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Turbo Heat 360 Turbo Heat 360 or Alternatives
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Turbo Heat 360 is a very convenient portable heater that you can simply plug into a wall socket to heat a room that may not have any built-in heating arrangement, such as a steam radiator. Not only does it allow you to heat a space conveniently, but it also has a focus function that allows you to direct the direction that you want it. You can use your heater when you’re working on your car, for example. It can also be used in a basement, which is generally not heated, or in an attic. Sometimes it’s necessary to go to a basement or an attic to get things that are stored there. If this is a process that may take some time, this portable heater can ensure that you don’t get chilly while you’re doing it.

Turbo Heat 360 Turbo Heat 360 or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Turbo Heat 360 is $39.99 plus $8.99 shipping, for a total price of $48.98.

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How it's Different from Competitors

This portable heater doesn’t use a flame or combustion system to put out heat, which makes it much safer to use inside the house or when kids or pets are around. The heater has been specially designed so that its exterior remains cool and safe to touch while it heats the room. This is a feature that may not be available in other devices, and is an important safety feature if there are children or animals around the house. As it always remains cool, you know that some child or pet will not be burnt by the device.

Easy to Use

  1. Plug it Into a Socket

    This device runs on electricity, so bear in mind that you’ll need an available wall socket to plug it in. It could also be used off an extending cord, but you’ll have to be careful that the cord doesn’t snag on anything, and is out of the way. However you power the device, the first step is to plug it in and switch the power on.

  2. Adjusting Temperature

    The device has a very convenient digital control that allows you to effortlessly adjust its output. You can generate temperatures that can rise to comfortable 60 to 90 degrees.

  3. A Convenient Timer

    Turbo Heat 360 also has a convenient timer that allows you to set in on an automatic mode. The timer works according to a 12 hour cycle, and includes a function that allows it to shut off the device automatically. You can use this to limit electric consumption. For example, if you know that you’re going to work for a few hours and then are likely to leave the room, you can set the timer for that time. This way you won't forget to turn the device off.


  • Two Colors

    The device is available in two neutral colors, and this allows you to choose the one that most suits the general background of your home. If your home is decorated in darker colors, you can choose black, whereas if you have a lighter color scheme, white will be the color most likely to complement it.

  • Powerful

    While this portable heater is very compact, it is also extremely powerful, with an input of 1000 Watts. That is certainly enough to ensure that you can heat a fairly large space, such as a garage. It is also good for offices or bedrooms, and especially for bathrooms which are very rarely heated. The device can also be used to heat just about any workspace, or even a dormitory.

  • Built-in Switch Off Timer

    Having a built-in timer that automatically switches off the device is a big advantage when it comes to saving power. If you put it in a place where you sleep, you can use the timer to switch off the device half way through the night. This will ensure that you don’t have to wake up to do that. Similarly, you can set the device to switch on a little before you’re due to arrive home, and it will do so, ensuring that the room is nice and warm when you do arrive.

  • Remote Control

    Turbo Heat 360 also has a very convenient remote control that allows you to adjust all its features from wherever you’re without having to go to the device. This is very convenient, for example, if you’re working on your car and do not wish to interrupt some very delicate task, but find that it’s getting too cold or too hot. Similarly, if you’re in bed, nice, snug and warm, you don’t have to get out of the blankets. You can just reach to the night stand and use the remote control to do so.


  • Simple to Operate

    The digital control system of Turbo Heat 360 is elementary to operate, and you will be able to set it to suit your convenience with very little effort. Switching it on and off is also very intuitive, with the switch on the right of the device that your hand automatically reaches for.

  • Adjustable Thermostat

    The adjustable thermostat on the device is a very powerful power saver as it will maintain the temperature that you require. It will also switch the device off as soon as the temperature is reached to reduce power consumption.

  • Convenient While Travelling

    This heater is especially convenient when you’re travelling, because it is so small that you can easily fit it into your suitcase or backpack. The fact that it simply has to be plugged into an outlet to work means that you can be sure of being able to heat your personal space no matter where you are. This can also be very useful if you happen to be using a campsite.

    Many campsites are provided with electric outlets, and you can use them to heat your immediate area. It can also be used in an office if the general heating of the room doesn’t reach your cubicle or desk, and if it tends to get a little chilly. In such circumstances, the device will not even require much power, as it only will have to heat a very limited area.

  • Good for Dormitories

    IF you’re living in a dormitory, then this device can be especially useful, because such places usually have heating systems that are controlled by remote by somebody else. It leaves you with very little control over how hot or cold the room gets. This can leave a person very chilled. With Turbo Heat 360, you will have no such problems. Such rooms generally tend to measure less than 300 square feet, and that is well within the capacity of this personal heater.

Save Money

The fact that this device plugs directly into a convenient outlet is something that will save you a great deal of money and time. Just compare getting this device working to installing a steam radiator, and you’ll see what we mean. If you were to install a steam radiator, you would have all the expense of all the materials involved, besides the fact that the device is quite expensive.

Also, you would have to get a qualified technician to come in and do the job. All of these would not only involve a considerable expense, but would also take up your time. In comparison, Turbo Heat 360 just has to be plugged in to a wall outlet, and it is working.


  • Won't Heat Entire Large Room

    One of these heaters will fully heat an area of up to 175 square feet, about the size of a small bedroom or a bathroom. If you want to heat a large bedroom or living room, though, it may not give off enough heat for that. You might have to plug in two of these heaters to heat the entire room, which will logically result in you using more electricity than you would if you'd just plugged one in.

  • Requires Wall Outlet

    You'll need a wall outlet to plug your Turbo Heat 360 into, so if you've already got a limited number of wall outlets in your home, that could be inconvenient for you. If you plug it into the top hole on an outlet with two plugs, it'll probably hang down and block the lower plug, too. Furthermore, if you're going to be spending time in an RV, camper or cottage that doesn't have electricity at all, using one of these won't be an option.

  • May Make Noise

    Nowhere is it stated that this particular heater is quiet or noiseless, so it may end up making an irritating noise that's louder than the noise that would come from your furnace. This potential noise could interfere if you're trying to read quietly or watch television, especially if the heater is plugged in inches from you.

How It Works

Each of these heaters contains a ceramic heating element within that's able to convert a minimal amount of electricity into a proportionately large amount of heat. Therefore, you'll be able to stay warm, at least while you're within a certain room, without running up a massive electricity bill.


  • Don't Touch Front

    Although the Turbo Heat 360 has no flame, you still shouldn't be touching the front where the heat comes out, and neither should any children under your care. The front of each heater contains some holes, so it's best to instruct any children who might be around not to poke anything into those holes. If you want to move your heater, turn it off first and hold it by its sides while you carry it.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Place a Few Feet From You

    Since this is a fairly small heater, its heat likely won't reach any further than 175 feet at the most. Therefore, to soak up as much heat from it as you can, it's best to plug it in just a few feet from where you're sitting or standing if there's an outlet available. Each one doesn't weigh more than a few pounds, so most people will be able to move theirs quickly, if necessary.

  2. Heat Room While Out

    The Turbo Heat 360 gives off no flame, so if you want to come home to a warm bedroom, you'll have the option of turning the heater on to warm the room while you're out. If you use the digital display to set it to an ideal temperature before you go, you'll likely come back to a temperature level you enjoy. If you don't want to spend money heating a room for the whole time you're gone, using the timer to have it turn on shortly before you come home is also a good choice.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Turbo Heat 360 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Turbo Heat 360 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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