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Temp-A-Sure Temp-A-Sure or Alternatives
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Temp-A-Sure is a hand-held, digital thermometer that's been designed to allow you to take someone's temperature without touching them. Aside from taking another human's temperature (or your own), it's stipulated that this device will also be able to take the temperature of a room or even the water in your tub. It gives temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and it'll turn green, orange, or red in accordance with the level of risk that the current temperature presents.

Temp-A-Sure Temp-A-Sure or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Temp-A-Sure is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Power up the Thermometer

    Before you use this digital thermometer, you'll need to use the power switch on the right-hand side of the device to turn it on.

  2. Hold Close to Person or Object

    Next, in order to take the temperature of a person or an object, hold the thermometer about a half-inch away from that person or thing. If you're taking another person's temperature, it's best to aim the device at their forehead, while making sure that you keep it above their eyes. To take the temperature of a certain environment in general, such as a room, simply point the thermometer anywhere in the open air.

  3. Click to Get Reading

    Once you've positioned your thermometer in order to take your first temperature, push down on the button located near the top of the handle. Following that, a temperature reading should appear on your device's screen. If you want to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa, use the buttons below the power button to adjust the settings.

  4. Assess Level of Risk

    You'll notice that aside from presenting a numerical reading, the screen on your thermometer will turn green, orange, or red. Green indicates a safe temperature, while red indicates a highly dangerous one (for the human body). If your screen is red, medical attention should be sought. As for orange, it indicates a temperature that's a bit too high and should be monitored.

  5. Turn Off Device and Store

    If you don't need to take any more readings at the moment, turn off your thermometer by using the power button and store it someplace cool and dry. This type of thermometer will save a total of 24 temperatures that have been taken, so you'll be able to refer to the most recent readings later, if necessary.

How It Works

The Temp-A-Sure digital thermometer does its work by using infrared thermal technology, which means that you'll be able to just point the thermometer at someone (or something) and click it to get a precise reading. There'll be no need to place this thermometer directly under a person's tongue or their armpit to get an indication of whether they're ill or not. Similarly, to take a temperature of a body of water, you'll only need to hold this type of thermometer above it, without submerging it in the water itself.


  • Lightweight and Portable

    This thermometer is lightweight, which makes it extremely portable, and the fact that it can be carried around by its handle only adds to its portability. If you need to take the temperature of more than one person in your household, you'll be able to carry one of these from room to room quite quickly. In the event that you want to go somewhere, but you fear that your child might get sick while you're on the road, you can even toss this thermometer into your purse or backpack.

  • Large, Bright Display

    Some compact thermometers can be hard to read, due to the fact that they display black text on a gray background. However, this one has a digital display that's large, bright, and colorful, so even people with minor vision issues will likely be able to see the numbers clearly. Plus, if you fail to see the numbers for any reason, the green, orange, or red background of the display will clearly indicate your level of risk.

  • Totally Touchless

    It's logical to worry about getting sick yourself when taking a potentially sick person's temperature, so you may be relieved to find out that you'll never have to touch another person while using the Temp-A-Sure. If you're quiet, you might even be able to take the temperature of a child or a bed-ridden adult while they're sleeping. Since you won't have to touch a person who is ill, as you likely would when putting a thermometer under a person's tongue, the chances that you'll get sick will be much lower.

  • Stores 24 Readings

    The Temp-A-Sure thermometer will always store the last 24 readings you took. As a result, you'll be able to track your temperature and see if it's improving at all, and the same goes for anyone else's temperature. When you're sick, you may want to take your temperature once an hour while you're awake, in order to see if it goes up or down—and seek medical attention if it keeps increasing.

Positive Points

  • Children May Not Fuss

    If you're a parent or caregiver for children or infants, you may have noticed that they fuss when getting their temperature taken under the tongue. They'll likely be much happier if you use a Temp-A-Sure thermometer to do the job, though, as the device won't touch them at all. In fact, you may be able to get a reading before a child or infant has noticed that you've pointed the device at them, and you probably won't have to deal with lots of crying.

  • No Electricity Required

    You won't require electricity to use this type of digital thermometer, which means you won't have to use it only in locations where an open electrical outlet is available. Using it frequently also won't cause you to run up your electricity bill, and you won't have to worry about dragging a tangle-prone extension cord around. The device will need batteries to run, though, so you'll have to consult your instruction manual to find out exactly what type it needs, and what's already included.


  • Do Not Put in Water

    Although you can use this type of thermometer to figure out the temperature of a body or container of water, it should never be dunked in the water. To take the temperature of a bathtub, a lake, a pool, or any other body of water, hold the thermometer slightly above the water and then point and click as you normally would.

Save Time

If you don't have a thermometer like this one, and taking your child's temperature under their tongue has proven to be too much of a hassle, you might choose to visit your doctor. After traveling there, sitting in the waiting room, and going through your appointment, you may have used up more than an hour, and the doctor might say that your child is actually fine. If you're not certain that your child needs medical attention, taking their temperature with a Temp-A-Sure to get an indication of their health status is a much speedier solution. Typically, taking a reading with this thermometer can be done in just a couple of seconds.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Temp-A-Sure online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Temp-A-Sure online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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