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Tidy Hook Tidy Hook or Alternatives
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Tidy Hook is a product made up of 2 hooks on a long belt made of black plastic. It attaches to the seat of your car, providing a place to hang the sturdy garbage bags they provide you with. The purpose of the product is to give you and your family a place to put your garbage while you're in the car, as an alternative to throwing it on the floor. This item is supposed to be built so that it stays securely on the seat, and doesn't slide off while you're driving.

Tidy Hook Tidy Hook or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Tidy Hook is $19.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Car Garbage System

    This is a device made of a long black belt with two hooks on the end. It's meant to be used in your vehicle as a garbage system. There's a bag you hang on the hooks so that people in the car can use it as a garbage.

  • Stays Securely in Place

    According to the manufacturer, once you install this on the back of the car seat, it stays securely in place without moving around and causing annoyance.

  • Tear Drop Hook Design

    The reason for the double hooks is so you can put one arm of a bag on each hook. These hooks have a teardrop design that make this easy. It allows for a wider opening for the bag, so it's easier to toss in your trash and you can fit more in the bag.

  • 2 Sturdy Bags

    The set you receive will include 2 of these super sturdy car garbage bags that you can hang on the hooks. These bags are reusable.

  • Double Offer + Shipping

    The company is offering a deal 'for a limited time only' which allows you to purchase one Tidy Hook and get a second one for free. This offer also includes free shipping.


  • Can Help Organize Your Car

    The product may help you keep your car tidier and more organized, providing your car mates are willing to use it. This leads to an overall better environment in the vehicle, and possibly cleaner air. It also makes a much better impression when others - like colleagues and friends - see your car. This could have some degree of positive impact on your confidence level and mood.

  • Easy to 'install'

    There are only 3 simple steps to installing Tidy Hook. You hook the belt around the bar at the neck of your seat. Then you hang it on the bar. Finally, you hang the hooks on the belt and then the bags on the hook. It's so easy that anyone could do it without any help.

  • Can Teach Kids Car Manners

    This is an excellent tool for teaching the kids manners in the car and how to take good care of possessions. It's not a good idea to be teaching kids that throwing garbage on the floor is acceptable.

  • Easy Access for Driver

    The way the Tidy Hook is hung around the seat makes it easy for the driver to reach it while they're driving. This makes it easy for them to keep the car neat and tidy while they're on the road.

  • Black Color is Neutral

    It's a very small point, but the manufacturer has stressed that the black color of this product is neutral and matches any car interior.


  • They Think the Hook Acts

    The marketing for this product suggests that the item itself turns a dirty car into a clean, organized sanctuary. That's simply a false claim. What turns your car into a clean environment is your family or other people who ride in your car having respect for you, and not treating your property like a garbage dump. If you've been allowing them to do that, you're going to have to do some training before the bag starts to function at that level.

  • They Make a Dirty Car Okay

    The advertisement for this product makes it look like it's perfectly normal to dump garbage all over the car, and that in the absence of Tidy Hook this is what people normally do. That is just false; this is far from normal behavior and not what the majority of people teach their children.

  • Doesn't Prevent Distractions

    Another false claim on the part of the manufacturer is that the product 'helps to prevent dangerous distractions'. An easy access garbage does all that? Besides, the bag isn't so accessible that a driver wouldn't feel the need to look to see where they are aiming. The bag is more distracting than throwing your garbage on the car floor.

  • Looks Cheaply Made

    They don't say what the product is made of so it's hard to be certain with just a picture, but it looks like a very cheaply made item. There's a good chance it's just plastic. So it's going to look cheap in your car, and it may not last for too long.

  • Too Much Money for Cheap Item

    Although this is priced quite cheaply, it still seems like too much money for just a basic item. It's the kind of thing you could probably make yourself fairly easily. For that matter, you could just tie a plastic bag to your car door handle, or put it around the back of the seat, and you've got yourself a Tidy Hook for free. This is quite an unnecessary product.

Does It Really Work?

It's impossible to know whether this product works or whether it's been well-received by customers because there doesn't seem to be a single review of Tidy Hook online. Granted this is a very new product, but it's still never a good sign when there are no customer comments.

Having said that, it's a very basic item with a simple design and purpose. There's no real reason why it wouldn't work. It hooks around the seat, and you place a bag on the hook. People use the bag to deposit their refuse. As long as they do that, then yes, it works and serves its purpose.

How it's Different from Competitors

There's a hanging car trash bag that hooks to the middle, behind the clutch. It's a small open little garbage can with a bag in it. There are other very similar items which hook to the back of the seat. These systems all seem much more practical. Many of the car garbage systems available stress that they're waterproof, which is not a feature mentioned about the Tidy Hook bags. They are all close to the same price or in some cases cheaper than the item.

All in all, other systems on the market are much better, more attractive, and better designed. It's worth doing some research before you settle on Tidy Hook as your car refuse system.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tidy Hook online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tidy Hook online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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