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Strutz is a cushioned arch support designed to serve as a human shock absorber that helps alleviate foot pain. It is ideal for individuals who are on their feet for long hours every day.

The Claim

The Strutz infomercial claims that Strutz is an incredible foot arch support that provides cushions to feet relieving pain instantly. Just slip it on and feel immediate relief right way. Strutz acts like a human shock absorber for your feet feeling like a comfortable pillow under your arches. Strutz promotes better balance, control and body alignment. It doesn’t matter anymore whether you’re on your heels all day long because with Strutz, the pain will go away giving you comfort and support 24/7. The product is so versatile and you can wear them with any shoe you have including sneakers, sandals, heels and even use it barefoot. From now on, you can do and enjoy your job without being bothered by excruciating foot pain. Even some customers claim that Strutz is a life changing solution to a long time problem of foot pain. No more expensive custom orthotics because all you need is Strutz to enjoy immediate relief throughout the course of the day.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Strutz is $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Strutz by paying an extra fee of $6.99 for a total price of $23.98.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

Strutz Commercial

What are they?

Strutz are cushioned arch supports that slip nicely onto both feet for instant and lasting support and comfort all day long until they are taken off. They are powerful enough to alleviate pain from being on the feet all day long, but discreet enough so that they can be worn with any type of shoes. One size fits all and they are unisex.

How do they work?

The secret to their success is in the revolutionary design. Strutz contain shock absorbing power that not only alleviates foot pain but also adds balance and alignment to the rest of the body. It is constructed of breathable fabric that feels light and comfortable all day long. The comfortable compression band hugs the foot for maximum support and a perfect, snug fit. The shock-absorbing core creates all-day comfort and support, and the sole is a durable non-slip material. Since the feet set the groundwork for the rest of the body, they need the proper support and balance; Strutz does the perfect job of giving them those factors.

Why buy them?

Most people will find themselves in a situation where their feet are in excruciating pain. The reason for this is they aren’t getting support and their shoes are terribly uncomfortable. With Strutz, users can go about their daily lives without having to worry about aching feet. When the feet hurt, the rest of the body feels unbalanced and it’s almost impossible to continue on with the day. Sore and aching feet are extremely common but difficult to deal with because there never seems to be an appropriate product to alleviate the pain. Strutz are the only solution to reducing pain on the feet and adding a great deal of necessary support that users need.


The benefits to wearing Strutz every day are endless. Here are just a few notable ones:

  • They work with any type of shoes; including sandals, high heels, sneakers, and more. Users can even wear them barefoot!
  • They add instant comfort and a lasting sense of support
  • Strutz can greatly assist in reducing aches and pains for the toughest jobs where users are on their feet all day long
  • One size fits all and they are unisex
  • The Strutz Shock Absorbing core absorbs shock with every single step the user takes. This is an especially beneficial factor for runners or other athletes who put pressure on their feet often
  • Strutz are a great value and they are extremely durable


Strutz add an amazing sense of relief and comfort to anyone who is on their feet frequently. They are a must-have for people who often deal with aching or sore feet and can’t get relief. Many people resort to taking pain killers or spending hundreds of dollars on similar products, but Strutz are inexpensive and completely natural. They add comfort and support as well as alleviate foot pain associated with standing or running all day. With Strutz, people can have more freedom to move about the workplace. There is no reason not to purchase Strutz today!

Wise Advice

Do not buy Strutz online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Strutz online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Gloria woodall - (Fayetteville, NC)
Posted: 02 Dec 2019

I bought a pair of Strutz from Walmart, at approximately $13-. I lost. My sales receipt so no refund. Price not a big deal, but what is a big deal is a fabric-elastic band used to hold the Strutz onto the foot. I am a heavy set person over 300 pounds. My feet swell just like the rest of my body. The Strutz is. Useless to me as I can't get on my feet. Perhaps there should be different size Strutz and or something on the package that gives expandable inches. The theory if Strutz sounds great. I just wish I could get them on my feet.

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Sally Rose - (Costa Rica, CR)
Posted: 23 Sep 2018

Amazing Relief

I was given a pair by my daughter in law and the excruciating pain I felt was 90% relieved within 24 hours. I bough a couple more pairs to bring back with me to Costa Rica. I have given them away to fellow faciitis suferers. My only recommendation is that they make the elastic band adjustable, maybe with velcro? One size does not fit all and sometimes the pain from the band is almost as bad as the foot pain! I stretched mine out a bit by putting them around a 2 liter drink bottle. Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.

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Mira T - (Dunbar, WV)
Posted: 31 May 2018

Listen to me! Go buy These! Now!

First or all, my bf has been dealing with plantar fasciitis for a long while now. Being the man that he is, he sucked it up and thought he had to just live with it forever. Well! We came across The Strutz at walmart for 9.88 and if he can't remember anything else in life. He can remember his Strutz. Our dog has gotten ahold time after time and we go right to the store and grab another. Without them hes back to limping and very sore. He said he never imagined a product thaf works so well y'all. A million stars and all the free advertisement for this brand because they are a god send. Very durable, machine washable, tight fit and the perfect fit for his work boots that he stands for 12 hrs a day in. Thank you.

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Janet McElroy - (Magnolia, NJ)
Posted: 30 Dec 2017

Works Great for Plantar Fasciitis!

I bought this item and within hours my plantar faciitis started resolving. I was worried about an upcoming hiking trip so I figured why not try it. This did not disappoint. I would highly recommend it if you are having mild issues with plantar faciitis. I'm not sure how it works with major issues, but it's worth a try either way.

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Thomi - (San Lorenzo, CA)
Posted: 16 Jan 2017

Strutz Pro Relieved Pain

I have plantar fasciitis and Strutz helped to relieve and eleviate the pain without meds. The day I received my package I put them on right away and it felt like I was getting a Chinese reflexology massage. It was painful, but the pain subsided after an hour of wear. I wore them overnight and the next day the pain was totally gone and my flat feet actually had an arch. If you have fallen arches give this a try. I have a high pain tolerance, so you May want to follow Strutz's instructions for wear times. I agree that you should look for cheaper price, they got me, but I was in a lot of pain and needed relief quick. It was worth the $20 to have that excruciating pain gone. I could not walk. I am not sure what the difference is between the "sole angels" and "pro" because they look the same, but the pro talked more about my ailment. I hope this was helpful.

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