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Step Shield is a system that's been created to help people clean dirt, bacteria, and viral matter off their shoes after they arrive home. Each system consists of a mat with two sides: a textured side and a smooth side. The idea is that when you pour disinfectant onto the textured side of the mat and then wipe your feet, its small spokes will scrub away dirt and germs. Following that, the smooth side of the mat is to be used for drying purposes.

Step Shield Step Shield or Alternatives
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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Mat on Flat Surface

    To get started with this system, you'll first need to place your two-part mat on a flat surface, making sure it's face-up. You might choose to place it just inside your front or back door, but you can also place it just outside a particular door if the ground is smooth and flat enough. No matter what, the two sides should always be resting directly beside each other.

  2. Add Disinfectant to Mat

    Next, when you arrive home with dirty shoes (or shoes that may be dirty), you'll need to pour some disinfectant onto your textured mat. Each double-sided mat comes with a bottle of blue liquid disinfectant, which is the type you should be using. Pour out enough to cover the entire textured side of your mat, but be sure that you don't pour out so much that the mat resembles a lake.

  3. Wipe Feet

    Once you've added disinfectant to your mat, step onto the textured side and wipe your feet, without taking off the shoes or boots you're wearing. On contact, the disinfectant should begin to seep into the bottom of each shoe or boot. Following that, scrubbing the sole of each one on the textured mat a few times should remove at least some of the dirt and germs.

  4. Dry Feet

    After you scrub your feet on your Step Shield's textured mat at least a handful of times, step onto the smooth mat in order to dry them and remove any excess disinfectant. When you're done, you can remove your shoes and store them in a safe place, as you normally would.


  • Fairly Small

    Each part of a Step Shield system is fairly small—roomy enough to accommodate one set of feet, but not much more than that. As a result, even when you've laid both mats (textured and smooth) down on a flat surface, inside or outside your home, they won't take up a great deal of space.

  • Disinfectant Included

    With each dual-sided Step Shield mat, you'll get a large bottle of disinfectant that is to be poured onto the textured side of the mat. Once it's poured, a portion of this liquid disinfectant will retain its sanitizing power for up to 36 hours.

  • Rinses Clean

    After 36 hours, if you want your Step Shield to keep working effectively, you'll need to rinse the textured mat with water. The mat is compact enough that you may be able to comfortably do this in your kitchen sink, instead of having to use a bathtub or a garden hose. Once the mat has been returned to the floor, you'll simply need to pour more disinfectant onto it.

  • Pet Safe

    If you use the included disinfectant to coat the textured side of this system, you'll be able to use the textured mat to clean your pets' paws, because this disinfectant isn't toxic for pets. Whenever they come in from outdoors, you may want to get them to step on the mat to sanitize their paws, and a cat can even do the same after using their litter pan.

Positive Points

  • Can Help Prevent Illness

    When you go out in public, you can pick up various types of dirt, germs, and viral matter on the bottom of your shoes. You may even pick up droplets that could spread the flu or the novel Coronavirus. As a result, if you were to walk right into your house after being out and about, without wiping your feet, you could potentially make others in your household sick. Fortunately, wiping your feet on both sides of the Step Shield while you're in your doorway can help prevent you from spreading harmful particles that could make others ill.

  • High Level of Portability

    Some households might choose to get more than one of these shoe-disinfecting systems, but if you only have one, you'll be able to move it around your home quite quickly. If people often enter through your front door at dinnertime, you may want to set it up there, but move it next to the back door in the evening. Regardless of where you move this double-sided system, you must move both mats, as one won't do its job effectively without the other.

  • Two Can Use at Once

    If you and other members of your household are pressed for time, more than one of you will be able to use this sanitizing system at once. After the first person has sanitized their feet by stepping onto the textured mat and has moved onto the smooth mat, another person can step onto the textured mat. The chain of use can then continue from there, with one person on each mat until the last person steps onto the smooth one.

Negative Points

  • No Spray Bottle Included

    The disinfectant that's included with each Step Shield comes in a large, pourable bottle, as opposed to a spray bottle. Those users who are worried about their physical coordination might prefer a spray bottle, though, as it wouldn't be hard to accidentally pour too much of the liquid out of the current bottle. Unfortunately, if you'd like to transfer this type of disinfectant to a spray bottle, you'll need to get your own and then pour some of the liquid into the new bottle yourself.

  • Could Damage Shoes

    While it's stated that the disinfectant that comes with this system is safe for children and pets to come in contact with, it could end up damaging certain pairs of shoes. Depending on what the soles of your shoes are made of, the disinfectant could eat away at the material over time, and the shoes might wear out more quickly than they otherwise would.

Critical Advice

The Step Shield system has been deemed safe for contact with kids and pets because of the particular type of disinfectant that's included with it. You could use another type of disinfectant to cover the system's textured mat, but switching disinfectants could affect the system's safety. If you decide to use another disinfecting solution, you'll need to read the ingredients label closely to find out of it's still child-safe and pet-safe, since many disinfectants contain toxic chemicals.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Step Shield online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Step Shield online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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