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Twisty Dish Twisty Dish or Alternatives
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Twisty Dish is an innovative pet bowl that is completely spill proof. If you simply twist the dish, it looks on to the floor, and it prevents your pets from accidentally turning it over and creating a mess. Besides this, Twisty Dish comes in a number of designs that are suited to the side and mouth shapes of different kinds of dogs and cats. Once a pet has finished eating, the dish can simply be twisted once again and pilled off the floor. Since the dish and mat are perfectly compatible with a dishwasher, cleaning the Twisty dish is also very easy.

Twisty Dish Twisty Dish or Alternatives
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The cost of Twisty Dish is $14.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Sizes to Suit Every Cat or Dog

    There are three sizes and shapes of Twisty dish to choose from, each in attractive color. It’s important to choose the right size for your pet, because this will make mealtimes a pleasant experience for your pet. Does it really make a difference which bowl you choose? Yes, it does. The smallest size, which is pink in color, is more suitable for small animals, such as cats, or young or small dogs. This dish size is also suitable for dogs who have very small muzzles.

    Manufacturers don't advise to buy the larger sized dish for these animals, because that would make mealtimes uncomfortable.
    The medium size bowl, which is blue, is still shallow enough for small muzzled dogs that need more food. Bulldogs would come into this category. Shorter muzzle of a bulldog will not be comfortable with a deep dish, but can easily reach into the medium dish, while this medium dish can still hold enough food to satisfy the larger animal.

    Big gray dish is more suitable to large or long nosed dogs. It is also suitable to dogs that have long ears as the deep dish prevents the floppy ears from falling into the food.

  • The Twisting Lock

    One of the most convenient features of the Twisty Dish is the twist lock that holds the dish to the mat. The principle by which it works is very simple. When you twist the dish, it creates an extremely strong vacuum effect, and this suction holds the mat firmly to the floor, preventing it from moving around. The twist lock feature, therefore, prevents your pet from creating a mess.

  • Irreplaceable When Travelling

    If you take your pets along with you on trips, then the Twisty Dish makes for a very convenient way to prevent messes while feeding your pet in the car. It sits firmly upon the floor of the car, and will prevent you from having to clean the car of cat or dog food when your journey is done.


  • For Swift and Slow Eaters

    Cats and dogs who eat quickly can make a considerable mess around their food bowl. They’re so energetic while getting at their food that they tend to spill a lot of the food out of and around the bowl, or even knock it over. So, Twisty Dish is very suitable for fast eaters.

    There is also the other kind of pets that likes to take a long time over its food. They which will eat a little and then wander around the house or yard before coming back and eating a little more. This way a pet prolongs their meal for an hour or more. By firmly locking the bowl down to one spot, the Twisty Dish ensures that the dog doesn’t move its meal inconveniently around the room.

  • Easy to Take Off the Floor

    While the Twisty Dish’s suction holds it so firmly to the floor, it’s just as simple to feel it off. This involves simply twisting the dish to deactivate the suction effect and enable you to easily take the dish off the floor.

  • Easy to Clean

    The dish and the mat are both extremely easy to clean, because they’re safe to use in your dishwasher. All you have to do is pop them into your dishwasher, and they come out perfectly cleaned. You can imagine that this is much more convenient, and much less bother than having to clean up a messy floor after your dog or cat has done eating.

  • Hygiene First

    It’s hardly hygienic to have scraps of dog or cat food splattered around the feeding bowl and trailed all over the house. This is a definite threat to the health of your family, depending, of course, upon the source of food you’re feeding your cat or dog. If there is any element of meat or fish in their diet, this can definitely be a threat to your family. The Twisty Dish, by preventing this sort of spillage, and by being easy to clean, is also sanitary and safe.

How it's Different from Competitors

The average dog or cat bowl does not lock down to the floor, and so it’s liable to tip over, and can create a very difficult to clean, unpleasant mess. That fact that the bowl locks down to the floor is a very innovative approach. Since the bowl and the mat are an integrated feature, this is a much better system then a separate bowl on a special mat.

There is a special bonus that gives you an additional Twisty Dish along the one you buy, completely for free. You also get a grooming glove, which is excellent to neatly arrange and groom the fur of your dog or cat. The grooming glove is also very good for your cat’s or dog’s fur coat, as it tends to prevent shedding.

Save Time

Since the dish saves a lot of cleaning of messy spills on the floor, it also saves the time required for this. It makes the item very time efficient.


  • Grooves and Tooth Marks

    While the dish is quite resilient, there are some pets that tend to chew on their feeding bowl. This is especially true for some breeds of dogs, and for teething puppies. Animals that like to chew on the bowl may leave grooves and tooth marks on the bowl, in which food and bacteria can collect. However, this is not the cause for concern if you clean the bowl regularly. Just make sure you use the dishwasher to clean the bowl at frequent intervals.


  • Bowls With Rubber Bases

    There are bowls with rubber bases available. The rubber base provides a high-friction surface that doesn’t allow the bowl to move very easily when it’s placed on the floor.

  • A Bowl on a Stand

    One can buy bowls that are fitted into stands. They are less likely to tip over. Some of these stands are quite innovative, incorporating different compartments in which you can put toys or treats for your pet.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Twisty Dish online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Twisty Dish online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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