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Touch Screen Purse Luxe Touch Screen Purse Luxe or Alternatives
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The Touch Screen Purse Luxe is a type of handbag that works to better protect one's mobile devices while out and about. Working the same as a regular purse, this handbag is still able to carry cards, keys, and any other small items needed. However, with a special location for a cell phone, the purse also works as a protective item for your device. No longer would you need to be afraid of dirt, grime, or any of the weather elements that tend to put these devices at risk!

Created by Entrepreneur Tami Lange, this design is a trailblazer in style and efficiency. It even has the added intrigue of being backed by Shark Tank star Lori Greiner, adding to the credibility and reliability of the bag!

Touch Screen Purse Luxe Touch Screen Purse Luxe or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Touch Screen Purse Luxe is $29.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total price of $36.98.

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  • "Smart Touch" Window

    On the backside of the purse, there is a clear window that allows for the cell phone to be used! Not only is this helpful in providing easy accessibility, but also will help protect your device from scratches or damage within a dangerous situation.

  • Large Storage Space

    A common concern would be that this feature for the phone would reduce the overall storage capacity for the device itself. However, this is not the case, as there are still three full compartments to store all the cards one might need when being out. There is even a wide section in the centre that could be used to store keys or a more clunky item, and not sacrifice any efficiency of the purse!

  • Wide Choice Range

    Many companies tend to have a really interesting item, but not a very wide selection of designs and colors. However, the Touch Screen Purse Luxe has a wide range of colors, with three being currently available during the publishing of this review. The three color options currently are black leather,. A beige snakeskin style, and a cheetah print. All three are available for purchase, so there is a very nice selection for whatever one would want to style this bag with.

  • Cross-Body Design

    This purse is more than a simple handbag, due to the fact that it has a strap feature to wear across one's body. Not only is this helpful in keeping your device and cards handy, but also would help prevent theft if put in that situation. This purse opens the ability to travel and explore without the added worry of leaving your bag somewhere or having someone snatch it. The straps themselves have the ability to be changed, which would allow for either a cross-body design or a simple shoulder hang.


  • Made Vegan

    All the material used has been ensured to be vegan. The leather has been confirmed to be safely manufactured and therefore accessible to all interested. This could be very helpful since the audience for this product can be widened, so that anyone could enjoy it, and know they were investing in a humane, safe company!

  • Water-Resistant

    All the material used for this purse is waterproof, ensuring the safety of the bag itself, and its contents. This is especially important since everyone is worried about protecting their devices from the elements. The purse would guarantee that any phone can be safe and useable, even outside in the worst snow and rain!

  • Lightweight & Functional

    It is mentioned that the design for the purse has a focus on being easy to carry and use. Therefore there would be no concern as to creating shoulder pain or discomfort if using it long-term, which would be beneficial if one was out in public and unable to leave the bag somewhere.

  • Flexible to Your Devices

    This product fits phones up to 6.75” tall & 4.00” wide. Due to the nature of cell phones, they could be any range of sizes. It would be very beneficial in allowing most phones to fit within the compartment, possibly even two!

Negative Points

  • Touch Screen Challenges

    While the touch screen layer is very efficient in keeping the device safe, it is not always the easiest to type with. It is noted that there are many times in which one has to press very firmly on the protective layer of the handbag in order to properly type on their device. Not only would this make the task very difficult, but also might be uncomfortable to do when out in public trying to make a quick contact or search.

  • Weather Damage

    Purses are most commonly used outside. While it is mentioned that there is a layer of waterproof technology in place on the bag, it still is at risk of becoming damaged and ruined. Leather is not the most water-resistant style of material and is easily scratched or damaged. This purse is something that would have cost enough money for it to be a loss if it got damaged due to the elements, and the nature of the fabric makes it somewhat unreliable.

  • Difficult to Remove Items

    The Touch Screen Purse Luxe is very beneficial in keeping items safe but provides a challenge in trying to remove said items. Due to the secure location of one's phone makes it easily accessible through the purse but would take a large amount of effort to open properly to remove the device. This could be seen as a hassle, especially if one was trying to grab their phone quickly, or a card while checking out in line.

  • Online Order Only

    While this might not seem like the biggest issue, the purse itself is not available in stores and must be purchased online. This limits the audience of individuals who would be interested in purchasing since it would be hard to gauge the item and its comfort level. Along with this, it limits the clientele to only people willing to put their credit card online, which would be concerning to those who are interested but are uncomfortable with online transactions.


  • Internal Water Damage

    The item is advertised to protect devices from most forms of weather damage. However, if there is any area for leaks to get in, there is a high chance that water would be retained within the purse, due to its well-sealed nature. Therefore, one's device could be at risk of being submerged in water for extended periods of time, causing serious damage.

  • Easy to Break Devices

    Most of the time, phones are placed deep within a purse so that if you bump into another individual or something hard, it does not take the brunt of the hit. However, the pocket in which the touch screen is supposed to face on this purse puts the device at clear risk of being damaged, with minimal protection if hit with any force. These devices are fragile already, and this added worry might not be worth the efforts for faster touch screen activity.

  • Physical Strain

    This design of purse is commonly recognized to cause back pain and shoulder pain due to the weight of the item itself. With a full purse; including a cell phone, cards, makeup, and one's keys, the purse is likely to be quite heavy. Having that kind of weight resting across your body or on your shoulder could have long-term physical repercussions and should be considered cautiously.


The Touch Screen Purse Luxe is a very interesting product because it bridges together style and efficiency. With its wide array of options for customizing the purse to one's specific needs, it is certainly a trendsetter in the fashion world, for both men and women alike.

However, it should be noted that there are still major concerns such as phone exposure, and water damage risks, since the purse encourages the use of devices within bad weather. Caution should be taken before making the purchase.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Touch Screen Purse Luxe online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Touch Screen Purse Luxe online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 10 Dec 2020 Cindy - (Chicago, IL)

False Advertise. They Arecout of Stock

Ordered Nov 24 sales began after. Dec 9 called out of stock. Now running specials. People have no idea won't get it for Christmas. Take add down or disclose. I never receive an update notify of the delay until I logged in to track. Now says Jan3. Customer service says mid Jan.

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Touch Screen Purse Luxe Infomercial
Touch Screen Purse Luxe Infomercial

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