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The Rack

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The Rack is the fitness breakthrough that transforms into 3 body-sculpting positions - standing, bench and flat, making it the perfect way to build bigger, sculpted muscles fast. Have the ripped body you want from a workout that is less than 30 minutes per session.

The Claim

The Rack allows three workout positions; standing which uses all your body weight to build muscles, bench to elevate your body for rapid muscle sculpting and flat for insane ab-ripping exercises. The secret to The Rack is its exclusive Zone Projection Training Method. By rapidly moving from one exercise to another, you burn fat and build muscle. Blast out upper body exercises for a chiseled and defined upper body. Whip through core zone exercises to have and maintain chiseled six-pack. Lower body exercises give you powerful chiseled legs. It is strong and can support up to 300 lbs. When done with your workout, it folds easily making it portable and versatile.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of The Rack is $159.96 and the shipping is FREE! Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

What is it?

The Rack is a workout gym that magically transforms into three different body-sculpting positions: standing, bench, and flat. Each position has the power to completely slim and tone up the body into a sexy masterpiece. Constructed mainly of steel, this revolutionary exercise device takes traditional fitness regimes and turns them into unique body-changing techniques.

How does it work?

The Rack combines an all-in-one gym, a nutritional guide, a fitness guide, and 7 workout DVD’s to ensure that users can get the most firm, muscle-toned body of their lives. With each position comes a separate set of efficient exercises. The standing position entails using all of the body weight to build muscle; the bench position elevates the body for rapid muscle sculpting; and the flat elongates the muscle in the upper body for toned abs and obliques. The secret to The Rack’s amazing success is its Zone Progression Training method. When people rapidly move from exercise-to-exercise, they burn fat quickly and build muscle. In as little as 30 minutes a day, users can transform their bodies from flabby to defined, toned, and firm.

Why buy it?

The Rack is the most efficient and effective way to achieve a perfectly toned body. It can give users the resistance, challenge, and versatility that are necessary in order to accomplish the best workout. The Rack uses the human body as a form of resistance to complete crucial movements in each exercise. It’s also easy to assemble; just screw in 4 bolts, attach the washers and 4 additional bolts, and the process is complete. The Rack is the only solution to getting a dream body. It challenges the user enough so that they will feel the necessary burn and strain to properly exercise, but the system isn’t complicated and it’s incredibly simple to transform the Rack from position to position.


Purchasing and using the Rack on a daily basis can produce an amazing dream body in just 30 minutes. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Easy to use; doesn’t require any special training.
  • It’s portable and will easily fold and lock into place for future use.
  • Anyone under 300 pounds can use the Rack.
  • Vinyl cover foam handles ensure a solid grip while users are doing hard-core sweaty workouts
  • No muscle or area of the body will be left out when exercising with the Rack. That’s because it can transform into three different positions, allowing for dozens upon dozens of effective exercises that will build muscle and tone up the body.


The Rack is the quickest, most effective, most challenging, and most versatile way to transform a flabby, out-of-shape body to a sexy and toned core that one can be proud to show off. It focuses on every single aspect of the body, ensuring firm and defined muscles everywhere. The Rack is portable and can be brought along on vacations so that users can stay in shape while they’re away. It’s the most convenient exercise device on the market. There is no reason not to purchase the Rack today!

Wise Advice

Do not buy The Rack online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy The Rack online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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