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Stimfit Abbelt

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Stim Fit AbBelt by Body Logic is a unit designed to activate your core to give you ab results like other workouts cannot. Based around the science of electrical stimulation, there is a Power Pod that wraps securely inside of the belt you place around your abs. Such a power pod is powerful, private, and can be worn underneath clothing if you choose. You turn on the power pod and watch as it contracts your ab muscles.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Stimfit Abbelt is $199.95 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $209.94.

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the Need

Weight loss and weight control is a huge issue in preventing heart disease. Overweight or obesity have both emerged as significant risk factors for heart disease and other chronic diseases like Type II diabetes or arthritis. What’s more, excessive detail can predispose people to exercise-related injuries which will discourage said people from exercising again. This further prevents individuals from becoming active, a vicious cycle. Therefore, having a product that can aid in exercise while reducing the risk for exercise-related injuries is beneficial for many adults in terms of aiding weight management. Stim Fit is designed to use a small electrical charge to contract your ab muscles, mimicking the same exercise that you would do with other ab exercises, but without even having to stand.

Easy to Use

  1. Simple and Straightfoward

    The Power Pod attaches to the Ab Belt and when powered on, it activates not only the belt but stimulates the muscles behind the belt. This unit has a compression fabric for better core support, low back features that keep the entire lower back covered, and an each on / off belt closure located on the side. With two programs, you can select improved strength, or increased circulation. What’s more, you can turn the belt around and use it on your lower back, something that no other belt on the market offers.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, the use of muscular electrical stimulation can be effective at rehabilitation, and it does burn calories in much the same way that merely standing burns calories. You burn fat by breathing it out in the form of CO2. Chemically speaking, one molecule of triglycercide, which is the main compound in body fat, combines with seventy eight oxygen molecules. The result is the production of fifty five carbon dioxide molecules and fifty two water molecules.

Burning fat means combining it with inhaled oxygen, then releasing the burned fat through water, urine or sweat, and carbon dioxide, through exhaling. Seminal study for this finding found that losing 10 kg of fat requires 29 kg of inhaled oxygen, the result of which is 28 kg of carbon dioxide and 11 kg of water. However, you cannot just breathe to burn more fat. You need rapid breathing in conjunction with a higher metabolic rate. Overall, the use of electrical stimulation is not sufficient in burning away the fat you have around the midsection or giving the abs that are seen on the models.


  • Expert Supporters

    Leah Garcia is a “fitness expert” and an author who has represented three different electrical muscle stimulation products over the last decade. She claims that Stim Fit is the best one on the market, using newer technology, better speed, and better power.

  • Newer Model

    The unit was pioneered as a consumer electronic muscle stimulation product by the same person who created the Contour Core Sculpting System from 2008. Using newer technology, the Stim Fit unit is more powerful, smaller, and easily worn. There are no more sticky gel pads like the older versions had nor does the device have to connect to anything. Compared to other units, this one really is the most wearable. With different programs, you can use it to target circulation or blood flow, or you can use it to improve endurance and muscle strength.

  • Based on One Study

    No longer doing ab workouts the old fashioned way, this unit is designed based on a clinical study. This clinical study showed that firmer, stronger, better abs can be achieved by way of using electronic muscle stimulation when compared to conventional sit ups. The scientific study that is cited on the website for this product does mention that commercially, neuromuscular electrical stimulation has been claimed to facilitate fat burning. It has been used as a part of weight loss programs. This study was done based on the hypothesis that neuromuscular electrical stimulation induce muscle contractions and increases fat utilization. .


  • Not Your Only Exercise

    No unit like this should be used alone, in lieu of exercise, unless it is for rehabilitation or physical therapy as prescribed by a doctor. What’s more, if your doctor has prescribed this, chances are they will supply you with a medically certified device.

  • Dated Study

    The scientific study cited, whose abstract is pasted onto the website, was done back in 2011, with recent scientific studies making much more headway on the subject. This dated study sought to identify how neuromuscular electrical stimulation can help burn more calories.

  • Neuromuscular

    This study focused on neuromuscular, not just muscular. On a neural level that means the brain is engaged in this form of rehabilitation too. Unfortunately, just zapping your abs or lower back does not do this.


  • Meant for Rehab

    Neuromuscular electrical stimulation, like this unit, are commonly used in physical therapy and rehabilitation. It is meant to help patients facilitate better muscle power, endurance, circulation, alongside the re-introduction of motor functions. These are not meant for normal people who are overweight to use in lieu of exercise. In fact, the study specifically stated that clinically, electrical stimulation is meant as an alternative to conventional exercises. More specifically it is meant for those who are unable to engage in physical exercise or have barriers to exercise, like a spinal cord injury or stroke.

    Right in the abstract, right after the screenshot on the website ends, the study in question states that neuromuscular electrical stimulation is meant for those who need to improve things. These things include circulation, muscular strength, attenuated bone mineral density loss, or safer cardiac function.

  • Not Good Commercially

    Neuromuscular electrical stimulation devices are certainly not meant for how they are being advertised on this website. The findings of the study in question, posted on the website, specifically state that neuromuscular electrical stimulation is meant for rehab and physical therapy. Doctors tested the efficiency of neuromuscular electrical stimulation, in addition to what external factors like weight or gender impacted the effectiveness of calories burned with it.

    Again, the reason for this study was to find out how effective neuromuscular electrical stimulation is for rehab, and how to develop a model for using it in physical therapy settings only. You are not meant to use this in lieu of regular exercise, nor are you meant to use it just as a way to get better abs.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Stimfit Abbelt online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Stimfit Abbelt online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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