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Tae Bo Evolution

Tae bo Evolution Edge is allegedly involved fitness system that lets you maximize your workout and get the results you want in only a fraction of the time. With this system you get a handful of tools that can transform the single exercise bar into a wonderful cardiovascular challenge. Capitalizing upon his strengths and knowledge, creator and martial artist Billy Blanks has created a unit that is not only challenging but fun for everyone who uses it.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Tae Bo Evolution is $89.85 and the shipping is FREE!

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( www.taeboevolution.com ) which was taken offline due to Tae Bo Evolution being discontinued. Tae Bo Evolution may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( www.taeboevolution.com ) which was taken offline due to Tae Bo Evolution being discontinued. Tae Bo Evolution may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

Tae Bo Evolution Commercial


  • Comfortable Bar

    The edge bar has a comfortable, anti-slip foam cover which wicks out your sweat.

  • Lots of Things

    Within this order you receive the edge bar, the door anchor, the power band, the meal plan, the instructional video, and the core plus strength video. All of these units combine to help you melt away fat and improve your muscle tone.

  • Bonus Things

    The extreme package gives you an exercise mat, a knee pad, advanced workout videos. You also get a custom carrying case for all of the units, and the ability to stream all of the different videos online in case you don't want to play a DVD where you are.

  • Safe

    This system delivers a safer, low impact workout in less time than normal workouts.

  • Whole Body

    The compound workout lets you deliver power, speed, stamina, strength, and flexibility for your body.


  • Targets the Body

    When you use this system you get every movement of Taebo in a specially engineered set of movements designed to help develop your body proportionally. These moves will increase your efficiency and your effectiveness. The definitive work out charges your metabolism so that you get circuit training and CrossFit training which helps you to target a faster heart rate.

  • Lots of Exercises

    When you review the instructional video you will see that a lot of the workouts you receive target the full body including the bow and arrow movement. You can also do the bicep curl, the rollout move, the Horse shoe, the forward lunge, and the upright row. The many options for exercises runs the gambit from strength training to flexibility to weightlifting. Having all of these options gives you a more well-rounded routine, something which most exercise units sold over the Internet do not account for.

  • Billy Blanks

    Billy Blanks is the personal trainer you get, instructing you throughout the video on how to achieve heart pounding, calorie burning, and muscle toning workouts. Said system is designed and endorsed by Billy blanks who is an American fitness guru in addition to a successful martial artist. He is the creator of the tae bo exercise program, something he actually created back in 1992. Since then many of his programs have been improved upon and this particular option is something brand-new that takes his previous exercise routines even further.

    His older videos focused on specific parts of the body and he offers instructional courses live from many instructors that he has personally trained, in addition to certification camps. For those who cannot go to a certification camp or get a personal trainer this at-home unit is a great alternative.

Meal Plan

This particular system heavily emphasizes the meal plan. While there are almost no exercise bands, systems, tools, or programs out there which do not include some type of meal plan, this one gives it a great deal of emphasis. Said meal plan is one that tastes good, gives you energy, and is meant to help train your body into being proactive and burning fat away that you don't want while also building muscle. Far too many people limit themselves when they try to get fit by eating a very unhealthy and improperly balanced meal. This meal plan includes affordable but tasty options that you can make all the time and still feel like you aren't on a diet.

How it Burns Fat

  1. Increases Temperature

    This system works by providing you with multiple types of full body exercises. You can covert the single bar, with the accoutrements, into many types of exercise companions fit for many types of exercises. With this program
    Your body temperature increases when you exercise. You may feel hot or flushed, and you begin to sweat. These are mechanisms in your body, which try and lower your body temperature back to a normal level.

    Your muscles do not efficiently use the body’s chemical energy, and the wasted energy gets processed in to heat. Heat is also produced through different metabolic processes, such as aerobic respiration.

  2. Sweat and Blood Vessels

    The thermostat in your brain, or hypothalamus, plays a critical role in body cooling. It sends a signal to sweat glands to produce more sweat. Sweat evaporates from the skin, and removes excess heat in the process. Your sweat also removes fluid from the body. This is why it is so important to drink lots of fluid during exercise to avoid dehydration.

    His Tae Bo exercises cause the blood vessels to expand, especially those in the cardiovascular system. The process for enlarging the blood vessels is very complicated. After the body uses all available ATP, muscles produce by-products that make the smaller vessels and capillaries expand. Seeing as they are enlarged, oxygen passes through these vessels and capillaries at a higher, easier rate. Blood flow is also reduced to inactive muscles during this process. .

  3. Blood Flow

    A major shift takes place in the cardiovascular system during exercise. More blood is pumped in to the muscles, while some is transferred from less important functions. The flow of blood is prioritized on what you are currently doing. When exercise begins, the systems of your body kick in to produce more oxygen and more blood flow.

    From these biological processes, you get the fat burning results you want. .


  • Eat Well

    You need to follow the dietary guide if you want to really burn fat and see the muscles you are developing underneath that fat.

Three Package Options

  • Basic

    The first package option is the basic package. This gives you the power band, the Edgepark, the door anchor, the manual, the meal plan, and the two videos.

  • Advanced

    The advanced package gives you the edge bar, the door anchor, the power band, the manual, the meal plan, the basic instructional video, the core plus strength video.

  • Extreme

    The extreme package comes with the edge bar, door anchor, meal plan, manual, power band, knee pad, exercise mat, and carrying case. You also get the extreme workout video, the advanced workout video, the basic instructional video, the core and strength video.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tae Bo Evolution online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tae Bo Evolution online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Patti - (Sherwood, OR)
Posted: 13 Feb 2017

Bad Deal

Do not order unless you want to be put on a magazine list that you cannot get off of and they keep charging you for. Just warning you!

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