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Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

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Take Along Tunes is a musical toy that is made for young children. It is made by the Baby Einstein company and is best for children up to 12 months old. The large buttons on it are perfect for their little hands to play with. With the push of a button, they will enjoy classical music from composers like Mozart and Chopin. There are lights that will flash when the melodies are playing that help to get the child's attention and focus.


  • Great Toy

    Take Along Tunes plays several different melodies that your child will enjoy. It keeps them entertained with the flashing lights. The rings on the side of the toy give them something to grasp or chew on if they are teething.

  • Portable

    The Take Along Tunes toy is very lightweight and small so it is perfect for your child to carry around everywhere they go. Baby Einstein has made this toy perfect for long car rides. However, it is also big enough so that your child won't lose it.

  • Calming Lullabies

    Children who use this toy are easily calmed down by the classical melodies that are played. This toy has the ability to help children to sleep easier too. These lullabies are not the usual ones that you will hear on children's toys, so your child will not grow bored with it either.


  • Volume Control

    In case you are worried about this toy being too loud for your child, don't fret. There is a volume control panel where you can adjust the volume so it is not too loud for your child.

  • Well Constructed

    This toy is made for children to chew on and throw around. It is well constructed, worth the money, and can really take a good beating. Baby Einstein knew what to expect when they were making this toy.

  • Longer Melodies

    Many parents love this toy because of the classical melodies that it plays. These melodies generally are more than 3 notes and can calm the child while they are playing. Longer melodies help to entertain the child making your life as a parent easier.


  • Decal Wear

    Some parents have shown some general concern about the decals on the toy wearing off too quickly. These parents worry that their child may swallow the decals and choke.


  • Baby Einstein Ball Toy

    This ball is made for children 3 month to 12 months old and features a colorful rattle and beads that children can play with. It is made to help children with hand and eye coordination.

  • Baby Einstein Roller Pillar

    Another Baby Einstein toy that is made for movement and coordination is the Roller Pillar. It includes 5 balls that are made to help your child with coordination and movement. These balls are made perfectly for little hands to pick up and grasp. Each ball has a specific activity related to it. These activities are mirror, chime, rattle, and light.

  • Vtech Interactive Zoo

    If you are looking for another toy that plays music and lights up, this Interactive Zoo is one. It has large buttons much like the Take Along Tunes toy and your child will be entertained for hours with it. Children up to the age of 4 years old will be amused by the monkey and the interactive buttons.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Take Along Tunes toy is different from the competitors because it uses more than just a few notes of a classical song. These songs are not used very often in children's toys and will be refreshing for your child to listen to.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Take Along Tunes Musical Toy online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Take Along Tunes Musical Toy online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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