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Ten X Razor Ten X Razor or Alternatives
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Ten X Razor is a unique shaving device that utilizes a double-sided cartridge fitted onto a hinge that can rotate at a 180-degree angle aimed to give you the closest of shaves. When one side of your cartridge goes blunt you don’t need to worry about changing blades or running to the store for a fresh one. The unused cartridge remains protected by a special shield that helps prevent the blade’s edge from getting damaged.

Ten X Razor Ten X Razor or Alternatives
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  • Double-headed Cartridge

    When it comes to shaving equipment, technological advancement is needed to drive a product’s success in such a niche market. There’s a constant effort being put into making the shaving blade and cartridge used within these razors increasingly user-friendly such that one doesn’t have to be in a constant search for the right shaving system.

    Ten X Razor has come up with a unique shaving cartridge that allows you to shave using both sides. That does not mean that you have to use both sides simultaneously. All that it means is that when one side of the cartridge gets blunt you don’t need to necessarily replace the cartridge. You simply press a button that rotates the cartridge by an entire 180 degrees in order to be able to use the unused side of the very same cartridge.

  • 180-degree Rotation

    The Ten X Razor has been provided with the feature of having two sets of blades in one cartridge itself, making it functionally superior to other more conventional shaving systems. However, in addition to this, the manufacturers have also made sure that you don’t have any difficulty in swapping cartridges when you’re done with its use.

    When you finish with one side of the cartridge you simply press a button provided to rotate the cartridge by 180 degrees and then lock it in place for you to continue shaving. What’s more, when you finish using the second side, you simply press this very same button again and the entire cartridge ejects out, allowing you to lock-in a new one.

  • Supreme Blade Protection

    With Ten X Razor, due to the fact that two sets of blades are present on the very same cartridge, it became very important to keep the blades present on the reverse unused side shielded. As a result, a special shielding technology was utilized while manufacturing these cartridges, allowing the blades to remain unscathed while the other side of the cartridge is being used. This leaves the blades on the reverse side razor sharp for when you actually needed to put them to use.

What Makes it Different

When it comes to having a shave that is close yet comfortable it is important to make use of a device that is well equipped to deal with the subtle contours of the face. Those who have used razors with a fixed arm and swivel at all know all about how that feels when dragged across the face while shaving. As a result, you can now find razors that show some degree of flexibility in their arm such that the razor blade has a softer feel across the face.

Ten X Razor takes this idea one step further by allowing the razor to shave across your skin at almost any possible angle without change in its precision. This allows for not just a supremely comfortable shave but one that is clean and close.

When it comes to shaving, the less the number of swipes one has to give the skin with the blade the better. The more the rub over the skin, the greater the chance of one’s skin getting damaged and broken. This is especially true for razor cartridges that have just one or two blades installed within them. As a result, one has to apply many more shaving strokes over one’s skin than if the number of blades within the razor were more.

With Ten X Razor, each cartridge is fitted with 5 precision blades on each of its sides. As a result, at any one time, you will be cutting away your beard around 5 times faster than if you were using just one blade, and that too, with each stroke of your cartridge. This, in turn, not only would end up saving your skin from unnecessary abrasion but also a few extra moments of valuable time while giving you the clean, close shave you desire.

Positive Aspects

  • Fewer Shopping Trips

    Making a trip to the shops at the last minute just in order to buy a razor can seem a waste of time to most people with busy schedules. Razor-blades do tend to get exhausted rather quickly, especially for those with thicker facial hair than others.

    Ten X Razor provides a novel way of shaving in which you end up having twice as many razor blades as the number of cartridges purchased because each cartridge has two sets of blades. This, combined with the fact that each side of the cartridge has a set of 5 blades, can almost half the number of trips you make to the shops to buy new cartridges.

  • Great for Business Trips

    When one is out on business you generally prefer traveling light so that you can concentrate on getting the job done rather than on lugging around your belongings everywhere you go. However, there are some parts of luggage that just cannot be avoided, such as your shaving kit. Most business individuals need to look the part while out and about.

    With Ten X Razor, you can carry your shaving kit with a little less clutter. You’d usually just need a single razor that is already fitted with two sets of precision blades with a single cartridge.

  • Money-back Guarantee

    There are times when no matter what, we want to return an item, even though it’s no fault of the manufacturer. If this is the case with your purchase of Ten X Razor, then just return your purchase with 60 days from its delivery and expect a full refund of its entire cost price.

Save Money

Ten X Razor cartridge has two sets of shaving blades which, in effect, allows you to do with just half the number of cartridges than otherwise.

What’s more, with your purchase you will even get a toiletry bag, shaving butter, an after-shave balm, and 5 additional razor cartridges that might even last you all year long. To save you a further bit of cash, the manufacturers have also allowed this product to be shipped to you without charging you for shipping.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ten X Razor online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ten X Razor online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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