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The Tac Light, made by Bell Howell, is a high performance flashlight that is 22x brighter than a regular flashlight. Light produced by the Tac Light can be seen up to 2.3 miles, or 2 nautical miles, away. The produced light is registered at 600 lumens, while an ordinary flashlight only provides 27 lumens.

The product has a durable, aircraft grade casing that can withstand temperatures ranging from at least 212 degrees fahrenheit ( boiling water ) to being frozen. It is also lightweight and can fit into a purse or pocket.

Additional features, such as Strobe Mode, make this light more versatile than a traditional flashlight.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Tac Light is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Durable

    With the high grade casing, the flashlight is designed to last. As demonstrated in the product's video, the light can be submerged in boiling water, frozen in a block of ice, or run over by an SUV and still work. The light also works well underwater.

  • Convenient

    The Tac Light is small enough to carry unobtrusively in a purse or briefcase, or to store in a car's trunk, glove compartment or center console.

  • Multiple Uses

    Not only can the Tac Light be used to provide lighting, the device can also be placed in different "modes" for different uses.

  • Warranty

    The product comes with a lifetime guarantee from Bell Howell.

  • Easy to Hold

    The grip design on the flashlight is intended to make the light easy to hold and use. It has a curling surface to help prevent the user from dropping the light, and a strike right allowing the user to grip the light firmly.


  • Bright Mode

    Setting the Tac Light on the Bright Mode makes the flashlight shine a steady, high beam of light.

  • Low Light Mode

    Using the product on the Low Light Mode allows the user to still see light, but the light appears to be much dimmer.

  • Strobe Mode

    The Strobe Mode makes the Bright Mode light pulse on and off in quick and steady bursts. According to the manufacturer, the Strobe Mode can be used to stun people when the light is aimed at them.

  • Sos Mode

    When in the SOS Mode, the Tac Light will flash SOS in morse code until the light is either turned off or switched to a different mode.

  • Zoom Function

    The Zoom Function allows the light from the flashlight to be narrowed, allowing a smaller and more precise area to be illuminated.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are other tactical flashlights on the market, with a wide range of prices and features. Most claim to be very durable and long lasting, with light output ranging upwards of 1,000 lumen.

The Tac Light appears to be the only tactical flashlight on the market that offers all of the different modes of lights, such as Strobe Mode and SOS Mode. Depending on what the user intends to use their tactical flashlight for, the Tac Light may be the better deal due to it's versatility.


  • Power Source

    It is not clear from the information provided whether the Tac Light is battery powered and / or rechargeable, like some competitors. There is also no mention of whether batteries or a charge cord comes with the product.

    The buyer should be prepared to spend extra money on batteries or a power cord and make sure backup batteries are available at all times.

Does It Really Work?

Although no proof has been provided as to whether the Strobe Mode really stuns people like the advertisement claims, based on the information provided, the Tac Light really does seem to work. The light produced seems much brighter than a regular flashlight and can be seen at much farther distances than a regular flashlight.

Claims regarding the products durability also seem legitimate. The advertisement showed the light still working even when frozen in a block of ice, being put into a pan of boiling water and after being run over by a Humvee.

Negative Aspects

  • Batteries

    Batteries are not included with the purchase of the Tac Light. Either three AAA batteries or one rechargeable 18650 are required to be purchased separately in order to begin to operate the light.

Critical Advice

The Tac Light is marketed as an emergency light to have on hand in unforeseen situations, however, batteries are not included. If you are to use this light as an emergency tool, please ensure that extra AAA batteries are stored along with the light. If using the rechargeable version, ensure that an extra set is stored along with the light. In the event the batteries are drained because of unexpected overuse of the light, a set of extra batteries may save the day.


  1. On/off Button Nonoperational

    Online users have reported that after a few weeks of use, the Tac Light on / off switch has stopped working. However, there is a lifetime guarantee on the product and so replacement is easily attainable.

  2. Lack of Lumens

    Online users have reported that the Tac Light offers fewer lumens than many other products on the market. The Tac Light shines at maximum 600 lumens, whereas there are other military grade lights which can shine up to 2400.

  3. Poor Material

    Users have reported that the materials used to manufacture the light are not sturdy. There have been online claims that the on / off button has broken within a few weeks of use due to the type of plastic.

  4. Misuse of the Bell & Howell

    One user claims that the company, Bell and Howell has sold their name to a third party manufacturer in order to produce the light. The user claims this product is not reflective of the products which Bell and Howell typically associate themselves with in terms of military grade items.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open Packaging

    The Tac Light comes in cardboard packaging easily opened with scissors or by one's hands. The light sits in place within a plastic casing and comes with a user instruction guide booklet.

  2. Battery Insertion

    The Tac Light requires 3 AAA batteries or for the rechargeable light, one 18650 battery. Batteries are inserted by unscrewing from the bottom of the light, where the on / off switch is. A battery compartment slides out from the bottom where the battery can be installed. Review which direction the batteries should be inserted and set in accordingly. Finally, screw the bottom of the light back in place.

  3. On/off Button

    In order to begin to use the light, the on button must be turned on. It is located at the bottom of the light and to turn it on, one must press and hold it down.

  4. Lighting and Strobe Function

    The Tac Light has five lighting modes that vary in function and in degrees of brightness. The modes can be found where the on / off button is located. In order to employ different lighting modes, simply press the same button half way in to increase the level of brightness or change to the strobe light feature.

  5. Zoom Function

    There is a zoom in and out function that alters the density of the light to shine either directly at an object or at an entire area. The zoom function is located at the top of the light and is adjusted by turning the head clockwise or counterclockwise.

Save Money

Save money on the cost of batteries by buying the Tac Light version that uses rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable battery version of the light uses one 18650 battery.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Lifetime Warranty

    The Tac Light comes with a lifetime warranty and claims to stand up to the forces. If anything does malfunction during the life of its use, the consumer should contact their customer service center immediately in order to have another light sent out.

Tac Light Modes

  • High Brightness Mode

    This mode emits the greatest amount of light.

  • Medium Brightness Mode

    This mode emits a moderate amount of light.

  • Low Brightness Mode

    This mode emits a low amount of light.

  • Strobe Mode

    This mode emits a fast flashing light.

  • Sos Mode

    This mode emits the light signal for SOS emergencies in Morse code( three short flashes, three long flashes, three short flashes).

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tac Light online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tac Light online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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