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Copper Chef Titan Pan Copper Chef Titan Pan or Alternatives
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The Copper Chef Titan Pan is a tri-clad cooking pan that can be used on the stovetop or in the oven. It is made with aluminum on the inside for fast heat conduction, coated with a bottom and top layer of stainless steel, and then covered on the inside with a non-stick coating. On the inside, the non-stick coating uses diamond-infused technology to withstand the use of all utensils, including metal ones. This pan comes with a glass lid so you can see what you are cooking, and several other complimentary items. Chef Jet Tila collaborated with the manufacturer on the production of this item.

Copper Chef Titan Pan Copper Chef Titan Pan or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Copper Chef Titan Pan is $74.97 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Tri-Ply Design

    The Copper Chef Titan Pan has a layer of aluminum in between two layers of stainless steel, one on top and one on the bottom. Aluminum conducts heat fast so the pan heats up quickly and cooks your food. Stainless steel is easy to clean, does not tarnish, evenly distributes heat, and retains heat in the pan.

  • Super Durable Non-stick

    To apply the non-stick coating to the inside of the pan, first, the steel outer layer is laser-etched. Next, the nonstick coating is applied and it sinks into the etch marks, keeping it on the pan longer and stronger. The nonstick coating itself uses a diamond-infused formula. This formula is strong enough, along with the etching, to keep the coating from scratching off even with metal utensils.

  • 3-Inch Deep Pan

    This extra-deep pan means you can cook more in the pan. It is not only wide, like a frying pan, but deep, more similar to a pot. One-pan meals for even more than one person can be cooked up in the Copper Chef Titan Pan. Overall, the pan is 9.5 inches in diameter and has a 2.5-quart capacity. That's 10 liquid cups of a meal.

  • Ergonomic Handles

    The handles of the pan, which consist of one long handle and one grip handle on the opposite side, have been ergonomically designed. This means the handles are less likely to bother weak or arthritic hands, or hurt your hands if you lift the pan in a funny way.

    Especially the long handles on full pans can sometimes hurt the arm or hand when lifting with only that hand. In this case, the long handle appears to have more stainless steel dropping downward from the handle's top and coming to a gentle ridge below. Overall the effect is more like gripping the handle of a hammer than gripping a thin blade of metal.


  • Coating Stays on

    Normally, we are not supposed to use metal utensils with non-stick coatings. Some of the coating can scrape off and we may ingest it with our food. It's not meant to be eaten, and people have differing opinions on just how unhealthy this may be for you, but it's probably better not to swallow some nonstick coating. With this pan, you don't have to worry about the difference between using metal and plastic utensils - the coating will stay put. Besides, this way the nonstick function will work better, with all the nonstick coating staying on the pan.

  • One Pan for Everything

    The advertisement states that the Copper Chef Titan Pan should be able to replace, for example, a wok, steamer, roasting pan (for use in the oven), and crisper. It seems large and durable enough that this could be true. Many people do not have a wok, and now you can make wok-type dishes in the pan.

  • PFOA-Free Cookware

    PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid, is a substance used in the making of Teflon, the black non-stick coating most commonly seen on pots and pans. PFOA has caused cancer in animals when animal studies were conducted. The PFOA in nonstick cookware is not released until such cookware is heated to 446 degrees, which is rare. This particular pan is PFOA-free.

    Note that new technology to make nonstick cookware has simply not been tested much. Teflon and the old PFOA nonstick surfaces have had years during which they underwent testing and studies such as the above animal studies were conducted.


  • Pan Itself Costs Extra

    The Copper Chef Titan Pan is advertised as the important feature item on the manufacturer's website, although several additional items are included. However, as you scroll the advertisement, it states that the pan itself can be had only if you pay an additional postage and handling fee. Everything else is advertised as free shipping.

    Why would you want to get a lid, steamer basket, recipe book, and choice of knife or digital thermometer without the pan to make the recipes in? This type of pricing seems mismatched.

  • Chemical Worries?

    Although the Copper Chef Titan Pan is advertised as PFOA-free, it is stated to be safe to heat up only to 450 degrees. If you read the section here on "PFOA-free cookware, " you will notice this is about the same temperature that perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) will be released from a pan that contains it. Is Copper Chef just being extra careful here?

