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Total Trolley

Total Trolley is a versatile heavy-moving system. You can convert a single tool into a hand truck, a four wheeled dolly, a flatbed cart, or a step ladder. With this single unit you can transport all manner of goods, complete all sorts of household and outdoor tasks. It makes life easier when you get four useful tools in one easily transportable unit. Fold it in a matter of seconds into whatever style you need, when you need it.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Total Trolley is $79.90 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $89.89.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Total Trolley being discontinued. Total Trolley may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Total Trolley being discontinued. Total Trolley may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

Total Trolley Commercial


  • Strong Design

    It is made from heavy duty steel.

  • Easy to Move Around

    You can easily roll up curbs.

  • Ladder Function Reinforced

    There is a reinforced ladder for extra safety.

  • Comfortable Grip

    The handle is designed for comfortable grip.

Save Money

Assuming you do not already have a dolly, a cart, a step ladder, and a hand truck, you can save money. You do this by avoiding the purchase of all four, replacing all four with the cost of this single cart.

Save Time

This unit saves you time all around by holding such heavy weight loads in four different capacities. As a result, it gives you the ability to make fewer trips no matter what you are moving. In an office, move boxes, files, cabinets all at once. At church or for a charity fundraiser, move musical equipment, banners, boxes, tables, and risers. When at home, move decorations, gardening tools, laundry, and more.

With this unit you can save time when you shop. You can reduce the number of trips you take to and from the car to just one. When you are out shopping for things at the store, you can bring your own cart, then wheel everything to your car. It saves you time when you are moving or doing home repairs, even garden work. Total Trolley lets you transport bags of soil, move boxes, or bring pictures and knickknacks from room to room while you hang them. Use it as a wagon when you are doing yardwork, then transform it into a ladder to change your lightbulbs easily. Transport things like sporting equipment or luggage while you are off on your next trip.

How It Works

You do not have to drag heavy objects around anymore or stand underneath an unreachable object trying to remember where your ladder was. This unit lets you move, lift, reach, or carry nearly anything. All household chores can be done by you. With four units in one, you can convert it into anything you need in that moment in a matter of seconds. Using it, you can complete the everyday tasks like moving groceries around or dusting the tops of picture frames. When it comes time for irregular chores like gardening or moving furniture, this fits the bill all the same. Using it allows you to carry furniture from room to room, from store to home, and with the use of some bungee cords you can stabilize any load. Said bungee cords are provided.

When it is not in use, it just folds up and measures only seven inches high, seventeen inches wide, and forty two inches long. This means you can store it in a small, thin space. What’s more, it only weighs twenty five pounds so you don’t hurt yourself moving it around.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Convert

    Convert the unit into the type of structure you need in that moment.

  2. Adjust

    Make adjustments to secure it in place.

  3. Use

    Stack the goods you need on the cart or hand truck, place larger items on the trolley, or stand on the ladder.

  4. Fold and Store

    When you are done, just fold it back into place and store it somewhere out of sight. It is even small enough to leave folded in your car.


  • Moves a Lot of Things

    It is very useful for moving things like furniture, pianos, bookcases, risers, and appliances. What’s more, it works well for businesses, for moving bags of dog food, even heavier speaker cabinets. Users have relied on this same unit for a decade without it ever compromising quality.

  • Good When Living Alone

    It is well suited for people who live alone or are elderly and need help moving things around. Moving trash to the curb, buying second hand collectibles, even carrying around garden sprayers can all be done with this unit.

  • Forward Thinking

    The company thought well about potential downfalls and provided safe guards against them. These designs, for example, come with a plastic piece that covers the space in between the steps if you are using the unit as a trolley. There are six inch gaps between each of the stair positions when you put it into platform mode, so moving smaller items would not be possibly without this plastic piece.


  • No Locking

    The wheels don’t lock in place.

  • Platform Downside

    The platform doesn’t have four sides.

  • Assembly Required

    Assembly is required when it first arrives. The instructions for assembly can be difficult to read and really difficult to find the English version.

Weight Limits

  • Ladder

    The ladder has a weight limit of two hundred pounds.

  • Hand Truck

    The hand truck component has a weight limit of one hundred and fifty pounds.

  • Static Load Cart

    The static load cart has a weight limit of eight hundred pounds.


