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Temp Tube Temp Tube or Alternatives
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The Temp Tube is a flexible hose that extends throughout your vehicle to deliver warm or cold air to parts of the vehicle that do not have direct vents. By connecting one side of the tube to an air vent in the front of the vehicle, you can direct the opposing end to the back seat or even the trunk, if need be. When the vent is on, the hose will deliver air that may not have been able to reach those locations otherwise.

Temp Tube Temp Tube or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Temp Tube is $39.99 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Temp Tube at the discounted price of only $19.99 for a total price of $66.97.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Connect to Vent

    Start by taking the connector piece and looping it around the desired vent, preferably a front vent that is not actively being used.

  2. Tie in Place

    Next, tie the connector piece snuggly into place.

  3. Attach Hose

    Then, you can take the end of the hose and press it into the connector piece while turning it, locking it into place.

  4. Hang or Hold

    Finally, you can hang the hose by its built-in strap onto the back on the front seat or the car handles. The tube can also be held by another individual who is sitting in the back seat.


  • Temperature Regulate Back Seat

    Many vehicles with a second row—particularly base model vehicles— do not have rear vents, and front vents may not always be adequate if you have back seat riders. The Temp Tube could be used as an alternative to blasting the front vents which can be overwhelming for the driver and passenger. As long as the front seat riders are willing to sacrifice one of their vents, the air from that vent can be directed straight to the back.

  • Warming Feet

    Another benefit of using this product is having the ability to direct warm air onto your feet in cold winter months. If you are wearing thin shoes in the winter, or have wet shoes from snow, it can be difficult to warm your feet. Whether you are in the front or back seats, you can direct the end of the Temp Tube onto your feet and turn the heat up on high for a faster warmup.

  • Cooling Down Your Pets

    Traveling in the car with your pet can be stressful for both the driver and the animal. Many animals will get themselves worked up while the vehicle is in motion and may start to pant from overheating. Traditionally, the driver would have to turn the air conditioning up to keep their pet cool, but by using the Temp Tube, you can direct cool air to your pets without sacrificing your comfort.

  • Keeping Groceries Cool

    In the warm summer months, refrigerated and frozen groceries risk heating up on your drive home, particularly if you have a long drive. You can help keep your groceries from thawing by directing the Temp Tube at them and running the air conditioning in your vehicle. In most vehicles, the Temp Tube should be able to reach the back seat or the trunk, so it should work regardless of where you keep your groceries on the drive home.


  • Versatile Adaptor

    It is claimed that the Temp Tube can be used is almost any car, van, truck, or SUV. The adaptive connector can be placed around nearly any vent shape or size, and can then be tied into place to fit snuggly.

  • Quick Connect and Release

    The adaptive connector piece is quick to install, and it’s even faster to connect and disconnect the hose after that. When the connector is already attached to the vent, the hose can be attached or disconnected within a few seconds. If you do need to move the connector to a different vent or into another vehicle, this should only take a few minutes.

  • Straps for Hanging

    The Temp Tube has multiple looped straps that run along the hose for optimal hanging angles. If you hang the hose from a car handle, you can use straps that are closer or further from the end to adjust the distance from the passenger. The straps can also be used to secure the hose in place when on a headrest or middle console.

  • Flexible Tubing

    The Temp Tube is made from a flexible material that easily bends to weave around car seats, middle consoles, and more. This flexibility is designed to make storage easier by allowing more storage options based on size.

  • Soft Tubing

    The hose is covered in a soft fabric material that makes it more comfortable to use in the car. This soft material helps to avoid any abrasive scuffs that may occur when pulled along the interior of your vehicle. The soft covering on the Temp Tube also makes it safer for use with children.

Save Money

Using the Temp Tube can help to fully maximize your air conditioning and heating use, which can help save you money. When you use air conditioning or heating in your vehicle, you are using gas from your gas tank. Running the heating and air conditioning on its highest setting to help get the air to back seat passengers can directly cost you money in gas usage. By using this product to direct air to your back seat passengers, you can utilize the air that is already coming out of the front seat vents.


  • Using With Young Children

    Although directing air to your children who are sitting in the back seat may be beneficial for some scenarios, it may not be a good choice for young children or babies. The company claims that it works well for rear-facing car seats—although it may— young children and babies are temperature-sensitive. This may make it difficult to judge temperatures while you are in the front seat of the vehicle. Only using this product at mild temperatures may be a good solution to this concern.

  • Storage

    The product's hose is claimed to be flexible, and may fold up to be relatively small, but will still need to be stored when not in use. When stored in the vehicle, it may not be small enough to fit under the seat or in the middle console, and would probably need to be stored on a seat or in the trunk. If storing outside of the vehicle, you may not have it handy when you need it.

  • Bulky in Small Spaces

    Another concern is the amount of space the product takes when being used in your vehicle. If you have a front seat passenger, the hose will either have to run along their right or left arm to reach the back seat. Having the hose run up the middle of the vehicle may not be an option in all cars, and risks interfering with the driver’s elbow space.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Temp Tube online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Temp Tube online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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