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Twinkle Bulbs Twinkle Bulbs or Alternatives
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Twinkle Bulbs look just like traditional Christmas bulbs that you'd hang on your tree, but they contain battery-powered LED lights that will flicker or change color, depending on which set you choose. They come in the festive colors of red, gold and white, and besides your tree, you'll be able to add them to a wreath, a centerpiece or any other holiday decoration. Their lights' twinkling or changes in color are controlled by a compact wireless remote control.

Twinkle Bulbs Twinkle Bulbs or Alternatives
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  • Two Types Available

    If you decide to obtain a set of these Christmas balls, you'll be able to choose between ones that give off white, flickering light, and ones that give off color-changing light. Any set will be accompanied by its own wireless remote control.

  • Six Per Set

    Regardless of which type of ball you choose, you'll receive six of the same type within a set. However, if you're going to be decorating a large tree, you may need multiple sets if you want these balls to be a major focal point.

  • Contain Led Lights

    The lights within these balls are of the battery-powered LED variety, so not only will they last longer than other lights, they'll be safer to touch. If someone's finger comes in contact with one by mistake, or a child touches one on purpose, they won't end up with a huge burn.

  • Wireless Remote

    The wireless remote that you'll need to control the lighting of your Twinkle Bulbs will work up close or from a distance. Therefore, you'll be able to control your bulbs from another room, if need be, or control them from the couch if you don't feel like getting up while watching TV.

Positive Points

  • Fun for Families, Individuals

    Twinkle Bulbs are a fun decoration for families, single individuals or couples who want to get into the Christmas spirit. Hanging them up isn't complicated, and may only take you a few minutes, so they're ideal for people who are busy. Plus, due to the fact that they won't burn hands, fingers or clothing, they're safe for kids to hang on the tree.

  • Provide Illumination

    If you don't want to sit in the dark, but don't want to turn on a bunch of lights, either, these bulbs will provide you with a bit of festive illumination, allowing you to see. Those users who happen to have some in their bedroom may want to use them instead of a night light during the Christmas season.

  • Can be Used Outdoors

    Twinkle Bulbs are safe to use outdoors, so you'll be able to add one or more to any festive decorations you have on your porch or in your yard, if you choose. The remote control that comes with each set will work effectively outdoors, too, so you'll still be able to control the lighting of your bulbs.

Negative Points

  • No Green Ball Available

    Since green is a popular Christmas color, it's surprising that there's no solid green ball available in either set of Twinkle Bulbs. The color-changing sets will give off some green light, but that might not be enough green for some holiday enthusiasts.

  • Won't Automatically Shut Off

    There's no mention of an automatic shut-off feature in relation to these balls, so if you want them off when you leave home or go to bed, you'll need to turn them off manually.

  • Lights May be Hard to Replace

    Although the LED lights within these balls might burn for years without burning out, they may be hard to replace once they do, depending on how each has been inserted in each ball. There may be no way to get a new one inside a particular ball without breaking the ball.


  • Standard Christmas Balls

    Most people have some standard Christmas balls on their tree, but unlike the Twinkle Bulbs, these won't light up at all. Furthermore, they're often made of glass, so they have a tendency to break quickly when knocked off a Christmas tree. They're also more likely than the Twinkle Bulbs to blow away in the wind and break, if used outdoors.

  • Christmas Lights

    A lot of people incorporate Christmas lights into their Christmas decorating scheme, and since some strings contain LED lights, they can be as safe to use as Twinkle Bulbs. However, hanging multiple strings of Christmas lights will normally take longer than hanging up several ( or more ) of these balls, especially if you have to untangle your strings of lights first. Most strings of lights don't come with a remote control with which you can control them from various locations in your home, either.

Save Money

If you want to minimize the amount of Christmas decorations you have, these Christmas balls are a great choice, since they'll actually function as bulbs and lights in one. What's more, the battery-powered LED lights within them won't use electricity like most strings of Christmas lights do, so your electricity bill might not increase due to the holidays.

Critical Advice

If you want the LED lights in your Christmas balls to last as long as possible, just turn them on via your remote control when it's dark out. Leaving them off during the daytime will conserve energy, and the balls will still look like attractive Christmas balls, regardless.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Twinkle Bulbs online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Twinkle Bulbs online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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