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Twin Draft Guard Twin Draft Guard or Alternatives
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Twin Draft Guard is a product that's designed to seal doors and windows so that cold drafts don't get into the house. It's made of a long piece of microfleece material with styrofoam that's inserted into two sides, each of which goes on either side of the door. The seal keeps the heat inside the house and prevents drafts and moisture from entering your home. It may not be pretty, but it could be a helpful tool in the house.

Twin Draft Guard Twin Draft Guard or Alternatives
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The Claim

The Twin Draft Guard infomercial claims that Twin Draft Guard is the most efficient and effective insulating device that can reduce utility bills by up to 30%. It features a double sided insulated design that will effectively create an air-tight seal. The product is easy to install and use without any tools needed. Twin Draft Guard is easily adjustable so you can the length you need then simply slide into the door for a draft-proof seal. No more excess air leakage that can rack up your heating and cooling bills. Save your money by using the Twin Draft Guard to seal any gap in any floor like tile, linoleum and even carpet. It works great with windows for an air-tight seal and it can serve as an interior or exterior solution to drafts. Use it to block wind and snow outside doors or you can insulate garages and basements while blocking fumes and noise at the same time. Also, lower your air conditioning bills by sealing air for your air conditioner.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Twin Draft Guard is $12.99 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $22.94.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Draft-Proof Seal

    Twin Draft Guard fits on either side of your door or window and seals it completely so that no cold air can get inside the house. The seal also prevents moisture and pesky insects from getting inside. In addition, this may be a useful tool for diminishing the intensity of outside noise and/or light. Several reviews have tested out the effectiveness of the seal at keeping out a draft and found that the product did work very well.

  • Glides on Wood, Carpet, Tile

    The manufacturer claims that the product doesn't drag on the floor, or on carpet or wood. It's built to glide over all of these materials without getting stuck, so you don't have to constantly bend down and rearrange it. Apparently, once you've put the product in place it will stay in place.

  • Water Resistant Microfleece

    The outside tubing is made out of a super tough material, which is microfleece. It's also water-resistant, so you won't get liquid seeping through Twin Draft Guard into the house. In addition, you can throw it into the dryer after a bad storm and in 20 minutes it'll be bone dry.

  • Fastener to Lock in Place

    Once you put the product in place on either side of the door, there is a small fastener on the base that you can use to lock the item into position. That way it won't move and shift around when you open and close the door.

  • Trim Tubes to Fit Door/Window

    The styrofoam tubes that go inside the microfleece are easily cut to fit the size of your door or window. You don't have to worry too much when you order them about measuring the exact dimensions. It will match because you'll modify it to fit your home specifically.

  • 50% Larger Than Original

    This is actually the second version of an earlier, very similar product. The current version is about 50% larger than the original.

  • Two Colors

    Twin Draft Guard is available in two colors: brown and navy blue.


  • Blocks Out Outside Stimuli

    Any item that can block out intrusive outside stimuli when you're in your own home is helpful, especially noise. One of the issues with living around people is that there's always some kind of noise outside, be it people or construction or something else. Many people find this difficult, so in that way, this item could be great.

  • Reduced Heating Bill

    The seal on this product has proven to be very effective, so it really does seem to keep out the drafts. If you were to use this on your doors and windows, it would save you a tremendous amount of money on the heating bill. Twin Draft Guard traps the heat inside the house, so it's warm instead of the constant chill that your furnace had to work hard to overcome.

  • Easy to Clean

    The microfleece cover is easy to clean because all you have to do is take out the tubing and throw the fleece into the washing machine. You can put it in the dryer, too.

  • Widely Available

    This item is available from a number of major retailers, online and likely in the stores too although this isn't completely clear. Pretty much all you have to do is just turn on your computer or phone and you've got a place to buy your own Twin Draft Guard.

  • Easy to Install

    You don't really need much in the way of instructions to put this together and slide it under the door or window. It comes with the microfleece cover and the two tubes to put inside. Then you just open the door and slide it under with one tube on each side. The fastener locks it into place.


  • Really Ugly

    This product may work pretty well, but it's not attractive at all. In fact, it's downright ugly. The only colors available are a plain, dirt colored brown and a boring navy blue. Yes, this is a functional product and it does its job well. However, couldn't it have also been nicer looking? With some nicer colors, that may better match a person's house? After all, this will be one of the first things people see when they walk up to your door.

  • Will Get Very Dirty

    It's great that the product is machine washable, but it's going to get really dirty, all of the time. If there's one thing worse than an ugly door liner at your front door it's an ugly, filthy door liner. You'll have to wash this item a lot for it to stay clean, not develop mold, and not drag the dirt on it along the floor every time it's opened.

  • Stale Air

    It's a small point, but if you really do seal up all of your doors and windows the air in the house could end up getting a bit stale. You really do need some fresh air going through the house sometimes.

  • Useless If You Move

    Once you've cut the tubing to fit your doors and windows, they'll be useless to you if you move to a different house with new measurements. Unless you're lucky and some of them do fit, you may have to purchase the item again for your new home.

  • Would Drag Along High Carpet

    The manufacturer advertises that this item will glide easily over floor, wood or carpet. It's really hard to believe that Twin Draft Guard wouldn't drag on a high carpet and make the door difficult to open. How can they even make this claim without knowing the height of everybody's carpet?

Does It Really Work?

In terms of keeping drafts from getting into the house, yes, it really does work. Several reviewers tested this out with fans and hair dryers, and indeed no draft leaked through Twin Draft Guard. As far as moisture getting through, that remains to be seen. The fact that this item does what the manufacturer promised is great, however, it would be a much stronger product if they paid some attention to its aesthetics. It's important for them to keep in mind that this is something that is going in people's homes, and people want their homes to look attractive.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Twin Draft Guard online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Twin Draft Guard online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Twin Draft Guard Infomercial
Twin Draft Guard Infomercial
Twin Draft Guard Infomercial

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