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Super Bright Switch Super Bright Switch or Alternatives
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Super Bright Switch is a light switch that is actually a night light. Rather than covering a light it uses LED bulbs inside to turn on and off. No electricity, just batteries it uses three AA batteries. Has super bright LEDs that will illuminate many places in your home. Installs in a matter of seconds without any tools, so you can stick it to any wall or physical unit you need. Sticks to virtually any surface.

Super Bright Switch Super Bright Switch or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Super Bright Switch is $12.99 plus $0.00 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Super Bright Switch at the discounted price of only $8.99 for a total price of $21.98.

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  • Use Just About Anywhere

    The Super Bright Switch light is a great thing to have around the house because it gives you battery-powered light when and where you need it. Flashlights and lamps are great if you're outdoors or you have things like a campfire set up. However, inside the house there are always those are areas where you desperately need a little bit of extra light. Inside your attic where there aren't many outlets this is great. Deep inside the basement you might have the same problem. Under your sink it is great to use.

    Use it along the stairway, insider toolbox, under your car coming in the shed, under the cabinet. Of course having them on hand is also great for when there is a power outage.

  • Helps Better Sleep

    There are many situations where having to turn on a bright light is actually bad for you. In cases where you are trying to sleep and you have to get up to use the restroom, having a bright light actually interrupts the natural processes that keep you sleeping. Having to walk down the hallway runs this risk too. Waking you up by turning on the bathroom light for hallway light makes it much harder for you to go back to sleep.

    This is true for adults and children. So, if your children need to get up in the middle of the night to walk down the hallway this is good. Should you need to get a glass of water use the restroom, having the smaller light switches helps provide you with illumination. It does so of course without waking you up fully.


  • Batteries

    Obviously the more you use it the more often you will have to replace the batteries which can be expensive if you are using them all over the house.

  • Surfaces

    It says very specifically that it sticks to virtually any service but it doesn't specifically say which services will not stick to which seems to be unfortunate. As such you might have to figure that out through trial and error.

  • Lumens

    Doesn't actually say how bright the light is which makes it difficult to compare to other LED battery operated light switch light switch tell you exactly how many lumens you get. It also doesn't tell you how many hours you get purse set of three AAA batteries.

    This can make it difficult to tell how many you will need based on the space you are trying to illuminate. Larger spaces like walking closets might need three or four different light switches for underneath cabinets or inside drawers but there's no way of knowing how bright they are until you have already purchased them.

How It Works

You affix it to any wall you need, in attic, basement, kids room, in a toolbox, under sink, under your car, or anywhere else that you randomly need light. Use one of three ways to attach it. The first is hanging it. You don't need any tools or wires unless you are going to use the peg hole. Peg holes require you to hammer something into the wall if it doesn't already exist so that you can hang it. If you don't feel like hanging the unit you can simply use the magnetic circles on either side to stick to metal surfaces. Peel off the sticky double-sided tape on either side if you want to stick it to a wall. In some cases you can use all three. Once you have attach it, flip the switch up to turn it on and flip the switch down to turn it off.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are a handful of lights just like this one on the market today which peel and stick anywhere you need them. They are all designed roughly the same way with different backings so that you can place the light switch anywhere you need. This is comparatively easier to handle that a full on lamp because lamps take space and they need furniture on which to sit most of the time. In places like a closet you might not have the outlet for lamp to plug-in. Using these you can just stick them against the wall anywhere you need them instantly create light that is hands-free.

This doesn't have any faces or fun designs on the front panel. However, what it does have compared to others is the wireless peel and stick light. Installs in a matter of seconds, you can mount it permanently if you want to use the screw holes. Alternatively you can simply place it wherever you need with the magnets, on and off, the same as other models.


  • Promier

    These light switches are battery-operated, cordless lights which use LED technology perfect for hallways, bedrooms, closets, RVs, and a baby nursery. No wiring is required for this to work. 200 lm bright, you can quite literally install them anywhere. Double-sided hooks and loop tabs on the back alongside powerful magnet mounts let you affix them anywhere. Whether you are using the double-sided mounting aspect or the magnetic aspect, all you have to do is turn it on. You flip it up to turn it on and flip it down to turn it off.

    Perfect as a night light, the two LED strips on either side of the light switch itself or what glow when you turn it on. Powered by four AAA batteries, you can use it in a camper, toolshed, under cabinet, or anywhere else that you need quick and convenient light.

  • Dotties Nightlights

    These nightlight wall switches have a smiley face on them with a bright white color. Rather than having the LED light strips on either side of the light switch, this particular unit has the entirety of the light switch panel lighting up when you turn it on. Perfect for children, in a closet, in the bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere else for you need light. It easily sticks to any wall or closet without you having to permanently screw in.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Super Bright Switch online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Super Bright Switch online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 20 Sep 2020 Joel - (Raleigh, NC)

Do Not Buy, They Did Not Work

I just purchased a 2 pack from Lowes. Neither switch works. I tested the battery to see if it was dead, but it worked fine in another device. These are cheap lights that do NOT work. Very disappointed!

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Posted: 04 Nov 2018 Catherine Eaton - (Wheeling, IL)

Don't Waste Money to Get the Two Pack

I paid extra and got the two pack. The one that lights up in the store to show you how bright it is works fine although I don' t know if it will work as it only has one battery and no place for another. Which is fine but the one you have to put two batteries in, the extra one I paid for does not work and never has. Waste of money.

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Posted: 29 Apr 2018 Diane - (Fulton, MO)

How to Change Batteries With Peel & Stick Option

How do I change the batteries if I use the peel & stick option? I need to open the backside compartment of the light when the batteries need replacing, but if I used the peel & stick to attach the light to the wall; do I have to remove the light from the peel & stick; take it off the wall; replace the batteries & then apply new peel & stick pieces to put it back on the wall?

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