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Tac Gloves

Tac Gloves are reinforced work gloves made from a sturdy material that keeps hands safe during work or play. In addition, the gloves feature touch screen sensitive tips, which means that you can text or call on your smartphone with the gloves on. The product’s reinforced carbon fiber knuckles give it incredible toughness for your protection. These gloves are meshed to keep your hands dry and comfortable during those tedious work sessions. Users will like the fact that the gloves are not just extraordinarily functional, but they also look good.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Tac Gloves is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: trytacgloves.com

Tac Gloves Commercial


  • Versatile

    These gloves are suitable for both work and play. You can use them around your house or when out in the fields. The body of the gloves is made of flexible and durable carbon fiber that can support a whole range of motions. In addition, the multipurpose gloves are incredibly easy to put on and take off.

  • Sturdy

    Tac Gloves are reinforced with rubber and suede. In addition, they feature a safety cuff and vents for easy removal and to prevent slipping. They are great for all kinds of weather and activities.

  • Safe

    This product excels in preventing cuts without limiting movement. You can use them for industrial work, chopping, machining and cutting stuff without worrying about hand protection. The gloves cut resistance can stand up to dicing and cutting from various objects.

  • Touchability

    When you are working on a piece of board or metal, you do not want to stop constantly to remove your gloves so that you can set nails and screws. Tac Gloves are designed for people who require adequate hand protection without compromising their tactile abilities.

Glove Material

An essential factor to consider when shopping for gloves is material. The glove material should accommodate the tasks you undertake. Glove material protects the hands from a wide range of hazards.

How to Choose the Best Gloves

  • Cuts

    If you need gloves for tasks such as carpentry, metal working, landscaping, and gardening, consider choosing one that is puncture resistant. While cut resistant gloves are incredibly tough, they cannot protect you from all types of injuries. However, they will minimize the chances of suffering from severe injuries while working.

  • Bruises

    Choose impact resistant gloves if you do construction work, woodworking, and tasks that involve using power tools. Such gloves usually feature extra padding on the palm and knuckles to provide added protection against heavy blows and vibrations.

  • Liquids

    Liquid resistant gloves are recommended for jobs such as painting, plumbing and car repair that involve handling liquid chemicals. The right glove is one that is watertight but does not limit movement. For optimum resistance, choose gloves that are coated with rubber or any other waterproof material.

    If you are not keen on water resistance, choose gloves that are coated with water repelling material. Gloves with special rubber coating are suitable for construction work because they let you handle concrete tar and other substances more effectively.

  • Temperature

    Welding, metalworking and shoveling snow require gloves that can protect you from the elements. Heat resistant gloves are usually made of fire resistant material to protect the hands against hot sparks.

    Metalworking gloves feature fire retardants to minimize chances of the gloves catching fire. Gloves for shoveling snow usually have an inner lining that traps heat and insulates the hands.

  • Electricity

    Jobs that involve dealing with electricity require gloves that can protect you against electric shock. If you work with electricity, wires, and conductors, choose gloves that are made of leather or rubber to reduce the chances of an electric shock. Check the gloves for materials that could conduct electricity.

Choosing the Right Fit

The comfort of a pair of gloves is mainly determined by sizing and fit. Consider the fit of your gloves especially if you will have them on for prolonged periods while working.


  • Glove Design

    The design of your gloves is an important consideration. Gloves' outer seams should be comfortable and durable. On the other hand, inside seams should be durable and not irritate the skin. Seams across the palms should be designed for comfort. In addition, seams across the back should provide an excellent fit.

  • Try It On

    Gloves that do not fit properly can be uncomfortable to wear and may restrict movement during work. Blisters and muscle cramps and some of the long-term effects of poorly fitting gloves. Try on the gloves you intend to buy to determine its comfort and fit.

A Few Things to Know

  • Add-Ons and Extras

    The quality of a pair of gloves goes beyond its material and cut. Some gloves come with extra add-ons to improve comfort and fit.

  • Fingerless and Half-Finger

    These types of gloves are suitable for people who want protection during work without losing the dexterity of their fingertips or half fingers. They will keep your hands protected from the elements and allow your fingers to do tasks on your computer or machinery.

  • Rubber Grip

    While fingerless gloves allow great dexterity, there are tasks that you will be unable to do while exposing your skin. Gloves with textured rubber grip on the palm and fingers allow you to handle meticulous tasks easily.

  • Touch Screen Pads

    If you handle technology-related tasks or even want to check your phone now and then, look for gloves with touch-sensitive pads on the fingertips. Such gloves allow you to use touch screen devices with them on.

Glove Types

  1. Aluminized

    This type of glove is suitable for people handling welding or furnace work. They are designed to protect the hands from burns caused by heat. The outer material of this type of glove is usually heat resistant.

  2. Canvas

    This is one of the most common glove type often used for yard work or roofing. They are designed to protect the hands from blisters when working with various tools.

  3. Cotton / Jersey

    This type of glove is also suitable for yard work. It is lightweight and can be used for a whole range of house chores including gardening and painting. The main highlight of these gloves is the perfect balance between breathability and grip. They are usually quite durable and may have raised bumps to increase friction.

  4. Full Leather

    These gloves are designed for tedious manual work including construction, landscaping, and woodworking. They are sturdy, durable and provide excellent protection from injuries. Some feature insulated liners to offer protection against electricity.

  5. Leather Palm

    This is an excellent option for people who do not want full leather gloves but require gloves that can handle a lot of friction at the center of the hand. They are suitable for people who work with power tools.

  6. Metal Mesh

    This is a specialized option designed to protect the hands from cuts and punctures while working.


Tac Gloves are designed to protect the hands during work or play. These gloves provide the perfect balance between protection and dexterity.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tac Gloves online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Tac Gloves online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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James Herron - (Logan, OH)
Posted: 14 Sep 2019


Never received the gloves we ordered months ago.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

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Sara King - (Toccoa, GA)
Posted: 06 Sep 2019

Never received my gloves I ordered for my daddy on March 11. Got a card in the mail about being out of stock that they would send them. That was a few months back. And still no gloves.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

J Leo Kemper
Posted: 24 Sep 2019

Same here. Got an out of stock card, but no gloves. Bad company.

Thomas James Hall Jr - (DuBois, PA)
Posted: 28 Jun 2019


I ordered the Tac Gloves and never received them! They were supposed to be here by now! Tried to contact the sellers to no avail!

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Charles Vanderbrink - (Los Angeles, CA)
Posted: 24 Jun 2019

Where are my Tac Gloves

Yes I ordered two pair of Tac Gloves 1 pair for 19.99 and a 2nd pair for just process and handling fees back in March 2019 if not a little earlier never got the gloves almost forgot about them when I received a card in the mail telling me they were sorry that they hadn't shipped out the gloves and telling me that they would refund me if I sent card back or they would ship out gloves in about 30 days due to back order well it's a couple of days away from July and still no gloves all I want is my gloves and if they don't want to send them to refund my money they need to stand by their word and just send the dam gloves after all I paid the night I ordered them I didn't keep them waiting for months on end doesn't the customer service mean anything to Tac Gloves it sure doesn't look like it to me just send me what I paid for please!

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Juan Castro - (Indianapolis, IN)
Posted: 22 Jun 2019

Ordered Gloves and Company Canceled my Order

You canceled my order and as far as I know, I never received a refund. Not happy with your customer service. I kind of believe that a lot of these reviews are fake.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Was this review helpful to you?

Kail Smith - (Chester, NY)
Posted: 09 Jun 2019

Are these gloves good for working in the yard for my husband.

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

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