How It Works

To explain a little bit about the nonstick coating, the manufacturer touts "diamond-infused" technology. What is "diamond-infused" technology? In this technology, cultured diamond crystals are infused into the nonstick surface. Cultured crystals are man-made, not mined like a diamond for an engagement ring, but they do the trick for cookware. Diamond is an incredibly hard surface. This adds to the durability of the nonstick surface.

You can see a YouTube video where Chef Jet Tila challenges members of a live audience to pour a bunch of junk into the pan. They heat it too. These are things like candy that melts, honey, sugar, ketchup, and cheese. Afterward, Jet wipes out the pans with a paper towel only, and it looks like they are completely clean as if they were just taken from the dishwasher.

Save Money

Although, as explained above, to get the actual pan you need to pay shipping and handling, it does come with a lot of additional items. The pan comes with a glass "cook and look" lid, good for seeing how the food is cooking while keeping items cooking or steaming in a sealed space. It also comes with a stainless steel basket for steaming, your choice of a digital thermometer or 5 and a half inch Santoku knife, and a recipe book by Chef Jet Tila.

The pan comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a. 100% lifetime guarantee, although it is not clear what is guaranteed in the lifetime guarantee.

Critical Advice

It would make sense for someone who considers buying this pan to think about whether they care more about having a nonstick surface or a multi-use pan. If the prospective purchaser wants the pan because it can substitute for many pieces of cookware, they should think over whether they already have some. For example, does the homemaker have a steamer, cooking pot, and frying pan? Then they might just want to stick with that. However, if they really want to barely need to wash their non-stick pan, this might be the right pan to go with.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Chef Titan Pan online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Copper Chef Titan Pan online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 17 Sep 2020 kristal Mitchell - (Danbury, CT)

False Advertising

Commercial demonstrated a larger pan. When I received the pan it was much smaller, 9.5 which can't whole four hens. Thinking of returning. Totally misguided. Shame on you chef! Your name is attached.

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Posted: 17 Sep 2020 Terry Ayers - (Idaho Falls, ID)


I've worked as a fry-cook, short order cook, line cook, and Chef, and have virtually every pan used in a kitchen, from cheap (but great) aluminum egg pans to super expensive Windsor and specialty pans. Good for me. Right? NO WAY! I bought the set of these pans thinking. I'm going to get pans that will work both non-stick and capable of searing a beautiful crust, as well as stand up to a steel mixer with no problems.

It did all of the above, PLUS! Whatever your level of skill in the kitchen, These pans are ALL you need, or are likely to need, from you the first meal you cook, to become the equal of Pro Chefs, such as Emeril, Flay, even Jacques Pepin. The pans alone will not make you a super-chef, but it will make even a super-chef's cooking chores faster, easier, and easier to clean. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone who works in the kitchen. From beginner to Pro. Don't take my word for it. Try it. Then let someone try to pry it out of your hands.

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Posted: 16 Aug 2020 mike gatto - (Gloucester, VA)

Lids Suck

Greese and water under lids.

Large and the small lids will not clean water and greese will not come out.  Customer service sucks.

Jahaylle supervisor played the game of (sir I can't hear you).

Guy name sam hung up on me.


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Posted: 06 Jul 2020 Mikki - (Richmond, VA)

Shipping Clarification

You misread the information regarding shipping. For the 3-inch high pan, with the lid, steamer insert, recipe book and choice of digital thermometer or Santoku knife — you choose between a 9.5-inch or an 11-inch diameter pan, and THAT pan DOES ship for free. However, in addition to this pan, you also choose to get an 8-inch pan. For this additional 8-inch pan, they are stating that this pan itself is “free,” but that they are charging $14.99 postage/handling. If you choose not to get this additional pan, no shipping is charged for anything.

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Posted: 08 Aug 2020 Kindra Gunn

The commercial did not state the size of the pan that comes with the 3 easy payments of $24.99. When I placed my order, I asked if the pan in the commercial is the one that holds the 5 roasting hens, I was told no, that was the 11 inch pan. The commercial did not mention two sizes. It did mention a comparable pan would cost $185 and the pan size for the comparable pan was 12 inches. The additional cost for the 11 inch pan seems to be false advertising.


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Copper Chef Titan Pan Infomercial
Copper Chef Titan Pan Infomercial
Copper Chef Titan Pan Infomercial

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