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Tidy Paw Mat Tidy Paw Mat or Alternatives
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Tidy Paw Mat is a floor mat that's meant to be placed just in front of any door that leads from the exterior to the interior of your home. It's been designed to soak up water and dirt almost instantly, regardless of whether those substances are coming from human feet or a dog's paws. This mat appears to be about the same size as a bath towel, but unlike an ordinary towel, it has latex backing that's been added with the aim of reducing slippage.

Tidy Paw Mat Tidy Paw Mat or Alternatives
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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Mat Beside Door

    To get started with your Tidy Paw Mat, choose a door to place it next to, such as your front door or your patio door. It's essential that you make sure the latex backing is facing down, with the colored fibers of the mat facing up. In most cases, it's also best to place the mat horizontally in front of the door (instead of vertically), with as little distance between the door and the mat as possible.

  2. Enter and Exit as Usual

    Once your mat has been securely placed in front of your chosen door, you can enter and exit the house as you normally would through that door. Be sure to step onto the mat instead of the floor in order to allow it to absorb water and dirt from your feet. If you're with someone else, including a pet, encourage them to do so, too. It's also a good idea to lift your feet and step back and forth on the mat a few times. This will cause it to absorb more water and dirt than it would otherwise.

How It Works

Unlike a standard carpeted mat or a bath towel that you might lay on the floor to catch water and dirt from outside, this mat contains millions of super-absorbent chenille fibers. These fibers are "thirsty" and will enable the mat to absorb up to five times the amount of water and dirt that most other mats or towels can absorb. The fibers can also be expected to absorb every bit of dirt or water they're impacted by at a rapid rate—more specifically, in just seconds. That means there's little chance of anything ever leaking through your mat and onto the floor underneath. Meanwhile, the latex backing on each mat will keep it in your preferred place on the floor as the fibers on top do their work.


  • Two Shades Available

    This type of mat is available in two shades, including denim blue and a medium gray, so you can choose the shade you prefer or the one that will look best in your home. If you decide to get two mats and place them alongside two different doors, you might choose to get one in each of the offered shades. Keep in mind, however, that a blue mat may show the dirt it has picked up more easily than a gray one.

  • Gentle on Paws, Feet

    It's specified that the fibers of each mat should feel velvety and soft, so pets with bare paws or humans with bare feet shouldn't feel discomfort when walking on one of these mats. Plus, if you slip and land on one on all fours, there's little chance that you'll experience a nasty rug burn.

  • Bacteria and Odor Resistant

    When mats or towels get covered with dirty water or liquid mud and take a long time to dry, they tend to become breeding grounds for bacteria. They may also develop unpleasant odors. Fortunately, though, since Tidy Paw Mats have been designed to dry quickly, they likely won't have more than a few minutes to open themselves up to odors or bacteria. This means they'll be unlikely to stink or carry germs that could make you or other members of your household sick.

  • Can be Rolled up

    For storage or portability purposes, a dry Tidy Paw Mat can be rolled up in the same way that a sleeping bag or a towel can be. If you're spending the weekend away from home with your dog, you may want to bring one along so their paws don't muck up the floor of a hotel room or someone else's home.

  • Machine Washable

    After your mat has absorbed a lot of dirt and has become too filthy-looking for your liking, you can run it through a washing machine. You won't have to worry about hand-washing or dry-cleaning, although hanging your washed mat to dry is a better idea than putting it in your dryer.

Positive Points

  • Helps Reduce Mess in Home

    If humans or pets are constantly passing through a door from outside, and there's no mat beside the door (or there's one that's not very absorbent), you may end up with a huge mess. You might find yourself constantly wiping up water or even trying to scrub dried mud off a hardwood or tile floor. By placing a Tidy Paw Mat besides each commonly used door in your home, though, you'll be able to avoid tasks like these. If people and pets step onto the mat when they come in, there'll be little to no mess elsewhere.

  • Unlikely to Cause Accident

    People can easily slip and slide on mats without a non-slip base, and they may even seriously injure themselves while doing so. With the Tidy Paw Mat, however, there's little potential for accidents like this, because of each mat's slip-resistant latex base. No matter how aggressively you step onto this mat when you walk through your door, it'll be unlikely to move out of place.

  • Useful in Car

    Aside from the home, you might find one of these mats to be useful in your vehicle. If a pet likes to put their dirty paws on a passenger seat, or your child has difficulty keeping their dirty boots on the floor, you won't have to deal with stained upholstery. Instead, you can add one of these mats to their chosen seat to soak up dirt, and simply take it inside and wash it every so often.

Save Money

This type of mat will also double as a super-absorbent towel for you to quickly dry your pet with after you've bathed them. Therefore, you won't have to seek out and obtain a separate towel that will do this effectively, if you don't feel like it. What's more, the Tidy Paw Mat will relieve you of the responsibility of replacing your flooring due to water damage on a regular basis. Instead of letting water from outside damage the flooring around your entranceway, it'll soak up a large amount of water quickly before it has a chance to cause any damage.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tidy Paw Mat online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tidy Paw Mat online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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