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Teddy Tanks

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Teddy Tank is a stuffed animal, fish tank, and night light all in one. It is a plush stuffed toy in the outside and a colorful fish tank on the inside. It also has a built in light that offers kids comfort in the dark. The product is safe to use. The fish tank is made of plastic, and the LED night lamp needs only very little energy and produces negligible heat. The Teddy tank is a very interactive toy and it can also be used to store toys, candies, dog treats and more. When soiled, it is very easy to clean. Just remove the fish tank from the stuffed animal and wash them separately.

The Claim

This toy is double the fun. You can play with the stuffed animal and the fish tank at the same time, because every time you feed your stuffed animal, your fish get its fill too. Kids have a good time watching the fish in the tank, especially when it’s lit by its built in LED light. Parents also love the way the Teddy Tank encourages kids to be responsible in a fun way. The kids can take care of their pets or use the tank as a coin bank. The Teddy Tank can be ordered online and you can pick from various stuffed animal designs, such as Magical Unicorn, Playful Monkey, Joyful Giraffe, Awesome Elephant, and a lot more.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Teddy Tanks is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $27.98. This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page found at; however, the company has since ceased selling Teddy Tanks and has taken down the website. Teddy Tanks may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

What Is Teddy Tanks?

Teddy Tanks a stuffed animal that has a bowl where its stomach is. The stuffed animal comes in many different varieties, from a unicorn, giraffe, penguin, and of course, a teddy bear. The bowl is primarily used as a fishbowl. You can feed your fish by putting the food inside of the stuffed toy’s mouth. However, it can also be used to store items in, or can be used as a piggy bank to help teach kids how to save in a fun way. The bowl is big enough so many things can be stored inside of it. 

How It Works.

The bowl is see-through and makes up the middle of the stuffed animal, looking like it has a belly full of whatever it is you want to store. The mouth of the plush has an opening that will give the fish air and will also allow for things to be put inside of it, from fish food to treats to blocks to change. The stuffed animal can also be decorated, giving kids more ways to have fun with the toy.

Why You Need It

If you have a child, it’s a cute and educational product for them. They’ll love the cute animal and they’ll be excited to feed the stuffed animal things. If they decide to put a fish, it can teach them how to take care of pets. If they want to use it to store stuff, it can be used as a way to help keep your kids organized and not messy. If they want to use it as a piggy bank, it can be used to teach children how to save their money in a way that is entertaining and fun. 


  • It’s a stuffed animal, so children will love it and will enjoy feeding it things that will go inside of the bowl.
  • Comes in many different plush animals to fit any kids’ preference. 
  • Can be decorated with bows and other accessories so kids can customize it however they want.
  • The mouth allows children to put their stuff inside easily and in a fun way. Kids will love feeding the animal and watching things go inside of it.
  • Teaches kids the responsibility of raising a fish and feeding it.
  • Can teach kids to store their stuff and not be messy.
  • Can teach kids to save up their money in a fun way. 


Being a stuffed toy, kids, especially the younger ones, might have the impulse to pick it up and play with it. If there’s a fish inside, that may be a danger to the fish. Make sure your kid plays with Teddy Tanks responsibly.


Teddy Tanks is a cute and entertaining way to teach your kids how to raise a fish, how to store their things, or how to save their money. It’s a product that has many uses, and considering it comes in a variety of different animals, there’s a Teddy Tanks for anyone. It’s worth it if you have young children.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Teddy Tanks online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Teddy Tanks online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Matti - (Joplin, MO)
Posted: 01 May 2016
I Recommend Buying it!

Cute Little Tank

The teddy tank May not be the best tank in the world, for young kids. But for older kids, its fine. My male betta, Echo, is very happy in his 3 gallon tank. When you travel you can take your fish with you instead of that big, tank that it's normally in. You have to clean it every few days. I think the teddy tank is a great idea! Btw, do they still make Teddy Tanks, or did people rant too much and they took them off the Market? They made the Teddy Tanks in 2014, and its 2016 right now. And the teddy tank does not have to hold fish! It can hold blocks, gum balls, and even hair accessories, ect.

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Jessica - (Tampa, FL)
Posted: 24 Dec 2014
I Recommend Buying it!

I have seen a lot of negative replies about the teddy tank I know for smaller children it would seem more like a teddy but for older children who understand fish can't be moved around a lot this tank is just fine. The teddy easily pulls off the tank for easy cleaning and for the fish not getting enough oxygen : - ) have you seen what the fish come in at petco a small container with a very very small hole in the top like 10x smaller than the teddy tank oxygen hole and at petco these fish live in these containers for months. Thanks we love ourteddy tank.

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Posted: 02 Dec 2015

The Teddy Tanks is inhumane. The reason pet stores keep bettas in the small cups is because they can't be kept in schools because they will attack each other and the stores won't divide the tanks. Bettas require at least 2.5 gallons and a heater. To keep the ammonia down without a filter you would have to clean the "tank" multiple times per day. Betta fish have a labyrinth organ which allows them to breathe air. I have two bettas in 5 gallon heated and filtered aquariums and they are thriving. I am also a member of tropical fish keeping. A forum dedicated to aquarists and they have a whole sub site dedicated to the care of bettas. Please check out to learn how to take care of a fish before you buy it.

Posted: 26 Dec 2015

I bought this for my son a couple days ago, does it actually work? The Betta is ok and swims fine in it?

Posted: 05 Apr 2016

Yes. My friend has one for her girls. It is too cute! And the fish gets oxygen! Just so everyone knows.

Natalie - (Flushing, NY)
Posted: 11 Dec 2014
I Regret Buying it!

How are we going to clean the fish tank?

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Bc - (Red Rock, ON)
Posted: 29 Jul 2014
I Regret Buying it!

Missing Pieces, Poor Packaging

I recently ordered two Teddy Tanks: Awesome Elephant and Magical Unicorn. I purchased these items as birthday presents for a soon-to-be 4 year old and a soon-to-be 5 year old because they seemed like fun toys and I had heard good reviews. However, what I received did not match up with the reviews I've been hearing. The Teddy Tanks arrived in beat up brown boxes, and when I opened the boxes I was not impressed to find that the Teddy Tanks were in plastic bags rather than the vibrant blue and white boxes I've seen in reviews. Neither Teddy Tank had the record buttons or voice boxes, and the Awesome Elephant did not have the embroidered Teddy Tank teddy bear on the foot. Although both Teddy Tanks arrived with 2 bowls, neither came with the advertised gravel, LED light, fish net or plastic plant. Is this a mistake I had made during the ordering process, or is it the Teddy Tank website's mistake? I ordered directly from the official website.

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Posted: 29 Jul 2014

I would also like to say that I did not intend to use these as fish tanks, but as night lights and candy containers.

Posted: 10 Nov 2014

The commercial I saw said the item does not come with gravel or accessories, I don't know about the rest of your question ( thats a good idea for candy ).

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