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Trusted Butcher Knives

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Trusted Butcher Knives are eight-inch chef's knives that have been designed to slice through virtually any food item while remaining sharper for longer than a standard knife. Aside from professional chefs, it's claimed that this type of knife is used by Trusted Butcher, a popular supplier of meat in the United States. With each of these steel-bladed knives with a triple-riveted handle, you'll also receive eight smaller steak knives with a similar appearance and a digital thermometer.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Trusted Butcher Knives is $59.97 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

Trusted Butcher Knives are super-sharp for two distinct reasons. First of all, the steel used to construct each one is harder than the steel that's normally used to construct knives. Furthermore, each individual knife is also sharpened and polished on its own before being offered to the public. In addition to being as sharp as possible to start with, and staying that way even after frequent use, this knife will give you more control than you'd have while using other kitchen knives. This is due to the fact that the blade and the handle have similar weights, as one being significantly heavier than the other can lead to a loss of control during the cutting process.


  • Eight Inches Long

    Together, the blade and the handle of this knife are eight inches long, with the blade making up at least two-thirds of that length. Some knives have such short blades that it's challenging to use them to cut through food items that are wide, such as loaves of bread, but that won't be the case with this chef's knife. Each knife's blade is also about an inch wide, when lying flat, which makes each knife more powerful than one with a slimmer blade.

  • Cuts Variety of Items

    When using your Trusted Butcher Knife, you won't be restricted to cutting a certain type of food item. Instead, you'll be able to use this kind of knife to slice various things, from small fruits and vegetables to large pieces of frozen meat. To prepare a meal, you may only have to take out one knife once you've got this one, but you should always remember to rinse the knife before you use it on a different item.

  • Triple-Riveted Handle

    The handle of each of these knives is attached to its blade by three rivets, which means that each is attached more securely than it would be with one or two. Therefore, it's unlikely that any handle will ever come detached from its blade while you're cutting with it—an accident that could potentially injure you as a user. All of these handles are also ergonomic in nature, which means that they're designed to comfortably fit the size and shape of a human hand.

Positive Points

  • Unlikely to Ruin Food

    Some low-quality kitchen knives can easily get dull and end up squishing the food you're trying to cut with them instead of making the cuts that you want. The same goes with knives that are really too small to slice up a particular food that you want to cut. Fortunately, your food probably won't ever end up getting squished by your Trusted Butcher Knife, as each one is a generous size and its original sharpness is typically long-lasting.

  • Can Help You Save Space

    If you've currently got a drawer full of various knives that you use to cut different things, such as bread, vegetables, cakes, and cheese, a Trusted Butcher Knife may help you free up some space. Once you have one of these knives that you can cut almost anything with, you may be able to give away some of those old knives that are crowding up your drawer. Then you'll have more space for other utensils, and without a large group of different knives, your cutlery drawer may look a lot cleaner, too.

  • Comes With Accessories

    Trusted Butcher Knives all come with a set of eight steak knives that feature sharp steel blades and triple-riveted handles, and a digital thermometer. The digital thermometer will aid you with taking the temperature of food items you're preparing so you can be sure that it's well-done and safe to eat. A third accessory included with your eight-inch chef's knife will be a recipe book that will also give you advice on using Trusted Butcher Knives effectively.

Negative Points

  • May Be Unsafe for Kids

    School-aged children may be able to cut food items safely with a duller knife, but it's not a good idea to let them use a Trusted Butcher Knife. This knife is so sharp that if they make one wrong move, they may end up cutting a finger. If you've only got this type of knife in your kitchen, any children under your care may not be able to be as involved in the food preparation process as you (or they!) would like.

  • No Blade Cover

    Trusted Butcher Knives don't come with blade covers, so you'll either have to leave the blade of each one exposed or seek out some covers of an appropriate size on your own. Due to the sharpness of each knife's blade, it would be beneficial if blade covers could begin to be included, if only for safety reasons.

  • May Not be Dishwasher Safe

    Whether this type of knife is dishwasher safe isn't specified, so you may end up having to wash each one by hand, even if you have a dishwasher. Each time you use your knife to cut meat, fish, or dairy products, it should be washed with soap and water, so this could result in a lot of hand-washing.

Save Money

If you often find yourself replacing dull knives or seeking the services of a professional in order to have them sharpened, this may no longer be necessary. You may be relieved of this financial responsibility once you've got one or more Trusted Butcher Knives, since they may stay sharp for years or even decades without needing to be re-sharpened or replaced.

Save Time

With smaller, duller knives, it could take you up to hours on end to slice up a bunch of vegetables, cheese slices, meat chunks or other food items you'll need for your dinner. However, since you'll be able to cut much more quickly with a powerful Trusted Butcher Knife, you may be able to cut your food preparation time in half. Besides just cutting quickly, this type of knife will be able to almost instantly slice through a thick, high stack of food that an ordinary knife wouldn't be able to get through.


  • Only for Kitchen Use

    This knife is a powerful one, but that doesn't mean it should be used to cut things outside of the kitchen, such as metal or wood. While your knife may survive cutting wood a few times, it's not meant to be a saw, so using it to cut hard objects that aren't food could cause it to wear out more quickly.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Trusted Butcher Knives online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Trusted Butcher Knives online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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