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True Touch

True Touch is a pet grooming product that can be used to safely and easily loosen and remove hair from shedding animals. The device comes in the form of a simple glove that customers can wear while stroking the fur of their pets. A special silicon layer is found on the palm side of the glove, and it is completely covered with small protrusions. These features capture and lift away stray hairs for easy collection and disposal.

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The cost of True Touch is $14.99 plus $4.99 shipping, for a total price of $19.98.

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True Touch Commercial


The video commercial for this product starts by explaining the common dilemma faced by pet owners where they love their animals but hate dealing with shedding hair. True Touch is introduced as a solution and its design is discussed. They focus on the fact that use of the glove feels natural to pets since it's so similar to the human touch that they commonly enjoy. Consumer testimonials are shown and an animated graphic is used to visualize the silicon hair trapping mechanism in action. A variety of animals are shown with several hair types being effectively groomed using the glove. More benefits are listed, like skin stimulation and improved hair health, before the advertisers give ordering instructions and add a two-for-one bonus to the offer.

Save Time

Most pet owners know that it can be a task to get any animal to settle down long enough for a thorough brushing. Traditional pet combs and other grooming tools have a tendency to instill fear in animals because of their imposing size, sharp points and unfamiliar shape. Accordingly, they may often need to be chased, corralled or even fully restrained with assistance for brushing and other grooming purposes. Customers of the True Touch can save all of the energy and time related to such activities because the simple glove design makes the product virtually unnoticeable to pets. Using the glove is as natural as petting them, so animals may even come to look forward to brushing sessions as bonding time.


  • Large Surface Area

    Even the biggest brushes only cover a compact are of the body. The True Touch glove's silicon surface extends over the whole palm and all five fingers, so it can potentially cover a huge area with one stroke of the hand if it is fully extended. Silicon also aids in capturing hair because of its naturally attractive physical properties.

  • Flexible and Compact

    Using a stiff brush in sensitive or tight areas ( like on ears and under the legs, respectively ) can be extremely awkward for owners and uncomfortable or even painful for pets. The flexibility of this product lets hair be brushed away from every area with a natural petting motion while not taking up much more space than the hand itself.

  • Tons of Tips

    A total of 180 silicon tips cover the underside of all five fingers and the palm of this glove. Pointy without being sharp, the protrusions are shaped to easily trap loose hair so it can be lifted away from the animal's body with the hand's natural movements.

  • Versatility

    The True Touch glove is an effective grooming tool for a variety of animals. Both cats and dogs can benefit from its deep brushing capabilities, and the design allows it to be useful for a variety of hair types ( long, short, curly, etc. ).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are There Bonuses?

    Yes, purchasers of the True Touch glove will receive a second glove absolutely free. They will also get a portable lint remover as a bonus gift. This pocket roller can remove pet hair and other particles from clothing while on the go.

Wise Advice

Do not buy True Touch online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy True Touch online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Tor Armstrong - (Port Richey, FL)
Posted: 11 Jun 2018

Disabled People Want to use the Product

I kept hearing about this glove and how amazing it is, the only problem I have is, I'm disabled and only have my left hand. They don't seem to make them left handed and was a waste of money for me. If its a glove, you would think that it would be universal. At least think of the disabled people who would like to use the product also.

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Marilou - (Las Vegas, NV)
Posted: 18 Aug 2016

Absolutely Wonderful!

Can't believe how much my cat enjoys it when I use the glove on him. He purrs so loudly and becomes so limp, I have to prop him up so he doesn't roll off the bench to the floor! His fur had never looked so beautiful and more importantly, no more clumps of fur / hair scattered throughout the rooms he visits. I purchased two with the intention of sharing one with my friend, well. Forget that! Am keeping both and will use 1 for the cat and 1 for the dogs! Will provide him with your number.
Thank you so much.

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Dorothy - (Little Neck, NY)
Posted: 01 Jul 2016


Question: can True Touch be ordered by phone? IF so, number please. Thanks.

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Jeannie Bube
Posted: 15 Aug 2016

On TV it shows you buy one glove second one is free plus brush for human clothes. Does that pertain to is I order on the internet also?

Johnmiller - (Bloomingrose, WV)
Posted: 15 Jun 2016

True Touch Grooming Glove Fantastic!

This is a fantastic product, I have two dogs that love being brushed now since I purchased the glove! Every time I use it I keep getting more lose hair! It's very easy to clean. Thanks for such a great Product!

17 of 18 people found this review helpful.

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