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Tray-Riffic Tray-Riffic or Alternatives
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Tray-Riffic is a gray plastic tray for cars and other vehicles that's been created to help users keep items level and stop them from sliding around. It's meant to be placed on either the front passenger seat or the backseat, and it can also serve as a sort of lap desk for a passenger sitting in either of these places. This tray includes five compartments, two hooks for bags, a space for your cell phone's charging cord, and rubber strips around the edges that have been designed to help keep items from falling off.

Tray-Riffic Tray-Riffic or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Tray-Riffic is $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total price of $26.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place on Chosen Seat

    To start using Tray-Riffic, place it on either your front passenger seat or your backseat. Either way, the legs should be resting near the back of the seat, since any car seat tends to slope downward towards the back.

  2. Attach to Seatbelt (optional)

    This isn't absolutely necessary, but you can use the small strap located at the back of your tray to attach it to the seatbelt of the seat it's resting on. By doing so, you'll be making it even more likely to refrain from jiggling or sliding from side to side as you drive along.

  3. Add Items to Compartments

    Next, add the items of your choice to the tray's compartments. The five small compartments will be able to accommodate small items, such as glasses, keys, coins, and your smartphone (the centremost square compartment contains a slot for a charging cord, too). You can also hang bags, such as grocery bags or a small handbag, from the hooks at the front. If you need to add a larger object (such as a laptop or textbook) to your tray, you can do so, but keep in mind that it'll cover some or all of the smaller compartments.

  4. Buckle Items in (optional)

    Each Tray-Riffic tray also contains an elastic strap with Velcro that can be extended across the middle of the tray to buckle items in, if you feel that's necessary. While buckling in a rectangular box of take-out food may not seem necessary, it may be a good idea to buckle in a more valuable digital device, such as a laptop or a larger tablet.

  5. Drive Along

    Once you've added all the objects you need to your tray (or as many as it can comfortably hold), you can drive along as usual. As you won't have a bunch of items resting on your seats, you won't need to worry about food or drink spilling in your lap or devices falling to the floor and getting damaged. When you reach your destination, simply remove any items you want to use from the tray.


  • Gray and Red

    Each of these trays is mainly gray, a shade that'll complement the interior of most vehicles. The protective rubber strips around the outside of each tray are red, which tends to look nice when paired with gray, although their main purpose is to halt potentially slippery items in their tracks.

  • Lightweight and Compact

    Tray-Riffic measures 17 and a half by 12 inches, has four-foot legs and weighs only a pound. This makes it a compact tray that almost anyone will be able to carry around without a struggle. When you're not using it, you'll likely be able to store it under one of your car seats or in your trunk, provided that those spaces aren't filled with a bunch of other junk. While it's being used in your backseat, it also won't take up any more seat space than one adult person would.

  • Suitable for All Vehicles

    You don't have to use this tray in a vehicle of a particular make and model, as you'll be able to attach it to an unused passenger seat in any car, truck, van, or SUV. This means you'll be able to move your tray between vehicles if you choose, and if you get a new vehicle, you'll likely find the tray as useful as you did in the previous one.

Positive Points

  • Keeps Mess Off of Seats

    If you decide to store things like fast-food containers, cosmetic products, or crayons directly on one of your car seats, they may end up making a mess of your seat that could leave permanent stains. However, once you've got a Tray-Riffic seat tray, you'll be able to add most or all of these items to the tray instead of letting them rest on your seat's fabric. If anything dirties your tray, you'll be able to quickly wipe it clean by adding soap and water to a damp cloth, or by giving it a spray with your garden hose.

  • Makes a Good Lap Desk

    People who are sitting in a vehicle as passengers will be able to actively make use of a Tray-Riffic tray by using it as a lap desk. Once it's positioned over your lap, you can use it to write, draw, type on your laptop, watch a movie on your tablet, finish some snacks, or play a solitary card game. The same goes if you place it over your lap while you're sitting in bed or on your couch at home.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Get One for Each Child

    If you've got more than one child, it's a good idea to get a tray for each child to place on their lap while they're in the backseat of your car. That way, each child will be able to keep themselves busy with games, coloring books, or even homework, and they won't be fighting over who gets to use a single tray next. You can also add a snack to one compartment of each tray so you won't have to pull over and grab food for each child when they decide they need to eat.

  2. Use for Long Study Sessions

    Students who have to put themselves through long study sessions may get tired of sitting upright at a desk, and that's when Tray-Riffic can be helpful. If you get in bed and then place one of these trays over your lap, it'll be able to hold your textbook or laptop so you can put in more hours of studying with comfort. The tray can also be useful if you get bored with your surroundings and decide to leave your room altogether, in order to study outdoors.

Critical Advice

This type of tray will hold a wide variety of things, but you must be careful that you don't overload it. For starters, you shouldn't add bags to the front hooks that weigh more than a couple of pounds each, or the hooks could snap off and send the bags to the floor. You also shouldn't fill the top of your tray or any of its compartments so full that objects are hanging over the edges. This will just defeat the purpose of using this type of tray to keep things secure.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tray-Riffic online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tray-Riffic online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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