  • Pay Attention to Weight

    Pay attention to the weight limits. The few negative comments from consumers are the result of misuse of the weight limits, probably because of a misunderstanding. Consumers have complained that the plastic bends under their weight when they step on the ladder, but again, there are weight limits to the ladder and you are advised to be cognizant of these.


  • Upcart

    Upcart is an all terrain cart designed for use inside and outside. Said cart can be moved across all types of floors, rolled over curbs, or taken up stairs without much effort. The cart has six wheels to make it easier to move up and down. It folds up too when not in use and allegedly reduces body strain by 37% when you use it. This unit, however, you can only handle up to one hundred pounds and does not convert in the same way.

  • Coocheer

    Coocheer is a multi-functional hand cart and luggage stand. This unit can hold one hundred and fifty pounds. It has a strong baseplate and rubber wheels. However, it does not convert into a ladder or a trolley, only the handcart and platform.

  • Deluxe Stair Climber

    The Deluxe Stair Climber Cart is a cart that you can change into different carts, but it does not have a ladder functionality. It does, however, boast six wheels and easy maneuverability up and down stairs or hills.

  • Magna Cart

    Magna Cart is a similar to Upcart but it can hold up to one hundred and fifty pounds. It has a telescopic handle for easier transportation no matter your height.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Total Trolley online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Total Trolley online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Susan bonelli - (Smithtown, NY)
Posted: 03 Jun 2019

Someone gave us the Total Trolley dolly but we are in need of the instruction booklet. Is it possible to get one?

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Straight talker - (LaGrange, GA)
Posted: 18 Jan 2019

The Best Item I Have Purchased, Hands Down!

I have been looking for this thing since I heard about it and saw it with a friend. But it's been totally out of stock everywhere I looked from Amazon,.Sears, eBay, even Craigslist (even used. That how desperately I needed the trolley). Why? Because I know that it will make life easy for me, and especially my wife on those days when I am out of the house and she needs to carry stuff around the house or pick something off the shelf, without struggling with the weight. So recently I turned on the TV and somehow the first channel was HSH (which I don't know anything about) and the Trolley was on sale brand new! I could have done a dance move if I know how to dance. Long story short, I placed an Order immediately. Greatly reduced price by the way, as it was returning to the network after some hiatus. So within few (3) days it was delivered. A great plus for the network, in my book. The thing needed no assembling! Except to attach the four wheels and stabilizer. Did I read a review (s) about lost screws and hard assembling? Well, this is not the case at all. Within few minutes, my 4 in 1 was up, solid and good to go to work. One thing I can confidently Declare is that it is a well-made piece that promises to last for years. Solid metal and quality bolts and wheels. Madam is especially happy with the strength and ease of wheels when maneuvering the cart. Yes, the cart can lug a heavy refrigerator and you can pull it with ease. We are daily finding more ingenious ways to use this thing. It is truly multipurpose and one of the best household items I have gotten. Well, I shall always check HSN in future. Thanks folks.

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Jackie - (Livermore, CA)
Posted: 23 Jun 2018

Best Purchase Ever

I have owned a Total Trolley for years. It is one of the best purchases that I have ever made. So many uses for this, it has become my first go to item for everything. I am in need of a new one, however I cannot find one anywhere. I hope that another fantastic product has not been taken off the Market. If anyone knows where I can purchase one, please let me know.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

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Kellie - (Northampton, PA)
Posted: 03 Mar 2018

Don't Waste Your Money

I hate this thing! When you use it as a hand truck the wheels are small and the metal part hits the stairs when trying to pull it up. When using it as a four wheel cart the wheels that turn, turn when you are trying to go straight so you have to fight with it. The instructions make it difficult to figure out which wheels go where and I ended up putting them on backwards. It was twice the work to reverse them because the turning wheels bracket closed down on itself and made it hard to put it on the bar again. I paid way too much money for this thing for such cheap workmanship. Huge regret buying this pos. Looking at the milwaukee convertible hand truck now. Oh and as far as Amazon goes, they are selling cheap knockoff from china which are even worse than the original. I got mine from walmart but it still sucks.

0 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 10 Oct 2018

Your an idiot, its the easiest thing to use, you cant push it like a dolly, you have to pull it at a 45 degree angle. Not really made for stairs. Good luck.

Posted: 18 Jan 2019

I agree with Wayne 120%. Sad when folks blame something (or someone) else, for their own fault and lack of effort. YouTube is also there to help sometimes when setting up or using any new Gizmo. But hey, they don't bother to watch it either.

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