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Thin Mint Wallet Thin Mint Wallet or Alternatives
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The Thin Mint Wallet is a black wallet that's made from heavy-duty aircraft aluminum. It's been deemed capable of securely holding various credit cards, debit cards, and pieces of identification, along with cash and store receipts. Although each one is reportedly durable enough to withstand being dropped or having a tire drive over it, each one's also about the same compact size as a cake of soap. Each wallet has been equipped with RFID-blocking technology that'll help stop criminals from stealing your personal information.

Thin Mint Wallet Thin Mint Wallet or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Thin Mint Wallet is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping for a total price of $27.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open Wallet

    When you receive your first Thin Mint Wallet, you'll have to press the button on one side to open it up. Once you open it, you'll see that there's a compartment on each side in which you can store at least a few cards, and a cash clip.

  2. Add Cards And Cash

    Next, add credit cards, debit cards, or identification cards to each of your wallet's compartments. The number of cards that will fit in each compartment will depend on the exact thickness of the cards. No matter what, don't jam more cards into a compartment than it can comfortably hold, or else the cards might end up getting damaged. If you need to store any cash or other small pieces of paper in your wallet, add these things to the built-in cash clip.

  3. Close Wallet

    Once you've added your cards, cash, and other slips of paper (like receipts or business cards) to your wallet, close up the wallet. It'll lock upon closure for extra security, and you'll need to press the appropriate button on one side to open it up again. With the wallet locked, store it in a safe place like a medium or large-sized pocket, your purse, or your backpack.

How It Works

It's now common knowledge that criminals will often use RFID scanners to scan people's wallets and pick up information such as their credit card numbers or driver's license numbers. Then, they'll use this information to steal a victim's money or identity. Fortunately, there's little chance of this happening when you use the Thin Mint Wallet, though. The entire thing is equipped with RFID-blocking technology that'll repel the criminals' scanners and render them unable to pick up information from your cards. Plus, each wallet's automatic locking feature will add another layer of security by preventing cards from falling out.


  • For Men And Women

    This wallet comes in the gender and age-neutral shade of black, which makes it an ideal choice for virtually any adult man or woman. Along the same lines, its solid black shade and modern appearance will make it suitable for almost any situation, from meetings in a boardroom to nights at a pub. Teenagers who like to carry their own money and pieces of identification will be able to put this type of wallet to good use, too.

  • Slim Design

    People who use a bulkier wallet, such as a leather one, may find that it creates an unattractive bulge in their shirt pocket. Similarly, these wallets can poke into a person's bottom or thigh if they sit down while carrying one in their pants pocket. On the other hand, no such unattractive and uncomfortable bulge will be created by the Thin Mint Wallet, due to its ultra-thin design. Carrying one of these around in a pocket will instead look and feel similar to carrying around a scientific calculator or smartphone.

  • Durable

    Since each of these wallets is made of aircraft aluminum, each one will likely be durable enough to last you at least a few years, if not longer. Even if you drop your wallet frequently, its outer shell shouldn't break. Furthermore, aluminum is rust-resistant, so the wallet should keep looking attractive and new throughout its lifetime. It's also water resistant, so if you go out in the rain frequently, this shouldn't expose the cards, cash, and papers inside to water damage.

  • Cash Clip Inside

    Some wallets contain a cash clip on the outside, which bills can fall out of, but some don't contain a cash clip at all. This often forces users to stuff their cash inside in a disorganized manner. You won't have to use an outside cash clip or stuff your cash inside the Thin Mint Wallet, however, as each one contains an inner cash clip that will hold multiple bills. Consumers who still prefer to use cash over plastic may be especially satisfied with the addition of this clip.

Positive Points

  • Opens With A Hinge

    To open and close a wallet made from plastic, leather, or some other type of fabric, you'll likely find yourself frequently bending the material. This may result in the wallet's material becoming thinner or picking up rips over time, which may make the wallet less attractive-looking and less secure. Luckily, your Thin Mint Wallet will open and close by virtue of a strong aluminum hinge, so this deterioration of its material won't occur. Since the hinge is made from the same material as the rest of this aluminum wallet, it should remain fully functional throughout the wallet's life.

  • Can Be Decorated

    Some users may be fine with a basic black aluminum wallet, but if anyone thinks that theirs looks too boring, the outside (front and back) can be decorated with stickers, decals, or fabric. You'll have quite a generous surface area to work with on either side since there won't be any outer cash clips in the way. If multiple people in the same household have this type of wallet, decorating each one could be a good way to tell them all apart at a glance. Keep in mind, though, that a child's wallet shouldn't be decorated with their full name.

  • Sets Of One To Four

    You can opt to get one Thin Mint Wallet by itself, but they're also available in sets of two, three, and four. That way, a couple or an entire family or group of roommates can obtain one for each member. Alternatively, if you have to carry a ton of cards due to your occupation, and one wallet won't accommodate quite all of them, you might choose to carry two of these wallets as an individual.

Critical Advice

While it's possible to put your credit cards, debit cards, and identification cards in your wallet's cash clip, it's best to put them in the sections designed for cards. With that, they'll be better protected by the wallet's RFID-blocking technology. They'll also be protected from physical damage that might occur if the cash clip were to rub against their magnetic strips.

Negative Points

  • No Good Place For Coins

    Using coins is becoming less popular these days, but a lot of people are still using them, and this type of wallet offers no designated space for coins. A coin will probably fall straight out of the cash clip, so your options will be to allow them to rattle around in the card compartments or the middle of the wallet. This could get noisy and the coins could fall quickly out of the wallet anytime you were to open it.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Thin Mint Wallet online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Thin Mint Wallet online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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