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Thundershirt is the product that uses gentle pressure to create a dramatic feeling to your cats. With this product you can easily bring your pet to the veterinarian for their regular checkup without getting scratched or without creating anxiety.

The Claim

Have you ever tried being so stressed out when bringing your cats to the vet? Not only you but your cat as well! Sometimes the cat owners get injured or scratched when these anxieties occur. If you’ve tried this then we’ve got the solution for you. Worry no more because with Thundershirt, you can now calm down your cats so that you can safely bring them to the vet for check-up. It is proven that cats relax when placed with Thundershirt on plus it makes it easier for vets to make a thorough exam. The gentle pressure has a dramatic calming feeling. Avoid anxiety and injuries with the all-new Thundershirt!

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Thundershirt is $39.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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What is Thunder Shirt?

Dogs are wonderful pets that get a little temperamental as well at times. There are several reasons why a pet dog can get out of hand and anxious. During these times, they just don’t stop barking and are incredibly restless. There are several solutions to calming a dog down during times like this. However, one of the most effective and easiest ways of doing so is by using the Thunder Shirt to calm a dog down when they are excited or anxious.

How Does It Work?

Thunder Shirt is a simple and effective way to calm a dog down by using very gentle pressure at the right spots. Thunder Shirt not only calms a dog that has turned anxious because of loud thunder claps, but also a range of different anxiety creating situations. The Thunder Shirt is worn on the pet dog like a shirt and it works perfectly well.


The features of Thunder Shirt are as follows:

· Safe solution

· Simple Solution

· Scientifically Proven

· Gentle Pressure

There are several scientific studies that have been done, that help with reducing the anxiety in dogs. There are different kinds of anxious situations that the Thunder Shirt can calm like storms, loneliness, travel and loud noise.


Dogs that are usually extremely anxious when there are fireworks, now have a calming solution that can help them feel better. About 80% of dogs have shown less anxiety by wearing the Thunder Shirt. The calming effect is gentle and almost instant. There is no need for a pet owner to be stressed by trying to calm a dog down when using the Thunder Shirt.


The Thunder Shirt is used to calm a dog under any circumstance. There are several scientifically proved factors that have shown to make a dog anxious. These factors have also been tested through surveys and the Thunder Shirt is used for such situations. When a dog gets anxious over loud noises, loneliness and travel, the Thunder Shirt can be used to calm them down and in turn calm an anxious owner.

Easy to Use

The Thunder Shirt is very easy to use and just needs to be put on a dog. The Thunder Shirt provides gentle pressure that helps in relieving stress and anxiety symptoms in dogs. No matter what the reason for the anxiousness is, Thunder Shirt works well. There is no additional medications or tools that will be required while using the Thunder Shirt to calm the dog down. Thunder Shirt works by itself.

Positive Aspects

Many owners pull at their dogs when they begin to act anxious. This can be traumatic for the dog as well as the owner who begins to feel bad for possibly hurting the dog. The Thunder Shirt is a perfect solution in such cases. There is a leash and harness all rolled into one package. There are Thunder Shirts available even for cats.

Save Money

There is no need to waste money on expensive drugs and medications that help in calming a dog during a thunderstorm. There is no need to worry about hurting the dog by using leashes and pulling at it. Thunder Shirt is an inexpensive and easy way to calm a dog down completely in any kind of anxious situation.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Thundershirt online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Thundershirt online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Jay Cartwright - (Jamestown, NY)
Posted: 09 Aug 2015
I Regret Buying it!

Not worth It

If you put a harness on a cat that is not used to it, the cat will fall over and lie still. It's a natural instinct for them to do so. Paying for something like this is stupid. If you cat is antsy about going to the vet you can get pills from the vet to calm them before travel. If you don't want pills just buy a sturdy carrier for the cat. Remember that the easiest way to get a cat into a carrier is to put them in backwards.

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