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Stim Fit is an electronic muscle stimulation belt that shocks your muscles into contracting, stimulating exercise. This belt is the third of a line of belts from the same maker, designed with increasingly improved technology, power, and speed. By wearing the power pod, you can control the type of "exercise" you are getting. What's more, you can turn the belt around and enjoy a lower back workout too. Watch and feel as the unit starts working.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of StimFit is $199.95 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $209.94.

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  • Scientific Study

    The Sensors study, supported by the industry, found that users can increase energy expenditure using electric muscle stimulation. What’s more, calories continue to burn after the stimulation is stopped. This is actually true of any high intensity workout, so do not be fooled into thinking that only with an ab belt of some kind can you achieve these results. Yes the findings of the study showed that the use of electrical stimulation increased energy expenditure and fat burning. Indeed, using it increased calories burned, oxygen consumption, and heart rate.

    All three of these work in tandem to burn fat by converting it into water or carbon dioxide molecules. Results also state that use of this for only one hour is adequate to burn 76 kcal, but more than that will not render additional results per day. Theoretically this means that you should only be using it for one hour per day maximum.

  • Thermographic Images

    Thermographic images were taken before and after a user wore the belt, something which shows an increase in muscle activation, body temperature, and blood flow.

  • Use on Abs or Back

    The belt can be turned around and used to activate the muscles in the lower back. There are few exercises that one can do to activate these areas of the body. What’s more, this is the only ab belt on the market that offers this.


  • Studies

    The study cited on the website shows that using electrical muscle stimulation can increase calorie burning by sixteen percent. There are other studies whose results are listed, but no citations are given so it is impossible to verify these studies or research them further.

  • Exercise Still Works

    The website claims that if you do the work of exercise, it is not fun. However, if you let their device do the work, you get results. This is rather misleading, as it does not directly say that regular exercise does not give you the same or better results. Rather, it implies that you won’t have fun doing it, but if you use the belt, you get results without having to endure exercise.

  • Advertisements

    The advertisement stresses that you can use the belt while reading, while relaxing, sitting down, or standing up. Note that the previous versions of this belt were recalled across many states in America because of their ineffectiveness. While this one circumvents the previous issues, it is still not a healthy way to achieve results. You need to exercise the normal way, with an increased heart rate, increased metabolic rate, and increased breathing. These units are not meant to replace regular exercise nor are they meant as an excuse to avoid exercise and just be lazy at home.

How It Works

This unit is based on the idea that an electronic stimulation or pulsation to your muscles are what generate the contractions. The contractions cause increased muscular activity, energy, and circulation. With that in mind, there is a Power Pod which you place inside of the belt. You put the belt around your waist and turn it on. Once on, you can select from one of two settings, one of which focuses on improved strength while the other improves circulation. Alternatively, turn it around and turn it on while it works your back muscles. All it does it shock the muscles with small electricity so that they contract the same way you would have to work to contract them during regular exercise.


  • Findings

    The study in question aimed at investigating the effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation at varying intensities on calories burned in otherwise healthy adults. Bear in mind that this study emphasized the use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation in already healthy people. Not in people who are currently unhealthy and are looking for easier routes to getting the abs they want. Secondarily, this study aimed to develop a model for predicting the increase in calories burned when healthy adults used neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

    Said study sought to find out the factors like intensity of neuromuscular electrical stimulation, age, BMI, weight, gender, body fat percentage, or waist to hip ratio associated with neuromuscular electrical stimulation calories burned. So do not use this belt as your own means of exercise or ab fitness.

  • Rehab

    What’s more, this study focused exclusively on the use of such electric stimulation for physical therapy and rehabilitation purposes, not for commercial purposes. In fact, the entirety of the study was for use in rehabilitation and physical therapy. This study was meant to see how well such stimulation worked on patients such as stroke survivors or those with spinal cord damage who could not actively exercise but needed to prevent atrophy.

Critical Advice

If you are going to use this device, be sure to combine it with other exercise. It does not have to be other ab exercises. Heightened cardiovascular exercises are sufficient. In fact, cardiovascular activity will increase overall health and lead to more fat burning, which helps make abs more visible.


This belt focuses heavily, almost exclusively, on abs. The biggest downside here is that the belt is very misleading. Much the same as all ab based products online or in stores, they are all misleading. You can wear a belt like this all day, every day, and it might make your ab muscles stronger. However, what is always implied with such products is that you will get six pack, frontal, exterior muscles by using such a device.

Implications like these are not only a misdirection because they fail to tell you about all of the different ab muscles, but they leave out information. Many people do not realize that they might have very strong abs, strong frontal six pack muscles, but you won’t be able to see it unless you have low body fat. Lower body fats, teetering at the lowest safe amounts for both genders, are what show off the abs. Users might have them, but they won’t be visible if you continue to eat regular meals. Eating things exclusively like steamed chicken breasts, oatmeal, brown rice, eggs, salmon, and spinach would help, but most people do not eat this exclusively. As such, be aware that while the unit might work, you will not get the abs visible on your body like the models unless you change your diet too.

Wise Advice

Do not buy StimFit online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy StimFit online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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