's going on around you while keeping yourself comfy at the same time. You won't feel as if you're isolated in a little box.

  • Connectable

    Some of these tents are able to be connected to each other via special roof attachments. However, there will still be a clear wall between each tent, so you can be close to your family members and / or friends while still maintaining some degree of privacy.

  • Variety of Colors

    These tents come in a variety of colors, including darker shades like black and navy and more vibrant shades like pink or royal blue. Plus, each carrying case will match the tent it's come with. If you and your friends, family members or teammates get a bunch of tents in different colors, you'll be able to make a great-looking display on the field or wherever you choose to sit.

Positive Points

  • Good for All Ages

    Under the Weather Tents are good for people of all ages who may not attend outdoor events if they didn't have the option of sitting in one. With these, seniors won't feel the cold as much on cooler days, and kids won't whine about getting soaked in the rain. These tents are especially beneficial for people with temporary or permanent disabilities that prevent them from standing or sitting on a hard surface for very long.

Negative Points

  • Could be Difficult to Converse

    While sitting in one of these tents, it might be hard to have a conversation with even your closest neighbor beside you, as the walls of each tent may make it difficult to hear. Along the same lines, it may also be harder to hear an announcer or performer during an event than it would be otherwise.

  • Can't Lie Down

    Unless it's a really tiny toddler using one, the base of one of these tents won't offer enough space for someone to stretch out and lie down. If you want to lie down comfortably instead of sitting, you'll probably have to find somewhere else to do so.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Let Air Out of Bag

    Before you pull out and unfold your tent, open its carrying case a little and let a bit of air out of the case. This'll make your tent pop up faster when you do pull it out.

  2. Unzip Tent Before Folding

    When you're ready to fold up your tent and put it away, make sure the front is completely unzipped. If it's even partially zipped, it'll be much more difficult to fold quickly.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Under The Weather Tents online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Under The Weather Tents online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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