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Tranquilo Mat Tranquilo Mat or Alternatives
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The Tranquilo Mat is a mat for babies that mimics the sounds and vibrations commonly heard and felt in a mother's womb. It'll provide reassurance to newborn babies as they make the transition from the womb to the world, but it can be used by children of any age, and even adults may enjoy the vibrations. This mat comes in a large and a small version and it can be used almost anywhere, such as in the playpen, in the stroller, or in a crib.

Tranquilo Mat Tranquilo Mat or Alternatives
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How It Works

While they spend approximately nine months in the womb, babies are exposed to noises and vibrations arising from their mother's heartbeat, blood flow and other bodily functions. The sounds that they hear in the womb can be up to 80 or 90 decibels high. Understandably, they begin to find the sounds and sensations within the womb comforting. Fortunately, the Tranquilo Mat will closely replicate these sounds and sensations so a newborn baby can feel safe in the outside world, too, although each mat's sounds will never go over 65 decibels.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Ensure That Batteries Work

    Before starting to use this mat, make sure a set of AA batteries have been inserted correctly and the battery pack's switch is set to On.

  2. Set up on Surface or in Arms

    Once you're sure your batteries are ready to go, set the mat up on a flat surface, unless you're using one of the small mats and you plan to hold it in your arms.

  3. Turn on and Choose Mode

    To turn your mat on, press and hold the On button for about five seconds. After it's on, you can choose between five different settings: low, medium, high and two heartbeat modes. With the first three settings, the mat will still vibrate and make noise, but won't mimic a human heartbeat.

  4. Place Baby on Mat

    Following your mode selection, you can place your baby on the mat on a flat surface or hold your baby, within the mat, in your arms. They may respond positively to the mat in as short as 30 seconds' time, but this isn't guaranteed. If several minutes have passed and they don't seem to be happy on the mat, try changing modes.


  • Two Sizes Available

    There are two sizes of this mat available, large and small. The larger mat measures 23.5 by 12.75 inches and the small one measures 12 by 9.75 inches. If you choose to use the small version, it's so compact that you can carry your baby around in your arms while he or she is wrapped in it.

  • Lightweight and Portable

    Even the larger size of Tranquilo Mat weighs just over a pound, and the smaller size actually weighs less than a pound. That makes these mats ideal for travel, especially if your trip involves a long car ride or an unfamiliar crib or bed, two situations that can make a baby upset. To save space in your vehicle or luggage, you can fold or roll up either mat, making each take up about half the space it would when unrolled or unfolded.

  • Liquid Resistant Liner

    Each of these mats has a liner that will protect the interior of the mat from any liquid that may happen to get on it. Since babies tend to wet themselves or spit up frequently, without advance warning, every user will probably benefit from this liner at some point. It'll protect your mat from spills made by older children or adults, too.

  • Removable Cover

    If the outside of your mat does end up with a spill or any other sort of mess on it, the cover is removable and is safe to run through the washing machine. The default cover that comes with each mat is grey, a shade that tends to be soothing, but there are also patterned covers that can be obtained separately.

  • Auto Shut Off Option

    Whenever it suits your needs, you can choose to have one of these mats automatically shut off after 60 minutes. To activate this function, hold the power button ( without taking your finger off it ) for 10 seconds instead of five when you turn the mat on.

Positive Points

  • Exceeds Cpsia Standards

    The Tranquilo Mat has been designed to exceed the CPSIA ( Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ) standards in the United States, which means that it's a safe product for general use. To determine its safety, it was tested by a third party lab located in the United States.


  • Not for New Preemies

    If your baby is premature, meaning that it spent less than 37 weeks in the womb, do not introduce the baby to the Tranquilo Mat right away. Instead, wait until its original projected due date to start using it. Babies who aren't premature can begin using it on their first day out of the womb!

  • Avoid Leaving Baby Alone

    It's best not to leave your baby alone with their Tranquilo Mat. If you ever plan on leaving the room for longer than a few minutes, though, be sure to turn on the mat's auto shut off function before you go. This will, as mentioned above, cause the mat to turn off after an hour.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tranquilo Mat online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tranquilo Mat online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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