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Stealth Core Trainer Stealth Core Trainer or Alternatives
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The Stealth Core Trainer is an at-home fitness device that consists of a large suction cup base with a small ball on top of it and a planking platform on top of that. Each ball has been included with the aim of allowing you to rotate in a full circle as you're holding yourself up in a plank position. When you use this device, you likely won't end up getting bored as you do your planks. The accompanying smartphone app will direct your movement by challenging you to a variety of games.

Stealth Core Trainer Stealth Core Trainer or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Stealth Core Trainer is $99.99 plus $14.95 shipping, for a total price of $114.94.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Download App

    Before you can use your Stealth Core Trainer at its full capacity, you'll need to download the companion app on your Android or Apple smartphone. It doesn't matter what size your smartphone is, as long as you're able to download apps from the Google Play store or Apple's app store.

  2. Set Up Device On Floor

    Next, after you've downloaded your app and have a basic understanding of how to work with it, you can set up your planking device on the floor of your choice. It's best if the floor is made of something that's completely hard, such as wood or tile, and is 100 percent flat. Make sure the device's base is resting securely against the floor without any gaps between its plastic and that floor.

  3. Connect Smartphone

    To connect your device and its app, place your smartphone face-up, horizontally, in the smartphone-sized recessed opening near the top of the device. Be sure to tune up the beginning of a game so you're looking at a "Start Exercise" button on your phone's screen.

  4. Move Into Plank Position

    The next step is to move into a standard plank position with your feet resting on the floor and your arms resting on your training device's black pads. Once you're in this position, use one finger to press the "Start" button on your phone and start up a game. If you can't remain on your feet as you do this, move to your knees for a moment.

  5. Shift With The Game

    After your game has started, it'll direct you as to how to move while you're in your plank position. It could tell you to tip yourself from side to side or move your body in a complete circle while keeping your arms stationary—the possibilities are almost endless. When a game is complete, you can either start up another one or remove your phone from your training device and store the device away for later use.

How It Works

If you're following the movement prescribed by the game that's running on your smartphone, while performing a plank with the help of your Stealth Core Trainer, you'll be able to work up to 29 muscles. These include the arms, the shoulders, the glutes, the upper and lower abs, the obliques, and more. Therefore, if you use the combination of the app and this training device on a regular basis, you should end up with a body that's more toned than it was when you started. Since your app will let you know how to move, you won't need to come up with your own workouts. Plus, playing the games your app has to offer may distract you from the fact that you're working out at all.


  • Portable

    The Stealth Core Trainer isn't much bigger than an ordinary weigh scale is, so if you want to carry yours from room to room in your home, this likely won't be an issue for you. This device also won't take up more than a foot or two of space if you decide to transport it away from home in your vehicle. If you want to get a quick workout in at lunchtime or during one of your breaks, you may want to stash yours under your desk or workstation at work.

  • Works Quickly

    While using one of these training devices for three minutes each day may not make you look exactly like an Olympic athlete, you can expect to see some positive results if you follow that routine. If you're unable to stay in a plank position for a full three minutes at once, you can complete your minutes by doing 30 or 60 seconds at a time. Using the device for longer than three minutes a day is fine, too, if that's your preference.

  • Comfortable Arm Pads

    If you normally do planks on the floor, you may find that your elbows get store after just a few seconds. The black spaces for your arms on each Stealth Core Trainer are slightly padded, though, making them more comfortable for you to rest your arms upon than a hard floor would be. They can also be wiped down with a cloth that's been dampened by a bit of water if they happen to be sweaty after one of your workouts.

  • Wide Variety of Games

    The Stealth Games included in each smartphone app have been designed to direct users through an unlimited combination of moves, so no game will ever be exactly the same as another. As a result, you'll be unlikely to get bored while planking and playing games with this app, even if you do so for a number of years.

Positive Points

  • No Batteries Required

    Although your smartphone will need to be at least partially charged for you to use the Stealth Games app, you won't need batteries (or electricity) to use the planking device itself. That means you'll be able to use it almost anywhere, even if you don't have a source of electricity. If your smartphone loses its charge at any point, you'll likely be able to remember some of the moves the games had to offer so you can put yourself through them.

  • Can Use Outdoors

    It's safe to use your Stealth Core Trainer outdoors, as long as you set it up on a hard, flat surface, such as one made of pavement or cement. You should also make sure you keep your smartphone safe from rain by covering it up in some way or refraining from using your Stealth Games app in the rain. It's a good idea to wipe down your training device when you bring it back inside if it's covered with dust, mud, or other debris.

Negative Points

  • Not Compatible With Flip Phone

    If you've got a traditional flip phone instead of a smartphone, you probably won't be able to use the app that goes with the Stealth Core Trainer. It may not work on your phone properly (or even be downloadable), and besides, your flip phone may not fit in the planking device's recessed opening that's meant to hold a smartphone.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Stealth Core Trainer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Stealth Core Trainer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 18 Jan 2021 George - (St Louis, MO)

Is What I Expected it to Be

They need more games, and some of the games don't. Make sense. Like, motocore would be fun if you got points for passing vehicles and there was oncoming traffic to dodge but. There isn't? The game clearly wasn't finished.

However, as an idea, this thing is a gem, and even *bad* games make planking a lot more enjoyable than just. Planking.

I have definitely planked hours more than I otherwise would have since purchasing this thing, and it definitely targets more muscles than a straight plank does. For maintaining my climbing muscles during the pandemic it has been an absolute godsend.

Honestly I'm just posting this mostly because the company deserves better than the one other review about shipping irregularities from some angry customer who couldn't wait a whole fucking week for what basically amounts to a flat piece of plastic tied to an exercise ball.

That's also why I'm putting five stars instead of four.

I've never heard of before, and have no idea why they're on the first page my search results, but there you have it.

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Posted: 28 Sep 2020 Gilbert - (Carson, CA)


I ordered the Stealth Core Trainer pro on Sept 18st. They sent me an email on Sept 22rd saying the item was 'shipped' on the 23rd. Not sure how that's possible but oh well. On the 25th there was no update by FedEx. I emailed stealth.
here is what they told me. It's possible FedEx didn't pick it up or didn't update the shipping. But it's been dropped off by stealth to FedEx. - do you see the contradiction already?
I called him out on it. Of course no response. Then on the 27th of Sept, 9 days after I ordered the product they respond back by "there is an update." hahaha. Why hahaha. Because they dropped it off today. How nice of them! Not.
1st they lie. 2nd, they lie again. It's not a good start. We'll see how this product is but I'm already annoyed by their lies, laziness, or whatever you want to call taking 9 days to ship an item.
I wonder how long it would've taken for them to ship if I didn't say anything.

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Stealth Core Trainer Infomercial
Stealth Core Trainer Infomercial

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